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Minor news items that don't deserve a thread

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4 hours ago, mim731 said:


First full trailer for the Paige/Knight family movie "Fighting with my Family" dropped today (I guess it's on-topic-ish? Mods feel free to move if not). Hard to say based on a trailer, but it looks ok off the back of those couple of minutes. Presumably, Paige will be very visible on Smackdown in the coming months as they promote this.

I quite like the look of it. Florence Pugh is great in everything so I’m confident it’ll be at least decent, and Frost/Headey as Ricky/Saraya is great casting. Watched the trailer with the g/f and despite her having no interest in wrestling and never having heard of Paige she thinks it looks great and wants to see it. So that’s a good sign too!

The film should probably have its own thread at some point. Didn’t it already? Or was that the Paige thread?

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