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  1. yep, Sausage, Bean and Cheese melt. outstanding.
  2. ...I quite like Baron Corbin. his new introduction schtick is quite comical.
  3. Less Than Jake have announced a tour with Goldfinger. it includes Leeds so I am there. for what will probably be about the twentieth time I've seen them. I love Less Than Jake. they are my favourite band of all time.
  4. I must admit, I've seen a couple of NXT UK performers tweeting about how tickets are 'flying out already' and to buy now to avoid missing out. all I can think is "I'm fairly sure they can't be if you're all tweeting begging folk to buy tickets"
  5. I have no idea what to expect. literally no clue how this match will play out but by god am I intrigued. i can't wait to see it.
  6. there are few things in life I like more than a UKFF thread about having a shit. so I'm reminded of the UKFF every time I go take a dump.
  7. I've got film maker Tony Richardson for Shipley. other notables nearby are the Yorkshire Ripper for Bingley, Dave Taylor for Queensbury, Zain Malik for Bradford, and Richard Whiteley for Baildon.
  8. I tend to moan about WWE output ever week - but I'd miss it if it wasn't on. it's not all bad - this weeks had some good bits. Truth lying on the table under the ring was genuinely funny. the firefly funhouse is intriguing. I'm enjoying Brock Lesnar the last few weeks. I know it didn't happen this week, but I'm also pretty fond of the new introduction Baron Corbin gets. I hope they announce him as Saudi Arabia's favourite son. there's a good match or two pretty much every week aswell.
  9. if you'd just said you find it hard to believe and left it there you wouldn't have got the response you have. it's calling her a liar, coming to the conclusion she was obviously drunk with no evidence to suggest she'd taken any kind of drink, saying she had had a pop at Maria when she really hadn't, and diagnosing her as having a personality disorder with no evidence to support that that's caused the problem.
  10. I don't know if what Ashley has said is true, I don't know if it's not true. so I aren't commenting either way. however, what I am definitely not doing is labelling her a liar, saying she was probably drunk, that she has slagged off Maria (although there is nothing in it that can remotely be considered slagging her off) and saying that she has a 'malicious personality disorder' I never met Ashley Massaro - maybe you did, in which case you might know her better than I but unless you have it's really really disrespectful and pretty disgusting to start saying these things about her when for all any of us know it might be entirely factual.
  11. I completely respect the fact it is just your opinion @Whistling Skull I reserve the right to think your opinion that Ashley had a malicious personality disorder, was hammered, is lieing about being raped just to get a form of settlement from WWE is abhorrent and I think you're a twat. its just my opinion so by your logic you can't have a go at me.
  12. Better than I could have put it. thank you.
  13. I've been lurking on this forum for a number of years so I've read my fair shit of tripe but this is one of the most ridiculous, pie in the sky posts I've ever seen. not only has Ashley not been raped, she invented it, insulted Maria Kanellis by pointing out she didn't receive harassment (?!) had a 'malicious' personality disorder, and was inebriated! that is a hell of a leap to come to that conclusion. and then, to end the post, you describe yourself as a 'rational adult' !!
  14. in fairness to NXT-UK - Blackpool takeover was an excellent show. now granted, I don't watch the weekly product either, but I'll tune in for the next Takeover. I don't know how quickly Blackpool tickets went - but I'd envisage a similar take up for this, despite the NJPW show in London.
  15. Disco Inferno probably gets a gig.
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