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  1. ... Donald Trump take office officially. Book open on the first assassination attempt. 10/1 - today Friday 20 January 2017, between 11:30am & 11:55hrs EST (en route to the ceremony) Evens - today Friday 20 January 2017,between 12:00pm & 12:25pm EST 2/1 - tomorrow (Saturday 21 January, between 00:01am & 23:59pm EST) 5/1 - today Friday 20 January 2017,between 12:30pm & 23:59pm EST 6/1 - anytime between 00:01am & 23:59pm EST on Sunday 22 January 2017
  2. Wrestling related of course. I'll start. IJW'd ... some 'classic' WoS shows which mainly featured Big Daddy. I'm of an age where I thought, "this will be great nostalgia!" but alas I'm utterly pissed off. One, I've used a chunk of 'download allowance' & two, big Shirl was fucking wank (as Daddy). I've seen footage of his Battling Guardsman gimmick, & to be fair he was reasonable then ... Call me a sucker for nostalgia, but Christ on a bike Daddy was the drizzling shits. I didn't know it at the time, of course, but I'm gutted I have this now on disk. Your turn.
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