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  1. Welcome to the new Deathmatch Interest threadAfter not having watched any wrestling (aside from the live shows I attend) in a couple of months; I decided to pick up IWA Deep South's most recent offering to get me back into the mood for the summer's deathmatch tournaments. A Tournament of Death review could follow when my DVDs arrive, if there is still any interest in discussing this dirty little sub genre.I'd like to keep the intentions and tone of this thread similar to the last one we had last year. Intelligent discussion, and the sharing of thoughts and reviews. Mud slinging and name calling is unnecessary. We all know this stuff is horrible, shit and that we are cunts for liking it, so please do not read on if you are likely to be upset offended by deathmatches. We're not trying to justify it, glorify it or convert anyone here.Here we go then...IWA Deep South Cage of Carnage 2013Ah yes, this looks like wholesome children's entertainment...On the 16th March 2013, IWA Deep South presented its Cage of Carnage show. I haven't really been keeping up with the promotion's happenings since last year's Carnage Cup event, so can't provide you with much of a back story. With that in mind, lets just crack straight on with the action from Sylacauga Alabama.Jake Manning vs Joe HoganManning came out doing his ever so slightly creepy
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