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My experience with the Hasbros is limited, it consists of a tag team fued between the Bushwackers (Luke had that Skinner-style stomp action) and the team of Ultimate Warrior & Macho King Randy Savage (small rosters make for strange bedfellows) when I picked them all up on a long weekend to Blackpool. Once we returned home they were the centrepieces of a federation that consisted of a Gamorrean guard from RoTJ, a selection of Master Of The Universe figures and a couple of Visionaries action figures. There was also a strange GI Joe 5" scale HM Murdoch figure who was usually a referee or manager. I'm contemplating starting to book something similar with my Amiibos on Wii U Smash Brothers, but it wouldn't be the same.

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I’m taking part in a custom contest, with a cash prize. hosted by Jeremy Padawer. There’s some great figures, but this has just been uploaded. Even if I win, I’m sending this lad the winnings.  Mr B

Can’t resist posting the reason my wife married me...

When Series 3 came out over here, it meant we had had 2 of the 3 Warriors in our collection. Naturally the newest, purple one was the Ultimate Warrior, but series 2 White trunks had to change, to his

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Loved the Hasbro's as a kid, so please excuse a burst of nostalgia!


Found it tough to find the latest in the range or the most desired characters. I agree with other posters about the ring attire, it was really annoying at the time. Can very clearly remember being excited then let down by the LOD figures, the spikes really should have been removable (or as a money-making exercise, surprised they didn't have 2 versions of them out in the shops - with and without spikes, hats, Piper's kilt etc). The one figure I always wanted but never saw at the time was the Warrior. Living in the Scottish Highlands at the time of the Hasbros, my Dad took me to an indy show that was promoted with pics of Taker and Bret and of course it was just some guys from the 70s trying to cash in on the early-90s boom. The merch table had the Warrior ink stamp that had a small figure of him on top. Bought it and I think if it didn't break on the way home, it must have been the next day - gutted.


As others have said, so many happy memories of the figures. Just some quick thoughts: My neighbour got me into WWE when I went round to his and they were watching WM9 - amazingly I wasn't put off. First match I ever remember watching is Luger v Perfect, mainly cause I remember his Mum had to tell us how to pronounce Narcissist (she should've told Curt Hennig too before he cut his promo) and what the hell it meant. He and his brother had the SNES game, Sid poster from The Sun, all the tapes etc. After getting upto speed with the tapes and roster, I remember being amazed when they told me Tornado had died recently and that his Dad had run over his Tornado figure as they'd left it outside one night. I thought - this guy couldn't catch a break. 


Had another friend who was one of those growing up who just seemed to have everything whenever he got into a fad or hobby. So when he was mad on football, always had the latest kit etc. With wrestling, I think I went round with my Tatanka and IRS figures and he had WM 1-9 on VHS, all of the Merlin sticker books completed and loads of Hasbro's I wasn't aware till then had been and gone in the shops (particularly remember black tux DiBiase, Snuka, Piper etc). I think everyone had The Bushwhackers, LOD and a Hogan.


Stand-out's were Bret, bought from Woolies, because it felt like I properly had one of the major figs and oddly enough, Rick Steiner. Just thought with the ear muffs he was a bit different, he also had the mould that meant you could do quite a lot of moves. Even Greg Valentine had that mould - he was probably more active as a Hasbro than real life. 


Although they ended padding out the range with uninspired repaints, my number one omission could have been knocked out easily as a repaint in Skinner's place in the range - heel Jake the Snake. I wish they'd repainted his figure with the flame tights and added a snake-handling glove and cobra accessory. His heel run in 91-92 was immense, and it would have been cool to see it reflected in an updated figure. After that, 100% agree Heenan and Jimmy Hart would have made sense, Jimmy Hart in particular would def have sold more IMO at the time than afore-mentioned jobbers such as Skinner, Nailz etc. Even Sherri and Liz would make sense as well. It still annoys me that the Neidhart in the collection is him in MC Hammer knock-offs he wore for about 2 months instead of the Hart Foundation gear. Is it just me or is it odd there was never a ref figure? Seems like something they could have chucked in with the ring.


Rude and Flair are the big-name ones that people when they have a look at my collection can't name or struggle to identify, they were probably the missed opportunities. Otherwise, I think the range has a lot of charm even with the drawbacks and mistakes they made.


Couple of years ago, I dug out the bag of figures that I had collected as a kid with the intention of putting them on eBay, maybe keeping one or two faves (Taker, Perfect, Bret). I was still a bit gutted that I didn't have Warrior, DiBiase, Andre. Instead, much to my Girlfriend's bemusement and growing horror, I've now buying up all the ones I wanted as a kid. The ring attire on the figures that annoyed me as a kid, now make them look great for display. Thinking of starting to get the Galoob's as well, though loads of Hasbro's to still pick up yet too.

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yup, they look fucking shite (package that is), mainly that white chunk behind the figure.

They have tried to capture the original vibe but have failed to do so.

Anyway, eveyone knows its all about the back of the card... i want to know who to collect and read the sometimes false bio.

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"A balanced diet is a cheeseburger in each hand"


A massive part of my childhood was playing with Hasbros, seeking out ones I didn't have and using PVC electrical tape to redo them as current wrestlers in 95/96. Funny to think how I started out so selective of which ones I wanted (none of them losers like IRS or the Mountie), until it became clear Hasbro had stopped doing them, at which point I desperately wanted anyone and everyone.


May have been mentioned, but every bit as annoying at the LOD spikes for ring attire was how utterly in the way everything about The Dragon's ring attire was. There was a later white Macho Man that had solid tassles hanging down that were similarly impossible.


I remember whenever one of my cousins or friends came over, them looking at the figures and ring and playing with them was almost always a part of their trips over. My cousin (a big fan in the early 90s who tapered off a bit as a fan), loved it so much that I have memories of being woken up to the sound of him just hanging out, on his own, just playing with them in the ring, blissfully happy. When he died of cancer in 2005 at the age of 23, that memory led to me digging through the attic to find a few, and I put figures of Hogan, Warrior and Bret in the casket to be buried with him, I guess a little ode to the fun innocence of childhood.

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My cousin (a big fan in the early 90s who tapered off a bit as a fan), loved it so much that I have memories of being woken up to the sound of him just hanging out, on his own, just playing with them in the ring, blissfully happy. When he died of cancer in 2005 at the age of 23, that memory led to me digging through the attic to find a few, and I put figures of Hogan, Warrior and Bret in the casket to be buried with him, I guess a little ode to the fun innocence of childhood.

You bastard, I've just welled up over that.

I dont think i hung around with any kids who didnt play with hasbros for a couple of years at least. It was like a 1/3 of my class had at least 2 or 3 and sone of us had loads and a ring.

If a kid wanted to play but didnt have figures, he soon came back with some the next week.

If a kid brought non-hasbro figures, even if they were cool like visionaries, he was told where to go... Until it was back garden (tropical forrest) expedition and visionaries and MOTU were most welcome.

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Hints at spring 2017.


Some are saying limited first run to test the market for them very little on them from toy Expo few months back.


Jakks did similar with first classic series but did a re-release later on.


Oh, and they're likely to be Walmart exclusives.


Series 1:

Cena, Brock, Undertaker, Owens, Reigns, Warrior.


Series 2:

Kane, HHH, Austin, Rock, Sting, Mankind.

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