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  1. 9/11, was on a break from college and overheard the news on a radio in the chippy in town. Got back to college to find all classes been cancelled and went home to rolling news. Chips were fantastic.
  2. Speaker telling noisy cunt to take a flying flamingo, agrees to do his job as Speaker, rather than the guy behind the order. Add in his earlier announcement of stepping down and the obvious lack of any further fucks he gives, gets ninth circle of Hell side eye from the new Black Rod (who avoided Dennis Skinner who usually makes some remark when the official shows up) Opposition members applaud him for showing his colours. All this at after 1am on a Monday, was better than Raw.
  3. Anxiously awaiting the festive offerings...I need my fix of the bottom dust of a pigs in blankets bag.
  4. Yeah, reports say it was in homage to something involving Charles II. I wonder if Bercow will ever get the side eye from Black Rod out of his mind. As expected, the usual lot are claiming it was sexist/classist/ist ist against her and the whole thing was because she is the first Lady Usher.
  5. bigfoote


    I fear I have failed this thread, although did pick up a kilo of chocolate peanuts to gorge myself on
  6. The best moment was the three clerks desperately telling him he had to go. I don't know the procedure, but I wonder what would have happened had he refused? Would the commishes have carried on without him? Or would ignoring a royal command be treason? Also, flying flamingo is my new go to insult.
  7. Fuck me sideways, Bercow! The scenes right now! #livechat
  8. bigfoote


    Shopping day tomorrow, and Lidls is calling. What #Eatclean do we recommend?
  9. A rare oxymoron of a decent Cunt. Doubtful he will get the "usual" peerage from either side, but I think he'll be quite happy on the after dinner circuit and non-executive directorships that will come his way. I wonder if he has memoirs in the works too, now free from the trappings of Speaker.
  10. bigfoote


    Hypothetical statement from PM: I sought and received advice from legal counsel, and acted upon it in good faith. Thus the loophole is ridden.
  11. That re-scheduling of pregabalin and gabapentin screwed up my meds. My doc even said as much that due to them being Class C now, he can't prescribe them until "all other options are exhausted". Several anti-anxiety, and painkillers (neuropathic) later, I await the day I can finally take them.
  12. bigfoote


    So Bercow standing down when Brexit happens, what do we think of the meme-able Speaker? Personally, I hope Lindsay Hoyle is elected new leader, although it's been a while since the Chairman of Ways and Means has jumped into the big chair.
  13. So with the news Bercow is standing down within 6ish weeks, where does he stand in the pantheon of Cunts?
  14. bigfoote


    Well with the Tories this morning saying they will, against long-standing convention of the kind Moggy loves to spout, stand against Bercow in an election, I think it's altogether more likely that Boris may push for it; banking on Corbyn being unable to "command" a minority government in the 14 days and forcing the issue to an election by simple majority, rather than the FTPA's 2/3s
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