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Summerslam is tonight!


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Austin Theory is like the mini version of Corbin. He’s not bad, but he’s bang average in every way and has absolutely nothing about him. There’s no charm, nothing particularly entertaining, there’s no desire to see him lose and there’s no fun to be had seeing the babyfaces beat him up. He’s just there. Then, now, forever. He and Corbin are the walking examples of where WWE lost their way at some point in the last decade and thought, “ah, fuck off,” heat was something to push for.

It was a solid event, with some good matches and a fun, daft main event (I’m always a sucker for when they mess with the ring!), but people talking as if there’s been a huge pivot in quality or that the future looks bright are way off the mark. We’re still very much grading on a curve. Commentators being allowed to say, “fans,” and Michael Cole no longer sounding like a prisoner of war are baby steps. The much broader issues, like their inability to create proper babyfaces and heels, or write interesting stories worth tuning in for, very much remain. Who could possibly cheer for either Liv Morgan or Riddle after last night? Pair of complete whoppers. And why is Logan Paul - as talented as he is - still being miscast as a babyface? I’m not cheering the cunt, no matter how athletic he is. 

And then on the heel side it was borderline tragic to watch Corbin suck the life out of the Pat McAfee act and make him feel less special than ever before. I’ve also never seen an act more destined to fail than the Judgment Day. Just pull the plug already. Burn Finn’s crap new tights. Awful look.

So yeah, promising as it might be, Triple H still has a long way to go and I still believe the culture of everyone in that company being a horrible, backstabbing twat is what makes it so difficult for them to script both good guys and bad guys. It’s like they can’t even grasp the concept because they’re such a shower of horrible dickheads themselves.

This needs to be discussed though. Sexiest thing I’ve ever seen. The fucking wink! Smooth bastard.


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I watched the main event. First WWE match I've watched since that terrible Reigns/Owens match at the Rumble a few years back. Can't say I enjoyed it much.

To me the main hurdle is Michael Cole. People can say he was better this show and maybe he was but I just associate his voice with bad, boring wrestling TV. If I hear him talking I just assume I'm watching something shit. Graves is also just fucking bad, spouting out weird sentences that human beings don't say like "these malicious maneuvers being delivered with dark intentions by the most decorated athlete in combat sports - Brock Lesnar!"...what is he going on about? Have Graves and Matt Stryker ever worked together? They seem like a perfect shit fit. Also both spotted several times reading off the script on camera...great.

Speaking of cameras, multiple big spots missed here. Problem of doing non stop cuts is it's easy to miss stuff.

Roman Reigns theme music is unbelievably terrible. He looks the business though. I forgot about the cocking the arm bit of the Superman punch. It's awful.

As for the match outside of the admittedly fun ring I felt like I had already seen this match dozens of times before. And I've only watched two WWE matches in the past 3 years so I don't know how anyone else doesn't feel like this. Ran through all the same old "epic" main event spots they've been doing for over a decade now. I actually laughed at the money in the bank moment because I couldn't believe they are still doing this gimmick and in the same way.

So that was that and I'm probably done with WWE for the next few years. Hope it gets better though with the new administration. 

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What a year Jarrett is having.  New job as a Senior VP at WWE (on paper one of the most senior jobs), reffing at Summerslam and looking in great shape in the ring in Flair’s last match.

 I’d love to see him wrestle again in WWE, in one of those authority angles they seem to love.

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4 hours ago, WyattSheepMask said:

I would too, purely because it would mean that Effy is never getting their win back

Jarrett probably just wanted that Hammerstein payday and told Effy what he wanted to hear. It’s what I would do.

C’mon, why would Jarrett need to lay down for f’n Effy… Have some standards.

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Did Becky suffer a popped shoulder at SummerSlam?

Liked the opener. Felt it had a good veteran leading the inexperienced star vibe to it. Enjoyed the after match stuff too. Dakota Kai is smoking! Did they really let her go?

Miz is very good in these type of situations and helped Paul along. 

Rhea Ripley is an incredible menacing presence. With any luck. An in ring return is not too far away. Damian Priest looked good too. I liked the spectacle of Edges’ return. Couldn’t care less about Edge though.

Theory is fun. His rolling stuff impressed me. Not sure it fits the heel persona.

the show went a little flat with the tag and Rousey match. 

The main event was loads of fun.

Really enjoyed the event/show.

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1 hour ago, WyattSheepMask said:

Still better than Becky’s moody face, or her “what do I have to do to win?” tremble 

Regardless of execution, I think that at least she's attempting to portray the correct emotion. She just got beat, and here comes someone unexpectedly that either might attack her or otherwise be a threat to her position at near the top of the chasing pack. Belair looks like a fan the night after WrestleMania popping that her favourites from NXT got called up, and it's getting out of hand how often this happens. Wrestlers should react to this kind of stuff like competitors would when potential enemies/rivals appear, not act like fans enjoying the "surprise."

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