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  1. Well, I hope everyone who dabbles in Forex does well...pound surging to almost $1.50+
  2. Well, have to give at least a passing credit to the Tory machine. They managed to turn this into a psuedo-second referendum, with a perfect storm of the wheels coming off the Corbyn bus. I don't do festive as a rule, even less incentive now. Let's see what kind of politician BJ really is now he has his "mandate"...also, right now I hate being a namesake for a previous Labour leader.
  3. Personal opinion: The City of London officer who fired the shots had a split-second to make an assessment. Sees a vest, guy moves, bang. Neutralise the threat. Notwithstanding it being hoax or not, I believe the rules of engagement for police, especially anti-terrorist, is that it is better to shoot dead than to risk more casualties. A bomb going off on the bridge would have meant more lives lost, more damage done, let alone maybe causing structural damage to the bridge itself. They would have loved to keep him alive. It will be lauded by extremists as martyrdom-by-cop and it's entirely probable that he wore the vest to ensure he would be taken out and having "died for the cause". One other thing comes out of this. There are still ordinary people willing to run towards and fight danger. I hope all involved, police and public, get the recognition they deserve at preventing larger loss of life.
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