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So, there was some absolutely scintillating chat over the last 24 hours about El Matador's Hasbro figure in the questions thread. and with mod approval (well, one of them anyway) I thought it vital that we start an exciting new thread where we can all talk about Hasbros - nothing like that "New wrestling figures" thread, this is strictly for that dusty bag you've got sat in the loft. You know the one, where if you actually picked it up by the handles, the plastic would disintegrate causing The Mountie and Warrior #3 to fall helplessly to the dusty floor.


Yes, this is a catch-all thread for the Hasbro chatter, so it needn't infiltrate any other threads - Questions, Random Thoughts.... post about Hasbros in here, or not at all. I can't stress this enough. Hasbro discussion that pops up in other threads, I suggest, be met with the same haughty derision in the tone of "Take it to the Hasbro thread" with which we all currently scorn noobs for posting a random question anywhere but the question thread. *


So get cracking. We want to hear it all. Or at least, if you want to tell all, do it here. Who did you buy first? How many did you get, which ones do you still lust after, did you have any playground trades that you later regretted, did your little brother bury The Mountie in the garden etc? Do you have any of the "rare" ones? Remember that time you saw Greg Valentine in the white Rhythm & Blues jacket in WWF Magazine or that Hasbro you bought that mentioned the Beverly Brothers on the back BUT THEY NEVER CAME OUT, DAMN IT! Tell us about your whacky Hasbro fed storylines where you changed people's finishers because of the limitations of their mold, did "doppelganger" stories because you had multiple of one character, or where the nWo invasion was a real cross-promotional gig and the top heels were The Mountie, Shredder and Egon from Ghostbusters.


Here are my contributions to some of those topics, in brief :


  • My first Hasbro was the Anvil. His first feud was The Model because for a while I only had them.


  • I have a fuckton of Hasbros including from the green card ones, purple Crush, white Yokozuna, Adam Bomb and Billy Gunn. They're mostly in a plastic bag in my loft.


  • I hated the hats on Undertaker and The Mountie because you couldn't put them in the Perfect Plex with Perfect.


  • I put Ultimate Warrior #2 and Ultimate Warrior #3 together as a tag team imaginatively entitled "The Ultimate Warriors" and they were forever fighting whoever won the latest Demolition vs Kamala & Bam Bam match.


  • In 1995 my mate bullshitted me that he came back from the States with Hasbros of Diesel, Henry Godwinn, Hakushi and Waylon Mercy. then "forgot to bring them in" for a few days before I realized he was full of shit, and never talked to him again.


There you go, you've got the idea. Drop your Hasbro bants into this thread, and this thread only.




Here we go Butch, I've tried.


* SOLE EXCEPTION : Should Ian ever wish to attach "Did he have shit on the market?" to one of his excellent bio threads, Hasbros to be permitted.

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Seeing new ones pop up in the local toy shop window will always be one of my fondest childhood memories. My parents owned a photographic shop three doors down from the toy shop so I was always looking there. They were given pride of place in the main window and I always lost my shit when I saw ones I didn't have.

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I had LOD, earthquake but not typhoon, headshrinkers, Hogan and a boss man I stole from a friends house. I had slaughter unless I imagined it but have no idea where from.


I had the ring, but mainly used it to hide an obscene number of conkers' under because I was a mental no mates even as a child.

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SMASH was my first just because he looked cool (still does) my brother picked Jake The Snake 


Never had AX or Demo CRUSH so my Demolition was made of two SMASH'S


Had pretty much everyone apart from some of the later ones like , 123 Kid, Gunns, Bomb 


Purple Warrior was probably my favorite cause purple is my favorite colour and he wasnt too restricted, the purple outfit was saved for important matches or ppv's


Scott Steiner got a singles face push


Rockers were jobbers but not as Marty and Shawn, Blue Marty and HBK were singles


Bane from Batman and Robin was my Goldberg, got him/debuted on xmas eve ppv 'Christmas Choas'  in a squash match, won the Rumble then beat Bret Hart for the title at Mania


Kane was Lord Zedd from Power Rangers


Tito and Martel were'nt Strike Force they were New Age Outlaw type heels


I'll post more later if anyone is interested

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Given I was one of those posting about El Matador I may as well post, I've still not been in the attic to get it


Anyway, I massively regret choosing Bushwhackers over Demolition in the toy shop when I was about 7, looked on ebay and I'm looking about 15 quid just for Ax and Smash, not even looking at Crush

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Think my first Hasbro was Ax, then I got Jake & the Hulkster. Used to have some of the mini LJN Bendies before (Studd/Andre/Steele/JYD/Orndorff et al) so the Hasbro's were like a big improvement over those but the LJN were still cool since they were old school guys who didn't get Hasbros (apart from Andre, Hogan et al who did). Did Dusty ever get a UK release?, even a short time limited one as I can vaguely recall seeing it on the shelf in John Menzies maybe?. The R&B Hammer apparently has surfaced as a prototype, there's a pic of Zack Ryder with it. Collected up to series 4 originally I think ? and over the years have been collecting again and trying to find the ones I either sold or lost since then. Some of the MOC ones go for crazy prices on eBay especially Series 11 (Green Cards). 

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I'm the miserable mod who's bored of the annoying nostalgia about playing with dolls, so I declare this the OFFICIAL HASBRO THREAD. There's been nothing worse the past few years than discussing early 90s angles or booking in the WWF and someone brings up when they used to play with themselves, so from hereon in ANY MENTION OF HASBROS OUT OF THIS THREAD IS PUNISHABLE.

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I have the lot apart from the undertaker mailaway. I have several blue rings, 1 boxed and a yellow KOTR. (And I have a fork).


I also have a nearly full collection of spares and used to customise them and flog them to order. Claim to fame is that Zack Ryder bought one from me, Ian Rotton was interested but didn't have coin at the time (incredible), Steve Corino made a little PR vid for me, a couple of people including warlord and Terry Funk traded with me for autographs and T-shirts, and New Jack told me to fuck off as he believed his figure looked more like Norman Smiley. Also, I'm a sad cunt.


However, I've been so tempted to sell the collection over the years but have never bit the bullet, again, sad cunt.


I did sell a few rare spares to help funds towards my honeymoon because I'm a good husband.


My preferred mould is either the Mr Perfect or Rick Martel style, but I despise drop kick moulds such as the Rockers and Kamala.


I used to use the Ghostbusters tower house as a gym and house for them.


As a kid I used to buy them from woolys and Menzies. I once tried to nick one but felt guilty and anxious on the way out, so left it in the pic n mix (Skinner).


My gran once bought me a big Josh galoob thinking it was a suitable gift... Sigh. Looking back, she was clearly before her time as that is now considered one of the much rarer figures... I swapped mine for a Parker pen.


They were the best toy ever fucking made, and is probably the main reason I watched wrestling at the time, not the other way around. It's probably also why I have a huge soft spot for 93 and 94, even though most believe it was pretty shit.


My wife thinks I'm fucking mental. She simply doesn't understand why plastic men dolls in pants are cool.

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I collected the characters from the 80's/early 90's so I had the Rockers, but I never had HBK. This meant I couldn't superkick Marty then chuck him through the barbershop window as Shauns feet were stuck together.


I also ended up with El Gigante from WCW. He made his debut as Giant Gonzalez and was the top heel in my collection because he wasn't a Hasbro. To this day he's still an outcast inside a farmfoods bag in the spare room. If he's worth a couple of quid he's getting punted, and if I hadn't set the ropes on my ring on fire with a tealight during the "pyro" at a "PPV"  in the 90's there'd be one last retirement angle before he goes. 



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