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  1. I'm not sure there has been any 'praise heaped on it' has there? it was pretty hokey nonsense, and I don't think anyone is delighted that Rusev is involved in it in his big return.
  2. as much as I didn't like him never being on the show, I'm starting to think they should put the belt back on Lesnar. he's the only one that really feels like a star. Seth Rollins has beaten Lesnar twice, beat Braun, beat everyone who's challenged him, he's presented as the top babyface...and it still feels wrong. he just doesn't feel like the top guy. whether it's him, the booking of him, or a combination of both. it isn't working. for all the criticism of Roman getting shoved down our throats.... he feels a level above Seth at the minute, and would be a better Champion. I can't imagine he'd sit whimpering in the corner while The Fiend stares at him either.
  3. with something AEW have done? holy shit!
  4. the lad can't referee football matches, and can't return to wrestling refereeing... so it IS a career ending assault. he's still allowed to move into a new career where he probably won't be physically assaulted by a bully boy with ideas above his station whom knows his mate, the 'promoter' will probably find it hilarious.
  5. If you think it's all a work, or he's making it up to profit then thats fine, but you don't need to mention it every second post on this thread. I think it's disgusting what happened to him. Bodom, Quildan and to a lesser extent Sha should be absolutely ashamed of themselves. and the former blackballed from the scene, and I don't particularly think anyone should go to any Quildan promoted shows, because giving him money just seems incredibly stupid.
  6. your victim shaming is sickening. it's almost as bad as you posting news that is recycled from other sources.
  7. being questioned by Daniel fucking Edler of all people is not what I was expecting from my Quildan comment. jesus. now he really is a very special type of weirdo. nonce twat.
  8. how can you like wrestling, but hate story telling? that's what wrestling is.
  9. yeah, his replies to both the talent, and the people tweeting about it do him no favours what so ever, and he's obviously a bit of a dick but the original complaint has been blown out of all proportion - he wanted a phone number for someone he is paying to work for him... that's not unreasonable. and for talent to pull out, out of 'solidarity' is flipping ridiculous. virtue signalling much. they're making him look as if he was a sex pest that was gonna send nudes or something - there is no evidence thats the case, although the way he's asked for her number, and the replies since show, quite clearly, that something is very wrong with this person.
  10. 9/11 I was in school. I think we were told in class, but I don't think I had a clue what WTC was, or how massive an event it was until I got home and saw coverage, reports etc. Diana - my sister and me were staying at my dad's the Saturday night, she woke me up Sunday morning to tell me. I could not have cared less but I think I probably pretended to be sad about it.
  11. I mean, I've had weeks where I've not particularly enjoyed Raw, and thought it wasn't a great show, but if you're at the stage where you dislike it every week, can't get excited about it, hate the wrestling on the show, find it stale and feel the need to express how poor you find it online, you're probably at the stage where you shouldn't watch. There must be something else on, or something else to do on a Tuesday that you'd enjoy more.
  12. I thought Raw was really good this week! several good matches, decent time given to the horsewomen tag. Austin brought a level of star power to the show, Styles was on good form, as per. I suspect that the 11:19 reference is just the bible verse 11;19, and that's his version of the Austin 3:16 thing. I have him showing up on sunday to ruin the main event, so it's a no contest or DQ finish or something. I think he'll go after Braun.
  13. Is there a possibility of delayed concussion? much like Steve Smith suffered with last week?
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