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  1. Goldberg is still a massive star. I just can’t comprehend him losing AGAIN. I’m afraid we are going to see a finish similar like this next week: Goldberg ‘wins’ by DQ Fiend retains Goldberg gets his shit in Fiends gets the last laugh with the Mandible
  2. I wonder if those internships also have a disclaimer related to ‘fucked up knees’, ‘bad backs’,‘concussions’, ‘elbow chips’, ‘bulging discs’, ‘hernia’s’, ‘torn ligaments’, broken hands etc. My internships were all paid btw. It wasn’t much, but at least something to get me by in life.... Atleast you have insurance as an intern at Subway or whatever when something drops on your head....
  3. Imagine opening your own Subway, McDonalds or simple Burger Shack and paying everyone in ‘handshakes’, ‘opportunities’ and ‘Hotdogs’. Thank God for Kevin Nash:
  4. My theory: Adam Cole’ 2020 goal was to become the longest reigning NXT Champion of all time. This maps to March 20th, 2020. Just before Tampa Bay. Finn Balor is currently the longest reigning NXT champion. I’m booking Adam Cole vs Finn Balor for the belt on NXT Wednesday March 18th for all the bragging rights. Adam Cole will then retain thanks to Johnny Gargano getting revenge on Finn Balor. Cole completes his goal, can now drop it at Tampa Bay and go up the main roster. So we get Balor vs Gargano 2 at Tampa Bay plus Cole vs Ciampa 2. Ciampa finally gets Goldy plus an Undisputed Era ‘curtain call’ at the end of the show as their NXT time is done. In short: Adam Cole retains tonight. Gargano will be temporary written off TV again tonight. Balor wins. I’m also calling for Bianca Belair with a massive upset ’w’ thanks to Charlotte so they can go to a Triple Threat at Mania. Bianca is currently at 1 to 8. That’s like getting another chance at Tesla before last years stock rise. Fun stuff to think about. So many options. Edit: Bianca’s odds have now halved.
  5. I don’t really see the issue with still making money with ‘Sting vs Taker’. Just book a 6-Man like Sting/Ricochet/Ali vs Taker/Kane/Aleister Black
  6. The only thing that frightens me about a Drew McIntyre run is the fact that Jinder Mahal still needs to return and probably would be a logical fit for one of his feuds. WWE Championship: Drew McIntyre (c) vs Jinder Mahal The horror.
  7. Reigns vs Corbin to end in a non-finish. Reigns to be dumped in some kind of truck and driven far away from the Rumble. To miraculously return to the arena and limp to the ring at nr. 27 and go all SuperCena on Corbin, Ziggler and Roode. Baszler is winning the Women’s. She beats Charlotte Flair who started at 1.
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