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  1. Word circulating it's due to the move to Fox and Fox wanting a recognisable Latino to showcase on Fox Deportes. Zelina is part of the package, and with Black just coming up, no harm in moving him either
  2. I wouldn't mind so much if we hadn't seen Andrade moved to Raw last week. And by the looks of things, SD has both secondary titles now
  3. Putting this in here as it seems appropriate. Reports saying WWE have moved Andrade, Zelina and Aleisteir to SD "effective immediately". WWE.com shows SD logos on their profiles. Of course the rumours that Charlotte is behind it are rampant.
  4. bigfoote

    Boxing Thread

    Is there any top-level athlete who's popped for 3 different substances at the same time before?
  5. bigfoote

    Boxing Thread

    Read he popped originally for something that WADA warned athletes against using because of it's cancer causing properties, then popped for HGH.
  6. bigfoote

    Boxing Thread

    So not only did he piss hot, he then pissed nuclear for something else? I mean it's one thing to get popped, but for two different things in two different tests...Man what are they feeding the beef herds these days?
  7. bigfoote

    Boxing Thread

    Miller has requested his B sample to be tested, but he's been refused a license unless that test is negative. (From BBC)
  8. https://www.wwe.com/article/the-shield-last-chapter-streaming-this-sunday-on-wwe-network?fbclid=IwAR0FV7xm-wvftPN7RHauiGc7ArmXkpAF-2SaY6MWmKV2D_H3AR__6MVPBLg The Shield's "last chapter" streaming live on the Network on Sunday - Their last match in WWE. Feels like overegging the pudding
  9. Well, it lived up to (reduced) expectations. Since WWE now acknowledge it as "The RAW after Wrestlemania". Sami was a delight. Taker looks like he's been thawed from cryonics for the payday Saudi event. The sock puppet looks like the offspring of the Gooker and Mae Young - someone warn Menry So what's the deal with Lars? Corbin's new enforcer or what? I would have been quite happy with the non-finish to the main, had it been anyone more believable than the Bar, who just happened to be at Raw, in their gear. Mania's over, normal service has been resumed. Til the shakeup next week.
  10. Hall of Fame 2020, live on the WWE network. Media and invited guests only.
  11. WTAF! For all concerned, I'm glad he was just attempting a suplex and didn't have any weapons or anything. WWE will probably completely rethink future HoFs. Maybe a return to the stage setup next year.
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