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  1. ha not me. I just love KP. think hes the best batsman to ever play cricket for England.
  2. Ricc1PW


    looks like he's been hanging out with RVD before the photo
  3. They are teetering on the edge of really ruining Becky's popularity - she is just about saving it with some terrific performances and delivery, but how much longer can she fire fight? it feels like they have seen what got Becky over huge when they tried make her heel but they're falling back into the trap of booking her like one of their normal, cringey, not as likeable babyfaces with this convoluted mess. they need to do better with this after Sunday.
  4. Does the Dream do one? I'm not a regular NXT viewer
  5. I am fond of a back body drop, biiiiiiiig one's are even better. if we could see them again that would be great. on that note, you don't see many side suplexes anymore. (very fond of the old wwf intro - so if its bodyslams, side suplexes, clotheslines, dropkicks and powerslams that you're after...) or a double axe handle.
  6. Ricc1PW

    Chippy Tea

    I mean, in fairness, you have said "we can't all be fat bastards" and then told us you order extra food when getting a takeaway so you can eat it the next day aswell.. that's pretty contradictory.
  7. I enjoyed a few years ago the Windies (?) bowler giving the batsman the "you can't see me" taunt to celebrate taking a wicket.
  8. I'm the same. I watch Raw and Smackdown, and the PPV's...and on the odd occasion i've watched NXT... and I also don't really have an issue with bra and panties matches, and I don't think Ronda's been a flop... I imagine I am most certainly not an actual wrestling fan, by that definition.
  9. I think that's probably a good thing - in WWE, at least, Woken Matt Hardy was no different to normal Matt Hardy apart from he used funny words and lived in a 'compound'.
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