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Forum issue? Getting logged into other peoples accounts at random


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3 hours ago, Frankie Crisp said:


But a comment by @ReturnOfTheMackin Paid made me want to clarify that anyone who ever sent me their name and address for Secret Santa, your details were always immediately deleted once I logged them into an encrypted file offline (which in turn was deleted once all gifts had been confirmed as received). It's been that long since I did Secret Santa it didn't occur to put minds at rest, but your details were deleted within a few minutes of receiving them (both on here and the SS email account).

But not a comment about me calling myself boring, you heartless bastard! 😆 

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3 hours ago, Chris B said:

I mean more generally. Just curious how you figured out what happened and how it got solved - I'm guessing, if similar effects have happened on other forums, that made it easier to solve.

It's a known problem. I was speaking with a friend about it a few hours ago and he hit the nail on the head before I'd even seen Moo's reponses:


This sounds like the other site is using a CDN that is actually caching the base pages.  

With a CDN...  if the caching rules are not setup correctly...  if I come to the site and visit a page logged in as me, it stores that page...  INCLUDING all the content that I see on the page.  The next person that comes along that connects to the same CDN server gets served the same page instead of going back to the origin. 

This is why if you do use a CDN, you must either not cache base pages OR configure it to ignore cache for logged in users.  🙂


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