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What feels like a crime, but isn't a crime?

Nick James

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This could be a flop of a thread, or provide some good responses.

Inspired by the below tweet, what regular things feel like a crime, but aren't a crime (or just make you feel guilty)? 

For me, when you walk into a shop, browse around then leave without buying anything. You automatically start looking guilty, as though you are overcompensating the fact that you haven't stolen anything and need to make people aware of such. 



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1 hour ago, Accident Prone said:

Anyone who heats up fish for lunch in the work canteen.

It's NOT a crime, but it should be. The fucking stench of last night's dinner wafting through the office should be punishable to the fullest extent of the law.

Maybe one for the shithouse thread, but I have fish 3 times a week at work for the sole reason that my manager hates the smell.


Sole wasn't a pun, don't ban me.

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40 minutes ago, Keith Houchen said:

Now imagine you’re black. 


Talking of things that aren't a crime but feel like a crime...

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