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  1. OK so not quite a week...but needs must. Bag is condensation free. On opening, all appears normal. They did not go soggy. Crispy as the day they were fried. Experiment is a success, Brannigans can be frozen
  2. Yeah, our school banned them, and even went so far as to ask the main "dealer" to take them off sale. We just went to the little old sweet shop and bought 1/4s of sherbet instead.
  3. I fear they would go soggy, but I'm willing to sacrifice a bag for Science. I'll report back in a week
  4. Back in the good old days when you went to the shop with 76p in shrapnel and spent 20 minutes picking out 76p of pick n mix, eschewing the 5p Wham and Refresher bars for 76 x 1p gummies and foam bananas. Back in my school days, I remember when fizzy straws were a penny a time, and it wasn't unheard of for someone to have a bag of 200, like some druglord. discarding the plastic as he dumped the sugar down his throat. Does anyone remember rice paper bank notes? Part of me wonders if it were a fever dream. Amazon selling bulk bags is just plain irresponsible. Box of the
  5. Successfully got some Brannigans today thanks to my B&M. Also got a bag of mixed chilli snacks.Wotsits etc.
  6. Licensed job from https://winesthatrock.com/ Apparently there is a market for overpriced vin du table
  7. MJF vs Montez Ford Shannon Moore "the MFer" vs Masked Fipper #8 Scramble match featuring the other 14 Masked Fippers for The right to be the ultimate Fipper Action called by Kevin Foote "Kelly"
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