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  1. This isn't about Welsh Wrestling, the company. It's about "a Welsh wrestling promotion". A promotion from the Cynon valley area, by all accounts. Something to do with a diminutive alligator ...
  2. Well, you read it as you desire; the truth is that there are scummy cunts out there who wish to take advantage of those they are ultimately able to coerce & manipulate. Maybe Bowler is misunderstood, but I'd doubt that.
  3. Lack of evidence, is how it's reported. As per the Cliff Richard allegations ...
  4. This is standard operating procedure in all British police forces, & it feeds into the PNC.
  5. No no & I get that, but .. Bowler?? Leveraging pressure like that?? Seriously??
  6. Every female involved in BritWres could snap Bowler like a twig.
  7. Eric Embry was ... different ... not your classic buff-bod, but had the chops. Mind you, a lot of the USWA/World Class crew were the same ... Iceman King Parsons was a beast. Comments??
  8. How did Hager & Mysterio survive in the UK for 5Star??
  9. Here's a question then ... how was Hager through the 5-Star wrestling period? And if it's not explicit enough, are there any tales to tell? BritWres fans, 'cos that's the latest "home grown" product on Sky, want to know (I think). PS - Rey was there too, but he's a family man, right?
  10. As old as I am, I've never seen Predator or any of the derivatives.
  11. It's shit now but have some heart in knowing that there are some amazing people out there, working hard to keep the faith. They're encouraging fans to stick with the biz. And I know that the saints of BritWres (and the wider community) are going to roust these abusive/predatory cunts. The purge is coming, & about time too!
  12. "They Live" Hands down ... Then "The Condemned".
  13. One name missing is a British ref, who also worked/works NJPW ... not wanting to go into it too much, but ... anyone else heard the same?
  14. Nothing so far ... you watch though, as I type this it'll bloody magic-up & I'll look like a boob. Again.
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