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  1. Orton vs Ziggler Iron man match
  2. I'd rather have this simply ravishing one...
  3. I'll preface this with: 1) I don't have the Network 2) My memory is weak 3) I scanned Wikipedia for PPV cards and picked matches based on nothing at all 4) Bring a cushion/pillow, this is gonna be a long one Opener for the Opener...something flashy, to grab attention. Let's go with Pillman vs Liger from Superbrawl 2 For no reason at all, in ring promo from Lawler leading to Tazz vs Lawler from ONS 2006. Because I would feel unpatriotic without adding it - Legion of Doom with Paul vs Money Inc. (IRS and DiBiase with Jimmy) from Summerslam '92 Since we've flown to Wembley, let's have the greatest WCW TV Champ ever, Lord Steven Regal defending vs Johnny B Badd from Fall Brawl '94 Following that, back Stateside for The Brain Busters (Arn and Tully) vs The British Bulldogs from Summerslam '89 We need a break, so let's have Brutus Beefcake, Jake Roberts, Jim Duggan, Randy Savage and Ricky Steamboat (with Miss Elizabeth) vs Dangerous Danny Davis, Harley Race, Hercules, The Honky Tonk Man and Ron Bass (with Bobby Heenan and Jimmy Hart) from Survivor Series '87 Right, got your raffle tickets sorted, drained the lizard and mortgaged yourself for 8 x 10"s? Good. Straight in with Super Crazy vs Tajiri from Living Dangerously '99 Continuing the theme, a visit to Collision in [North] Korea with Wild Pegasus (*ahem*) vs 2 Cold Scorpio Jeff Hardy vs Umaga Falls Count Anywhere from ONS '08 The Rockers vs The Orient Express from Rumble '91 starts the ramp to the big ones. First of the TRIPLE Main Events... Eddie Guerrero vs Dean Malenko from Starrcade '97 Kevin Steen vs El Generico from ROH Death Before Dishonor VIII AND YOUR MAIN EVENT OF THE EVENING HART VS HART BROTHER VS BROTHER OWEN VS BRET from Mania 10.
  4. So, for a first show, on their own, some teething troubles, but nothing that won't bed in over time. MOTN for me was Cody v Dustin. Dustin juiced a gusher, and now has me wondering how a "prime" Dustin vs 2019 Cody would have been. Interested in how they carry on with the announcement of them teaming up. They got me totally invested. Unlike Jericho v Omega, which never got going for me. Kong is potentially a great addition to the women. A known name, although that does somewhat put Rose in the background a little. Six women joshi special was more entertaining that it could have been on a US-centric card. Whether it was Aja doing what Aja does, or Yuka Sakazaki being more Bayley (and better) than Bayley. Report card says B-. Good start, needs polish and lacks clear direction. But most importantly, I come out of it wanting to see the next show and how they get on, which is more continuity than WWE have offered in some time. As an aside, I would much rather a two-man booth. Excalibur and JR. The other guy...not so much.
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