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  1. Only just watching this weeks show. Imagine my shock at seeing Fenix’s, part of what is presented as one of the best teams in the company, record is only 6-5.
  2. for all the talk of win loss records and doing things differently to WWE most of the records are surprisingly even. it's almost as if they're doing EXACTLY what WWE does.
  3. I'm glad I wasn't the only one that thought Rey looked like Doink in that mask. first thing I said when he made his entrance was "why has he come dressed as doink the clown?"
  4. weakest show they've put out so far IMO. it was a little dull after the loads of fun first segment. echo the criticism for the constant using of live animals on shows. cut that shit out. The Cody angle was a mess. JR didn't have a flipping clue who they were, and Excalibur seemed to assume they were world famous and everyone knows them. "Who the hell is that?!" "ITS THE BLADE! THE BLADE!" "who is it??!" "THE BLADE!!" oh well now you've said it again I completely recognise him.
  5. well no, obviously, but I would imagine that's what we're supposed to believe now. Raw pays wages, and Smackdown pays wages. not WWE.
  6. Why are wrestlers prepared to team with hated rivals and defend their brand having being on the opposite brand a few weeks before? well I don't know, but it's possibly the same reason the likes of Sol Campbell could turn out for Arsenal having being a Tottenham player just a week before.
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