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Celebrities That Stink.

Keith Houchen

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Open a window, it's Ricky Tommo.


Which celebrities do you think whiff like a front row of a Shimmer event. Ricky Tomlinson and Shane MacGowan emit a pungent stench but who do you think does. Any pictures must be accompanied by a sentence saying who they are.

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Did I ever tell the story about the time I was behind Norman Pace (I wish that was the end of the sentence!) in Greggs in Sunderland? He was doing Anne Get Your Gun at the Empire and was passing through. He bought a cheese and onion pasty and a belgium bun. He actually smelled really good. Which is amazing considering how he looked. He had on a waistcoat, brown suit and a beard. Scruffy looking get. I didnt even want anything at Greggs. Just wanted to stand in a line with Norm.


As far as a pong, I bet Brendan Healy (Tim Healy's brother) when in a music shop that sold rave tapes and comedy videos. And if you are thinking it, the answer is yes, that shop was a front for something else behind the counter. No way that shop made more than 40 pence a week with such specialist demographic as selling nothing but Lisa Lashes EPs and Blackadder on audio cassette. Anyway, old Brendan smelled like a burned carpet. I couldnt believe such a smell existed. I dont know where he'd been, but you can sort of see why he never did anything outside of good brother favours from his more famous sibling Tim Healy.


Oh Mick Foley stunk as well, but you know. Hardly news is it?

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I'm so happy to see this thread. Whenever I remember Butch's line from years ago, "Open a window, it's Paul Heyman," it takes me ages to compose myself.


For content, just the thought of Farage puts me off my dinner, because you can't help but imagine the absolutely foul breath pumping out of his constantly-gaping mouth. It must reek like he brushes his teeth with a frozen turd.


Trump's the same. There must be a pungent cloud, so strong it's almost visible, trailing in his wake, a mixture of shite-breath, hairspray, and that mix of BO he's tried to blot out with too much aftershave. He's a big fat angry man in an ill-fitting suit, the inside of which would probably poison a child if you stuck their head under it for more than 5 seconds, the fat sweaty cunt.

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If the pictures of Rory McGrath coming out of court recently for stalking had been scratch n' sniff, the room would have been filled with the scent of fried chicken BO, booze, and stale cum.

Have you ever seen his appearance on QI? Fuck me , what a cunt. Supposrdly asked for all the questions in advance as well.

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