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Are you an actual wrestling fan?


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Came across this earlier while trying to see what was happening with this Dana Warrior story:

While trying to recall it, I searched for "actual wrestling fans". God, that's a murky world. Don't worry though, I have some definitions:

Love this. "actual attention"

So. Are you an "actual wrestling fan"? I can't decide. I have been to an NXT show so I think that's a point towards but then I just like WWE and I've no problem with bra and panties matches so I think they might oik me out of the club for that.

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I'm the same. I watch Raw and Smackdown, and the PPV's...and on the odd occasion i've watched NXT... and I also don't really have an issue with bra and panties matches, and I don't think Ronda's been a flop... I imagine I am most certainly not an actual wrestling fan, by that definition.

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I like WWE, New Japan and the indies. 

I like to shout "One fall!" but I don't like the "This is awesome!" or "You deserve it!" chants.

I like flippy floppy high flying wrestlers but Bret Hart is my all-time favourite.

I don't know who or what I am. I'm adrift in the world of being an actual wrestling fan.

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I spend most of my time on Stardom, New Japan and NXT now, I go to the odd Rev Pro show too if it’s local enough and the card is something I want to see.  I’ve got a front row seat to Wrestle Queendom 2 in June also.

In regards to WWE I always keep up to date with it, read the results, watch anything that sounds interesting in highlight videos on YouTube and tend to watch the PPV’s live as I dont work on Mondays. 

I shook hands with Jushin Thunder Liger last year so I’m definitely a fan

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Noone is a rassling fan unless these do or have done all of the following


1) refer to any wrestlers by their real names

2) claim at some point to have worked or been involved in some show that had someone who is now famous on

3) watches the WWE religiously behind closed doors but deny it in public and claim to only watch obscure niche promotions downloaded on torrents

4) never used the word independent always refers to 'indy'

5) went to their first wrestling show before having a sexual relationship with another human

6) honestly believes that other wrestlers really use terms in real life as 'heat' 'face' 'locker room' etc when talking to each other

7) is owed a sum of money in some way by a British Wrestling promoter

😎 hates on wrestling at every given possibility just to hide their disgust at their self for loving such a ridiculous pastime

9) has had or appeared on some podcast of wrestling or thinks that starting one is a good idea

10) has told at least 5 people Kendo Nagasaki's real name is Peter Thornley or that El Ligero is called Simon Musk and from Leeds

11) has been involved in a back yard wrestling bout in the school playground

12) considers their self a better promoter/ writer/ matchmaker than anyone who is currently employed as such at any time in history

13) used the term graps in an attempt to look cool amongst their wrestling peers

14) actively derides any show that has ever had a raffle but never fails to mention the time they won a raffle at a wrestling show

15) still has their prize in mint condition from (14) above in the belief one day it will be 'worth something'

16) complaints loudly on the internet when they are described as a stereotypical wrestling fan yet consider the best story line their ever saw was about wrestlers portraying stereotypical roles

17) if attractive to females of the species holds an opinion on every single female wrestler ever as to 'if they would give them one'

18) you believe that your opinion of what 'wrestling is' is the only true correct definition and only your tastes should be catered for always without exception even though you never go to the shows you comment on repeatedly

19) you actually know the rules for professional wrestling yet have never seen or ever known a hard copy to exist for anyone to reference

20) you actually read all this list and were preparing to answer in some form

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I like things. Things which include wrestling. I'm a wrestling fan. Nothing anyone else says affects that, whether it's an indy smark or a WWE fanboy.

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