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  1. I think I have the same diet as Bronson Rood. Ben & Jerrys for breakfast.
  2. That Cena vs Edge doc was a fun watch. Couldn’t stand to watch any of their matches though back in the day.
  3. Miro looked incredibly awful you mean while dropping people on their heads. That was a 2003 Scott Steiner debut match.
  4. Indy Wrestling is pretty much dead in the water. I don’t think ‘David Starr’ and those other guys have wrestling on their resume these days. Nobody sane is going to hire him after googling’David Starr’ in a pandemic. These guys pretty much ruined themselves.
  5. Hardy nearly dies in a match he is supposed to win. Could have ended handicapped with a broken skull / back whatever... Ref gives the X sign and Sammy yells at her to start a 10 count. So she starts a 10 count, basically forcing Hardy to stand up. Stop being marks for that oldskool ‘hardman’ wrestling bullshit. ‘The show must go on’ BS. Call it a no contest, get the camera off and call the fucking ambulance.
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