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  1. I saw it pop up on Twitter under Wweleaks. Don't know how to embed a tweet here. Apologies if I spoiled something.....Must be an error. Disclaimer: Don 't bet on pre-determined pro wrestling.
  2. Plus 1000 if he does NOT win apparently. Doesn't make sense to me.
  3. Why are the bookies implying Gronkowski wins the Universal Title at Mania?
  4. Part 2 of Benoit was very strong. CTE plus 10 times the amount of testosteron as a normal human. Text messages from Nancy referring to his roid abuse and the fact that he passed all wellness tests.....mind boggling. WWE not calling his son David...Terrible. David should have sued them. They should have caught Benoit and got him help. JR is a piece of shit. I sold all my WWE stock yesterday after Vince decided to tank it. I’m not ever buying in anymore.
  5. Moxley vs Swagger for the World Title Matt Hardy vs Jericho ‘WCW mistakes’ are slipping in.
  6. GHB and steroids are like a great match right in order to produce more testosterone. It also gets you high and fucks up up your heart in the long run. Thanks for the info. It’s the missing piece of the puzzle that got carefully narrated away from the story in the documentary. Euphoria it gives you. Getting off it could cause massive psychosis, depression and anxiety. Chris Adams was known for being a GHB addict right? And I believe he also killed his wife? I think we need a ‘Pro Wrestling - GHB’ documentary....
  7. I loved Eddie and Benoit, but don’t come to me with the bullshit that Eddie simply died of a ‘heart disease’ at 38. Plus it looks like Benoit had some kind of a Psychosis. They were jacked at the end. What kind of stuff were these guys taking? Jericho signals ‘Heavy drinking and drugs’. What drugs? It’s never mentioned again. In short: We barely learn anything new. Jericho, Chavo and Malenko know more than they let us on to. It’s a very, deliberate, controlled narrative.
  8. I believe if ‘it can be leaked, it will be leaked’. Wouldn’t surprise me also if results are online soon. I don’t think most leaks for the bookies/ dirt sheets come from only people ‘inside’. For example: - The new champs probably get new side plates. These could be ordered in advance. These are made by third parties. If they suddenly got a huge order to produce 5000 Drew McIntyre side plates, this could mean something... Why would they get an order for Lacey Evans sideplates? - Why would Ronda Rousey suddenly order new gear? Her gear designer might tell her sister, who tells her husband. He tells his buddies. Fast enough you have a Corona domino effect. And you suddenly see betting odds shift and rumors coming up for a Rousey return... - Etc. Or I might have seen to much Hollywood movies.
  9. Never noticed those betting adds on those so called wrestling news sites / dirt sheets? Affiliate tracking links everywhere. They get a cut of the pie. There is a lot of smart money involved in publishing so called leaks and rumors and then directing you to the ‘latest betting odds. Perfect example is: https://wrestlingnews.co/wwe-news/wwe-royal-rumble-winner-spoiled-by-huge-shift-in-betting-odds/amp/
  10. They have a ton of content. Just air previous PPV matches for free on TV the next few weeks. Send the wrestlers home to their families. The stock price is already murdered.
  11. Performance Center actually looks fine on TV. It’s a great contingency plan.
  12. That’s awful. Your ‘worst case scenario’ should always be to ‘break even’ and simply waste your time and effort, not your money. And always timely hedge your bets when shit goes south. He should have put somekind of a MAC-clause in the contract that protects you when there is a drastic change in the economy. Leveraging your house unsecured is basically Russian roulette. Let’s hope for everyones sake Vince finds a way to give Mania the green light.
  13. I’m watching Trumps speech now. He might ban the UK also now... Buckle your seat belts.
  14. Not sure. Residents of the UK are exempted is what I’ve read. So it sounds to me that everyone else in Europe is just screwed out of their money.
  15. I think it’s time for you guys to think about Plan B. I can’t imagine them not canceling it after WHO now declared it an official pandemic. Mass hysteria.
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