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  1. Danny Havoc was featured in a great piece by Vice. YouTube search ‘The Wrestlers Vice’ and you might find it. R.I.P. Danny Havoc
  2. Meltzer interviews Martha Hart about the Vice Show (from yesterday)
  3. LWOLeN

    Replica Belts

    Actually sold a ‘Big Gold’ kids replica last year for 175. It was the first ever replica ever made by FigureToy Inc I believe with Hogan on it. 1996-ish. Huge profit, but big regrets ever since. About 3 years ago I put my WWF Attitude Era WWF logo belt online and a WWF Undisputed Championship replica with Undertaker on it. Lots of reactions because these had the Original scratched WWF logo. Made a 400 profit on them, but once again big regrets ever since. If you are going to buy Replica Belts, try to get the ones with the original WWF logo’s as those are little goldmines.
  4. FYI, There is an online petition to get Shad a WWE HOF Warrior Award: https://www.change.org/p/wwe-petition-to-have-shad-gaspard-receive-the-warrior-award-during-the-wwe-hof-ceremony?source_location=topic_page
  5. Black Panther, Birds of Prey, God of War, Batman, Lucifer etc. See his IMDB: https://m.imdb.com/name/nm2414411/filmotype?ref_=m_nm_flmg
  6. Also found this for you: Martha Hart on Jericho's podcast https://omny.fm/shows/talk-is-jericho/owen-martha-hart-to-hart Martha said, “He tried for a long time to get out of the business and he applied to the fire department every year for years and at that time, it was really hard to get on the fire department.”
  7. Bret Hart issued the below statement via his official Facebook page regarding his brother Owen’s absence from the WWE Hall of Fame and his side of the story when it comes to his differences with Owen’s wife Martha. This past week, I have received multiple requests for comment regarding my recent interview on a podcast and the rebuttal made by Dr. Martha Hart. First of all, I want to express my disappointment in both the Calgary Sun and Calgary Herald for running a gossip-style article and making it front page news when there are more pressing issues in the world to highlight. You are better than that. I listened back to the interview in question and I specifically want to address Martha’s comments about my words being “cruel, reckless, irresponsible, and hurtful”. Stampede Wrestling was an institution in the city of Calgary. Wrestling was our family business. My brothers and I either wrestled for my father Stu or worked behind the scenes. Fans packed the Victoria Pavilion every Friday night for decades. Martha has seemed to have forgotten that she attended those same shows before she met Owen. She was, by definition, a wrestling fan. That same group Martha appears to look down upon and ignore. Earlier this year, Mark Henry took time during his WWE Hall of Fame induction to specifically address Martha. With tears in his eyes, Henry pleaded with her to allow Owen to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. My nieces and nephews were in the audience with tears in their eyes as he expressed how much he deserved to be there with his peers. Fans have told me they had tears in their eyes when they watched the moment on television. Those same fans Martha sat side-by-side with at Stampede Wrestling and WWE events. Those same fans that donate to the Owen Hart Foundation and helped make it what it is today because they remember the joy he brought to their lives and not by how he died. Those royalty checks she receives from the company she says she doesn’t want any part of? Those are also from those same fans. To her, their tears do not matter. To me, that is cruel and hurtful. It is true that Martha and I were close at one time. I was right by her side after Owen’s death until she received her settlement from WWE and proclaimed me a “pest”. Martha later declared herself and her children Harts in name only, called us all “black sheep”, and ceased contact with the rest of the Hart family. She further isolated from us when we all came together in 2010 to honour our father Stu being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame and participated in a DVD that celebrated our family (Hart & Soul). Owen’s children do not have a relationship with his brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews, and cousins. One of my nieces, in fact, named her son Owen after him. I do not know Oje and I wouldn’t know Athena if she walked passed me on the street. Owen’s children only know of their father’s family by what is told by their mother, whatever that may be, painting us all with one broad brush. To block Owen’s children from knowing their father’s family, to me, is cruel, reckless, and irresponsible. Owen’s tragic accident almost 20 years ago changed our family forever. Martha lost her soulmate and her children lost their father. You have to remember, however, that I also lost my brother. My children lost their uncle. My grandchildren will only know him through pictures and stories. His peers lost a close friend who filled them with endless laughter through long periods on the road. The fans lost someone that they lovingly connected to. Martha is not alone in her loss and grief. The Owen Hart Foundation is a wonderful charity that has raised millions of dollars and has helped many people in its 19 year history. I am not disputing or denying that whatsoever. I disagree, however, that it should be the sole outlet to remember Owen by. This is not just about Owen being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. This is about his wrestling career, his wrestling legacy, his contribution to the business that he loved and honouring that contribution. Owen Hart was a world-renowned professional wrester, and a damn good one. He was part of the foundation that our family name was built on not just in the city of Calgary but all over the world. For Martha to want to rewrite history, to refuse to acknowledge or recognize his great wrestling career, to brush off what he, myself, and my father did as “that fake stuff” is wrong. Owen Hart was a wrestler. The next generation deserve to know how great he truly was.
  8. Brets view on Owen Hart/WWE at 07:54: ’Owen would turn in his grave if he knew how much trouble Martha has gone through to erase his career’
  9. Duistere kant van de ring. I get it now. Won’t rewatch it ever.
  10. I would have liked 10 minutes dedicated to this type of stuff to leave on a more happier note.
  11. Didn’t dislike it because of the family. Felt extra terrible for them because wrestling is the devil to them now. I don’t blame them for it. I would have hoped for his kids to be able to watch his matches and still feel proud. Again, I don’t blame them for not being able to. Disliked the episode because of the scope the producers chose. You can’t cram the life and death of Owen Hart in 45 minutes. The Owen Hart Foundation did a lot of good after his death. Would have learned more about it. Hope this clears it more up.
  12. Apologies for sounding awful. English is not my first language. Bad wording on my behalf.
  13. Like I said. Didn’t enjoy the episode. Wanted to see more of the Owen Hart foundation, his amazing matches and leave on a happier note. Owen Hart is a tremendous wrestler. I feel bad for his wife and kids. Would have hoped for them that they could be more proud of Owen Hart the pro wrestler, his amazing talent and mentally separate this from the accident. Can’t blame them though.
  14. Little celebration or admiration for his wrestling legacy by his wife or kids. His daughter basically sees wrestling as the devil. Martha is a doctor and Oje is a human rights lawyer. Got the feeling they really look down upon their families pro wrestling legacy, even though they are Harts. Whole Hart family fell apart. In comparison: David Benoit is probably standing in his fathers tights right now as I type this and rewatching and enjoying WrestleMania with a big grin on his face.
  15. Poor Owen Hart and his family. Such tragedy. Martha Hart had to fight for justice and sometimes things can get nasty. Vince said he was responsible and made sure they were taken care of. I can respect that. If I ever die at work due to negligence, I doubt if my wife gets 18 million also. Hated the episode btw.
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