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Your views on our great country


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Ethnicity in this country is so fucking weird. I just had a little look on Wikipedia and apparently scholars have been kicking off since 1991 that official terminology is confused between ethnicity and race. Look at the strange, narrow choice of boxes to tick on forms. There's white and black, but no yellow or brown. Are some colours offensive and others not? And Chinese gets its own box, but Japanese and Dirtyknees don't.

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I'm not keen on the ones from over here that shoot politicians in the street.

I'm not fond of the group of white ones that kicked my head in at a bus stop because I don't smoke.

I don't warm to the 70's white celebrities that touch bairns in the pants.


I do however like the black midwife who helps my wife to deal with pregnancy.

The black Asian surgeon who operated on my knee today was a splendid fellow.

My polish next door neighbour brings me a bottle of homemade red wine, for free every couple of weeks.



Bloody foreigners, coming over here and making life tolerable.

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