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Which Left feels Right?

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Kool Keith suggested starting a thread to talk all things Left Wing. So where do you stand? Socialist? Communist? Bon Jovi? 

I have over the years become more and more staunch far left, this place had a lot to do with it alongside my own personal feelings. I would class myself as a socialist (Corbyn is my boy yo)

Let's talk Left Wing and how great it is. 

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It’s “Kool Keith”

I’ve no idea what I’d be classed as because there is so much theory to read! From what I gather, I might be anarcho-communist because I want a borderless, classless, and cashless society but I’m fucked if I know. 
Essentially the world of Star Trek - The Next Generation. That’s me. 

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Cashless would lend itself to anarchist mindset yeah, sadly people read anarchy and instantly think of rebellion and violence. Classless falls into a few schools of thought if I am not mistaken. I think classless would make a much kinder world. 


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Political tests always seem to put me under Libertarian Left. 

In general though I don't really bother with applying a political identity to myself.

I'm definitely further left than I was 15-20 years ago though. Probably really started shifting around Afghanistan after hearing an old friend cheer on the invasion. 

Or maybe I've always been pretty far to the left and just didn't realise it.

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I'm far too apathetic to care what my label is. Whatever it is I know it's something this country will ever be, and that neither party that has any hope of being elected in this country represents me, and none of that is likely to change in my lifetime.

Makes things nice and easy because I don't have to bother having a consistent and well-considered philosophy.

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1 hour ago, PowerButchi said:

Dirtbag Left.


1 hour ago, Merzbow said:



41 minutes ago, Devon Malcolm said:



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It's all a bit Judean People's Front/People's Front Of Judea in here. 

I don't know my label, I can tell you what I believe. 

Re-nationalise the railways, The Royal Mail, The Water Companies, British Gas, and The Electric Companies

A massive crackdown on corporate tax avoidance and evasion. You earn the money here you pay your tax here. No more of this registered in the Cayman Islands for tax purposes. 

Get rid of the Royal family. Elect a ceremonial head of state to take their place. 

Get rid of the House Of Lords. Have a unicameral parliament. 

Rejoin the EU. 

Scrap university tuition fees. 

That is just off the top of my head. 

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