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Mes que un Thread (22-23 Domestic Football, unless domestic is Scotland)


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Watch Pisspot's substitutions today and how we instantly got much worse after all of them if you want to see a prime masterclass in mismanagement. We barely look a threat with three attackers, ending the game with one against a Sean Dyche team is pathetic. Mudryk looked good last weekend, what was his reward? Sitting on the bench today because Potter's emotional intelligence said he has to try and keep Pulisic happy too. Maybe next week it'll be Ziyech's turn again? Although I should just be thankful that he's not the first name on the team sheet like he was immediately after his loan move to PSG (hilariously) fell apart solely because Potter was scared of him staying angry at him. "You can't say I'm not fair!", fuck off to an office or something.

Enzo is clearly A1 even amongst this mess. Don't give a shit about the fee, he's going to be one of the best midfielders over the next decade. His long passing game is incredible. So happy we somehow got it done. Being mid-table seems to be a good omen for us getting midfielders, Kante came after we'd just finished 10th!

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On 3/18/2023 at 6:49 PM, SuperBacon said:

Fuck off Spurs.

It's taken me a day and a half to reduce my anger to a mere simmer. It's past a joke how often "Premier League team surrenders two goal lead" turns out to be us. I wish there was any easy way to check the numbers since, say, the Premier League began, as to how often our shower were two goals up (or more) and then failed to win, because I bet we've done it considerably more times than anyone else. I'm sick of it. Gutless twats.

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