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  1. I've gone for the mid priced tickets. It's a decent view from anywhere in the Guild Hall. £50 is too much but I think £27 is OK for what it is. I only live a few minutes away too so no travel or accommodation costs. No idea what to expect from it. I can't see them getting 10 episodes worth of content in 2 days of filming but with no other tapings booked I suppose they're going to have to.
  2. Sunday's card is looking pretty, pretty good. Pete Dunne vs Jimmy Havoc for the PROGRESS World Title British Strong Style vs South Pacific Power Trip for the Tag Titles Will Ospreay vs Mark Andrews Zack Gibson vs El Ligero Ringkampf vs Hunter Brothers Jinny vs Nixon Newell (NPS Semi Final) James Drake vs Jack Sexsmith Nathan Cruz vs Flash Morgan Webster I imagine that World title match is going to see a fair few shenanigans involving Ospreay, BSS and Webster. Wouldn't be surprised to see Paul Robinson and Mark Haskins turn up either.
  3. I did wonder why Martin Kirby and El Ligero aren't booked on this show when they are almost always at the Preston shows. Probably a coincidence but with them being so close to Kris Travis it does make you (well, me) wonder. Joey Hayes is there though so it probably is just coincidence.
  4. I've thought this for some time. I'm sure the way PCW speak to their fans over social media plays some part in the dwindling attendance over the last few shows (in Preston anyway, I've not been to any of the other shows). Taking the piss out of fans asking legitimate questions - alright they might get asked the same question over and over but there is no need to mock paying customers. With so much choice in the UK nowadays people are just going to get their wrestling fix elsewhere if PCW continue to openly take the piss out their fans.
  5. No problem with them facing the hard camera to make the pin, that's fine and makes sense as it's a TV show. Nia Jax needs to make it look a bit more natural though, rather than hitting her finisher, getting up and having a little jog around the ring to get into position. She could just lie with her back on top of the opponent, leaning on them almost. She'd be facing the camera and it'd make her look even more "physically dominant" that she doesn't even need to pin her opponents properly to beat them.
  6. Very happy to see Pete Dunne vs Pentagon Dark announced. The line up is looking pretty good overall. Strange not to see regulars like Mastiff, Ligero, Rampage, Kirby but nice to mix it up a bit. I saw Roy Knight say something on Twitter about sharing his birthday with Sha Samuels and them celebrating that weekend in Preston so I presume they'll be there for one show at least.
  7. That's my thinking too. On the plus side, the general admission weekend tickets are cheaper this time around! Probably to entice people to stay for the Sunday show.
  8. That's a match I was instantly hoping for too. Glad Pete's coming back to PCW - it'll be nearly 2 years since he was last there (5uper5how weekender in April 2015, I think, with the match against Sabu, and only the Kris Travis fundraiser show before that) and his profile has skyrocketed since then. Good signing. I am expecting Dunne to only make the quarter-finals at best, though (the 2 shows on the Saturday), since PROGRESS have a show on the Sunday which clashes with Show 3 of the PCW weekend (the semis and final) that I would expect he'll be booked for. Yea that's a good point, Dunne will surely be at PROGRESS on the Sunday. I hadn't noticed that the tournament was Saturday & Sunday rather than the usual PCW Friday/Saturday. Will be strange the Saturday afternoon being the first show of the tournament rather than the "hangover" show.
  9. Pete Dunne has been added to the Kris Travis Memorial Tournament in February. I hoping to see Dunne vs Pentagon Dark at some point that weekend.
  10. Maybe they actually don't like the performer/wrestler and being such amazingly knowledgable wrestling fans understand that a good heel wants to be booed so voice their displeasure by cheering because they know (being such knowledgeable wrestling fans) that said heel will understand cheers are actually boos.
  11. They want it printed. For insurance reasons, apparently.
  12. Can't see past Pete Dunne or Trent Seven winning this, which I'm fine with as I really like both. I'd like T-Bone get to the quarters or semis but I can't see Wolfgang losing in the first round. Given the apparent good relationship between WWE and ICW I imagine the latter's World Champion will get quite far in the tournament.
  13. Completely unintentional!
  14. The American Dream may have left us but the African Dream is still alive and (presumably) well! Akeem is in the house! Entrant number 9 is in, we all know who's coming next! The crowd count down, 10!, 10!, 10! The greatest 10 of all time! Name on the trophy (/Rumble)! Teddy Sheringham! And finally it's's's a Brussel Sprout!
  15. Looks like a lady but really it's a man. ...I don't find them attractive...