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  1. Good point. Wouldn’t mind at all. All jokes aside; RPW is a wonderful promotion. I enjoy it a lot. Even travelled to York Hall to see a show. Saw lots of great shows on demand. I was live in the crowd at MSG and saw Andy Quildrin sitting ringside to present the British Heavyweight Title. He deserves to be proud. Andy Quildrin is doing an amazing job. RPW is awesome. We all mess up from time to time. Shit happens. Josh Bodom good riddance. All forgiven. Hope the ref recovers and returns to RPW soon.
  2. Like I said: Josh Bodom vs Rampage Brown is like printing money now. I will travel all the way from Europe to see it.
  3. I hope Andy Quildrin realizes that this is a massive opportunity again for his company. Just like with the Vader/Ospreay shitstorm; controversy creates cash. @ Andy Quildrin; Play with the cards you have been dealt: This is the time to book: ‘Respect Match’ Josh Bodom vs Rampage Brown (w/the ref in his corner.) No need to fire Josh Bodom. He’s your biggest draw now. We all want to see him get beat up now. Make it happen!
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