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On-topic Poster of the Year
A close one, but @Supremotakes this one with 32% of the votes: “he watches wrestling so we don’t have to”

MMA Poster of the Year
@wandshogun09just about nicks this one with 86% of the vote.


Off-topic Poster of the Year
What a contest this one was! @SuperBaconhas done something Harry Kane hasn’t and wins the big one.

Funniest Poster
@IANdrewDiceClaytakes this one – it’s all about quality, not quantity with our Ian.

Thread of the Year
Chippy Tea is dead, long live UKFF Memes. One of the top threads in forum history rightfully takes this with 36% of the votes.

Post of the Year
I mean, come on. Was it ever in doubt? @Fatty Facesitter incredible UKFF Meme video wins it with a whopping 84%.

Good Augene
Some people are just born lovely, and that’s true of our @Monkeewho takes this with 23%.

Best ongoing UKFF gag
Two Months at McColls wins this, which basically consisted of Two Months at McColls winning this award.

Unsung Poster of the Year
@SuperBaconscoops his second award of the year! Entirely deserved for one our very best.


Failed Comedian
@Keith Houchen’s reputation gets damaged by winning this back-to-back, with 59%.

Worst Thread of the Year
Tony Khan is a Twat and so’s his thread. 66%.

White Noise
Ralphy and Keith share the spoils with 35% each.

Dolt of the Year
Ralphy is this year’s winner with 37%.

Most Tired UKFF gag
Tony Sniff wins this by more than a nose – 61%.

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2022 double >>> 1961 double. 

Blimey. That's very lovely, thanks to you all.


I genuinely love this place, have been on here pretty much daily for the last 10 years and communicate with most of you more than I do my friends and family. 

There was some really amazing posters in those categories, all whose posts I really enjoy, so I'm very happy. I hope some of what I post, whether it be the terrible films I watch and their worse reviews, or the hip hop thread ramblings or probably ranting about how dreadful Spurs are, entertains in some way.

This is an incredibly unique part of the Internet that does really feel like a community/family almost and I love each and every one of you. I hope your 2023s are all belters, and you've made me very happy. I am pretty sure that I have been nominated for quite a few 'negative' awards before (2020 was rough wasn't it lads?) so just goes to show, bad times don't last, but bad rashers do.

And YES, I will stick them in the trophy cabinet thanks!!! (this took mere minutes, and I feel it shows)


Well done to all the winners, all well deserved.  Much love x

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10 hours ago, Mr_Danger said:

@SuperBacononly goes and wins the IC title and the big one on the same night!

Rowdy Rasher achieves what Rowdy Roddy could not at the Rumble 92! (Yes, I know... any excuse).

This is, somehow, in some obtuse way, not fair to Flair.

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I had absolutely no fucking idea about the reference and the fact it was related to Two Sheds, and the fact it’s literally shop I will have visited multiple times in my youth on trips to the coast in Costa del Cromer.

I’m in Norfolk visiting my brother as I speak - if I get time tomorrow I’ll take a trip to the premises and see what remains. 

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On 1/26/2023 at 1:16 PM, SuperBacon said:

And YES, I will stick them in the trophy cabinet thanks!!! (this took mere minutes, and I feel it shows)


No Audi Cup? Poor show.

Joking aside, very well deserved Bacon. Your posts are frequently a highlight on here and it's great to see that being recognised. 

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