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I’m taking part in a custom contest, with a cash prize. hosted by Jeremy Padawer. There’s some great figures, but this has just been uploaded. Even if I win, I’m sending this lad the winnings.  Mr B

Can’t resist posting the reason my wife married me...

When Series 3 came out over here, it meant we had had 2 of the 3 Warriors in our collection. Naturally the newest, purple one was the Ultimate Warrior, but series 2 White trunks had to change, to his

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I suppose the thing is, the length of time it took the first series to actually go out (production in 1990 when Randy Savage hadn't been wearing his pre-King era stars trunks for bloody ages) by the time they started flying off the shelves, it was time to start playing catch-up with the rest of the roster and get your Rockers, Perfect and so on moving. By time the Skinner set came out (was that Warlord too?) they had got to that point of "Who's new? Let's scrape 6 more together." It's funny that we can lament who didn't get one when some of the later series were repaints or new figures of guys that already had one because they were starting to struggle. Or maybe they didn't think anyone wanted the Quebecers or Bastion Booger.


These were the sets I remember, into 1993, when I was up to the point of wanting to get every one and being excited when the new ones were coming.


(Normal blue cards) - Tatanka, El Matador, Repo Man, Papa Shango, Berzerker, Ric Flair

(Yellow) - Shawn Michaels, Razor Ramon, Crush, Owen Hart, Kamala, Nailz

(Red) - Narcissist, Bam Bam Bigelow, Yokozuna, Bret Hart #2 (repaint), Mr Perfect #2 (repaint), Undertaker #2 (slight repaint with coat)

(??) - Scott Steiner, Rick Steiner, Doink, Hacksaw #2 (new mold), Ted DiBiase #3 (new mold), Tatanka "#2" (re-issue of the same toy)

(??) - Marty Jannetty, Giant Gonzalez, Samu, Fatu, Butch #2 (repaint with hat), Luke #2 (repaint with hat)

(Green) - Adam Bomb, 1-2-3 Kid, Ludvig Borga, Billy Gunn, Bart Gunn, Yokozuna #2 (repaint), Crush #2 (repaint)


..... and black tights Shawn and purple Razor in there somewhere. I always forget when rattling off my collection that I have purple Razor.


Christ, I'm starting to see why Butch wants this in a self-contained thread. I'm managing to bore myself.

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Especially given their tenure and the fact that Skinner somehow got one.


Awful figure, you were better off with the WCW ones. Couldn't do jack shit with Skinner- neither his waist, legs nor one of his arms moved. Only one of his arms moved, which triggered a shit stomping action with his feet. It makes the idea of a Dino Bravo figure at Christmas seem a lot more palatable.

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Good lord, this thread is heart achingly marvellous for reminding me how much cooler and more fun the Hasbros were compared to today's lanky-legged bundles of joints. [insert my biannual WWE-video-game-should-be-Power-Stone-with-Hasbros post]


Random thoughts:


First one was Rick Rude. I'd never seen a wrestling match before, but that didn't stop me getting hooked on stickers and making my own ghost-booked magazines. Rude was a pretty crap headlock mold (half the fun was trying to suss what you could get each mold to do. Y'know, imagination.) but I was determined to come away from Argosy Toys with SOMETHING.


Thought I only had a couple, but thinking back, I must've had loads. Press and Suplex Hogans, Sarge, jumping Savage and Macho King (always looked odd because his wrist tape wasn't painted), jumping Warrior (because I traded my press Warrior, like a twat), Valentine, Tornado, Koko, clothesline and headslap Bossmen, Nasties, Rockers, Bushwhackers (because Woolies were out of LOD), Jake, black tux Dibiase, Steamboat and the Disasters.


Entered a competition to get a free Undertaker. Didn't win. Gutted 8-year-old me.

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There defo was a haku, purple tights with the leg stomp action. Have a feeling barbarian too


No, and no.

Though I never collected the figures, I read a PWI in 1989 with a figure advert and had no idea Haku had held the "King" title (it was always Duggan as far as I knew in my early days).


And here it is. Though it appears it was never officially released. It seems these were LJNs, not Hasbros (this really isn't my area of expertise).





And this is what I remembered although I thought it was a Hasbro.  Love the fact that it does not come with the crown as illustrated. 

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Loved the Hasbros. I've got them all except for the Bret Hart & Undertaker mailaways and the Macho Man one from Series 3 that was just the Macho King without the crowd and sceptre and one word different on the back of his trunks.


Had my own federation for years and even kept record books of all wins and losses. If I recall correctly, some of the major moments to note included a mammoth tag team title reign for Yokozuna & Bam Bam Bigelow, The Dragon going on a Tatanka style undefeated streak and Demolition Crush (renamed 'The Crusher' as part of a family of 'Crush' people including 'Kona Crush' (the Crush from the Yellow card series) and 'Crusher Jr' (Japanese Sympathiser Crush)) being the longest reigning world champion, starting as a heel but eventually turning face because of his heroic efforts. Around 1996 time he lost the belt in a massive screwjob to Nailz, who was part of a sort of NWO faction managed by a Marvel figure of Mysterio. The big Hulk Hogan heel turn in that NWO was top babyface Pierroth (from a CMLL series of figures).


Jake Roberts always had a blood feud with Greg Valentine too.


They were a massive part of my childhood, and the rosters would always be supplemented by similarly sized figures from other ranges, like the aforementioned Marvel and DC superhero lines and COPS.


Loved most of the Galoobs as well.


I think for me, the ones who got the pushes were the ones who had figures you could actually get good matches out of. I think the best for that were the Rick Martel and Greg Valentine style moulds, or Galoobs like Arn Anderson. But the ones in the Rick Rude mould didn't do well, nor did the ones with the jumping action. Similarly, the LOD were awkward to play with so never went far, and right at the bottom of the barrell were the Galoobs like Ron Simmons (you could do *nothing* with him, whereas Butch Reed was great) and Michael P.S. Hayes.


Does anyone remember the advert in the WWF Magazine that had all the new figures for 1993 advertised in advance. So even before the Warlord series came out there were pictures going all the way up to the Yellow Carded ones? That was fantastic, though I remember being disappointed that they changed the mould of Shawn Michaels.


And did anyone else manage to get Dusty Rhodes when Series 2 was released in this country? I never did. I searched for the figure for 4 years and remember being quoted $250 from a shop in the USA that was advertised in a WWF Magazine. Then when I got the internet in 1995 I was able to find someone on a newsgroup in Canada to trade with. I sent him a Bret Hart for Dusty. Stupid Canadians.

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Loved the Hasbros. I've got them all except for the Bret Hart & Undertaker mailaways and the Macho Man one from Series 3 that was just the Macho King without the crowd and sceptre and one word different on the back of his trunks.


I have that one as well, I always forget that from the list of rare ones or oddities. My mate had it, I didn't believe him at school when he said it said Macho Man instead of Macho King on the arse, but bugger me, he brought it round my house and let me have it. Today, he knows the value of these things and would likely expect me to pay him for it. Then again, he also once paid £3 for WrestleMania IX from a car boot and expected me to reimburse it for him so he probably doesn't know the value of these things. Wonder where that tape is now? Probably went under a bus the second he realized he wasn't selling it to me. £3. Should be paying me to watch that shit.

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