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  1. So, Chyna's in through the back door [regal.gif] Billy works for AEW And I'm kinda underwhelmed. Surely last year was the year to do it.
  2. bigfoote

    The Official UKFF RAW Thread...

    So which HHH will turn up tonight? Given the announcement earlier on social media (in tags just in case)
  3. bigfoote

    Planning Wrestlemania 2019

    Wasn't sure where to post this, but announced on WWE.com
  4. bigfoote

    Elimination Chamber is tomorrow

    The angle had violence and an air of unpredictability, as Ronda's head showed (I think she turned the wrong way and caught one on the ear). But in the grand scheme, it was wasted. One thing did jump out...how much work has Charlotte had done? At times she resembled Jocelyn Wildenstein. I get they're trying to keep Becky hot, but this feels forced. Back to the show...yet again 205 produce perhaps the match of the night, tucked away on the pre-show. Everything else felt telegraphed. Kofi coming up short, Miz announced a new child, loses the belts cos Shane's in a heap. Bayley and Sasha "overcome the odds". Braun gets triple teamed. Just...wake me up for Mania
  5. bigfoote

    Elimination Chamber is tomorrow

    So how long into the show before Becky takes her ringside seat "she paid for personally"?
  6. bigfoote

    Elimination Chamber is tomorrow

    Nah Yakashi, Guinness Tanker with a Swoggle on the hood.
  7. bigfoote

    Minor news items that don't deserve a thread

    They've done concerts, which I assume includes pitch seating. Taytay had just over 42,000. So expect announced attendance somewhere in the 45k range (kayfabe)
  8. bigfoote

    Regional Dialect Quiz

    Due to Chrome fucking up, no screengrab. Mine showed mostly West Country, with some Kent coast...which fits my family history (father's side from Somerset, mother's from Surrey. Father also was ex-Navy). So despite being a born and bred Pompey boy, pretty accurate.
  9. bigfoote

    WrestleMania 50

    You know, I had a recollection, but thought I imagined it...I remember the fetching bandana outfit he wore but didn't remember he was in the HoF. Fuck it, if Flair gets two rings, Dogg gets two (Snoop, not Road) EDIT:
  10. bigfoote

    The Random/Weird/Quirky Photo Thread

    One is bald?
  11. bigfoote

    WrestleMania 50

    WM50, 50 matches over 50 countries. Over 500 talent used. Pre-show will last a week, starting in Kathmandu with a Himalaya Heights Mountain Pass Street Fight between Nicholas and Braun, to finally prove Braun was the Janetty of the team. Next, to Pyongyang, for a 200 person battle royal, with the winner getting a bottle of Courvoisier personally signed by Kim Jong-Un. First elimination will be summarily executed. Continuing through Asia, NXT China title will be contested in Tianamen Square, falls count anywhere. NXT India title in Delhi, but audio only due to smog. The Hall of Fame class contains such luminaries as Dolph Ziggler, The New Day, and in the celebrity wing, Snooki and Snoop Dogg. Main event six pack challenge, a McMahon in every corner. Fireworks and ticker tape as Shane involves himself, breaks a hip on a coast to coast, and soils himself, leading to a submission victory.
  12. bigfoote

    Minor news items that don't deserve a thread

    I can't read
  13. bigfoote

    Most insane websites... go

    So who's taken the quiz for free Ling badges? I've got two on the way
  14. bigfoote

    Facebook updates that blow your mind

    My dear aunt has herself a Facebook, usually sharing inoffensive food and cat pics...tonight, this. Unsure if she gets it, or thinks it's a real missing person...
  15. bigfoote

    Smackdown Discussion Thread

    I think it's beyond certain that they will use the carrot of Charlotte taking the spot as bait to force Becky into seeing a doctor. I'm half expecting the doc not to clear her, leading to a few weeks of her "rehabbing" before a Fastlane match against Charlotte. Perhaps not to make it triple threat, but instead to re-replace Charlotte and give us the one on one we all want.