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  1. Look up Trystan Hayes (RWS wrestler from Salisbury). He's a Toni & Guy qualified stylist. I think he posts or used to post as Anthraxx Kid.
  2. ... with a badly packed kebab?
  3. My Sunday lunch worked quickly; the beauty of proper mushy peas. These guffs aren't Sunday lunch related as far as I'm concerned. Truly the devil's stench though.
  4. I'm farting like a tinker's dog today; no idea why though. Not had anything to eat since 2030hrs last night ... no coffee, elderflower cordial drink only ... fuck me, I stink though.
  5. I've done 3 tests, for different vehicle classes. All first-time passes. HGV was the toughest.
  6. What's your reg number so I can watch out for you ... ?
  7. Lou Thesz would have been 101 today.
  8. Bananarama are back gigging then ... original line-up an' all. Good grief ... Siobhan Fahey looks ... different. Fappage for teenage lads across the land in the 80s ... when you could buy a one-pack of loo roll & a tube of KY Jelly from Boots the chemist, & still have change from a quid.
  9. True ... Again true ... del Rio won't beg WWE for a job though; he'll hightail it back to Mexico or speak to JJ for a more prominent GFW gig. I thought they were already?
  10. Not so much a gig, but I'm going to a darts weekender featuring Andy Fordham & Trina Gulliver on 05 & 06 May ... It's in a town called Lampeter (Ceredigion) ... 05 May will be the exhibition/charity auction evening, plus punters can pay to play the darts stars, then on 06 May it's an open tournament. Should be a laugh.
  11. Hunter has his pride; it's a direct pop at his position, career, manhood & life in general. He may brush it off with a disdainful response about the ex-employee, or maintain a dignified silence, but a shoot like that would affect anyone, whether they choose to vocalise it or not.
  12. Congratulations to Paige & Alberto on the impeding baby situation. On another note, it's always great when a wrestler shoots when drunk. Reactions will vary, but I will bet my arse that Hunter will be seething when he's seen this.
  13. I bought meat claws a few weeks back; bloody good they are for the BBQ pulled pork, burnt ends, etc. Meat hooks are for butchers, so I'm hoping you're a man with a proper cold store & stainless steel racking for salting beef or lamb outside. And not a mass murderer.
  14. Wynne Evans (aka Gio Compario) had Mandrews on his BBC Radio Wales daytime show last year, getting "training" on how to be a pro-wrestler ... it was a piss-poor segment, but Mandrews was good. Evans sounded like a right ol' rube.
  15. Can you imagine the partying & offspring?