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Steven Gauntley Shoot Interview


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Hi Everyone,

A company called Hang Tight Presents - Behind the curtain is going to do a shoot interview with Steven Gauntley.

No question is too risky.

If anyone has any questions that they would like asking post it here.

I will let the company have the link to this post, i have nothing to do with the company.

This is your chance to get any question you want answered.

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My question is this: that bloke who went on Embarrassing Bodies because his dick stank, cos he'd never pulled back the foreskin to wash it; why would he sign the consent form to let that go out on TV?! I mean, he'll be known as Micky Stink-Dick for the rest of his life, even if he scrubs his helmet until it's gleaming.

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11 minutes ago, TildeGuy~! said:

Just realises it’s Steve Lynskey that follows me, in that case, who is Steve Lynskey?

He's the guy who Alex Shane paid off to not deliver a ring to an event.  There is a thread in gold about it I think. "10 years ago - Notorious Britwres incident"

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