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  1. He could have kept quiet or denied.... He could have called her a liar... Instead he owns and acknowledges it. Proper statement by Marty Scurll.
  2. So he basically admitted to having sex with a child, but it’s not illegal because 16 is the age of consent? Yet she says she was drunk af. Wow. Wonder how long he still lasts in ROH. Guess we’ll never, ever see him in AEW/WWE/NXT now.
  3. In most parts of Europe and the rest of the world you are simply still considered a child at 16. I’m absolutely shocked to realize that 16 in the UK is what 18 is elsewhere. UK Wrestlers shagging kids. Marty ‘But it was Legal in the UK’ Scurll.
  4. Extremely disappointed in Sammy. He was the ‘shiny new toy’ of AEW. A big highlight every show. Massive potential. Forever tarnished. Now he’s one of those things you regret buying but too expensive to throw away...you just stuff it away and try to forget about it I guess.....
  5. This weekend has completely turned pro wrestling upside down. It proved that the promoters and wrestlers are the ‘actual’ marks in their fantasy universe and that we the fans are a lot smarter than we ever got credit for. I can enjoy good wrestling, but nobody has to indirectly get molested, abused and dropped on his head at age 14 to make a wrestling show possible for me. It seems that the most dangerous ‘hold’ in pro wrestling is not the illusion of a strangling move in the ring but the reality of all the abusive control and mind games exercised outside it. This weekend shows that wrestling’s most bloodiest and ‘realest’ brawls do not occur in the ring but in its locker rooms, training sessions, car rides and hotels where greed, abuse and betrayal is routinely practiced with no scripted outcome. Needles to produce charisma. Pills to reduce pain. An eventual OD, suicide or heartattack as a finish. Abuse and manipulation as just ‘paying your dues. I’m so disappointed in independent wrestling as I know how fun it could be when done right.
  6. If you don’t have have the funds and means to provide a safe working place, than you should not be in the wrestling business. It’s not rocket science.
  7. The person from Progress Wrestling who wrote that mail to the assaulted fan is another childish mark who lost track of the real world. Should be ashamed of himself and quit this business. ’Protecting his character’ Un fucking believable how completely lost these wrestlers and promoters seem to be in their pro wrestling ‘logical’ cinematic bullshit. Like they live in an alternative universe. Losers. One of your fans just got beat up by your talent. As real as it gets. Snap out of your fantasy life and take action. How can you condone. Wake the fuck up from your childish pro wrestling world.
  8. When I was working at a supermarket at 15 I was constantly getting paid less hours than I actually worked. I wasn’t the only one. So we summed up the troops and we contacted HR. Our manager was reprimanded by HR and he knew not to mess with his team ever again. So you can understand that most simply didn’t get a contract renewal 6 months later.... These tactics happen everywhere.....
  9. Punching your fans to sell your ‘tough guy persona’. I really hope that isn’t true. If it is, than Jimmy Havoc is the biggest joke on the planet. Ridiculous. Biggest loser ever. Completely lost himself in being a mark for himself. Wake up, ‘Jimmy Havoc’ does not really exist! You are in that ring to entertain the fans. They travelled hours and paid their hard earned money to see you wrestle. You should feel honored that they like you and want to shake your hand. Progress Wrestling should be ashamed for not acting on this directly and brushing it off as ‘he’s and independent contracter’. They really dropped the ball here.
  10. Truly feel this series is a masterpiece. We got insight in the mind of Mark Calaway . Just like all of us, he has internal struggles. What a career he had. It is time to go. There is nothing left to prove.
  11. - Unregulated - No pension - No health-care - No background checks - Often no wages - No drug testing - No Human Resources - No age limits apparently - No laws This weekend exposed pro wrestling's secret side, what happens outside the ring to young wrestlers. A secret underworld of deception, exploitation and greed disguised and downplayed as ‘paying your dues’. Built on a pyramid of secrets that includes abusive, mental control of its young performers and a long history of illegal business practices and corruption. These brave woman had no choice but expose pro wrestling's less visible but biggest con outside the ring; its hidden manipulation of young wrestlers with broken promises and broken bones and a backstage power of the pencil that writes scripts for wrestler stardom or extinction. This ‘business’ needs to be cleaned up and become safe for everyone involved. Power to everyone who dared to speak out!
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