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Mick Foley's Last (Death)Match

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This might be noteworthy considering Mick's relationship with Conrad Thompson and how Ric Flair's last match went.

In one of the more extreme weight loss techniques I can think of, Mick Foley is getting in shape for one last match. In the hopes he will keep the weight off by sticking to the good habits required to get in ring shape. Sitting at 360 pounds to start with a target weight of 275. He's uploading some videos on his youtube detailing the journey.

I know when he was wrapping up his podcast he mentioned Jon Moxley or Matt Cardona as his preferred opponents. We've seen with Sting and Flair (still never watched it beyond the clips that did the rounds) that a tag dynamic to hide things might be a better bet for spectator interest.

Wish him the best and he gets what he desires out of the experience.


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It's like a new Rolling Stones or AC/DC album. It's just an excuse to tour the hits again, or in this case bring out part ten of his autobiography which covers the build up to the match in maddeningly intricate, touchy detail. 

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What’s it realistically going to be from Foley (hopefully)?


Swing a few chairs.

Tease some big bumps.

Swing a trash can.

Spend most of the time on the apron.

Get pinned by Matt Cardona.

Emotional 15 mins on mic.

Family in the ring. 

Three hours signing $50 8x10 at the merch tables  


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Maybe we need to go back to the days when wrestlers had to pass a physical from a state doctor. 

It'd be one thing if it was Foley dishing out the violence on somebody else but you just know he's going to take some unprotected chair shots to the head or a bump on the concrete or something. 

Wonder if Tony Khan might be interested in bringing Foley in. 

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If he just worked a match that was of a hardcore style and the other guy was taking the bumps, fine. It could work.

But the problem is it's Foley. He made his name taking incredibly dangerous bumps. He should be dead by now. So he's going to explore every way he can do that without dying here. He's a fucking idiot and only a total ghoul would watch this.

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