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Rewatching ECW - discussion of various bits and bobs

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"Mike Hunt? I've got a call for a Mike Hunt? Awww, there's no sign of Mike Hunt"

This is what's so great about it. Anyone saying that these matches lacked psychology is missing the point - they were purposefully subverting that psychology, by giving you something that still follow

Super Crazy vs Tajiri - Mexican Death Match 🇲🇽  ECW on TNN January 15th 2000 I’m going off the dates on the Network here but they’re different to the ones on Magnum’s list. ”Mexica

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On 1/14/2021 at 4:20 PM, gmoney said:

I threw on Wrestlepalooza 98 last night. Never had seen it before, will never watch it again. There's nothing much good on the show and plenty bad. The main event is Al Snow Vs Shane Douglas for the title. I'm not sure how Al ever got over in ECW, other than his theme and the polystyrene heads, he's the same old shitty Al Snow, with a crap promo before the match and the crowd dies during it. They try and do a big moment at the end with a handshake spot, but it's not earned and no one cares. 

The RVD Vs Sabu match is one of the worst examples I've ever seen of two guys just doing big table spots and having nothing holding them together. And it goes on forever.

The worst thing watching with today's eyes though was Bam Bam Bigelow Vs New Jack. Jack gets knocked out at some point, but still does a balcony dive after being lead up their by security. It's bananas. Bam has to pick him up and carry him to the ring to pin him.



Watched Wrestlepalooza 98 at the beginning of the year, total shit show. 

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