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It's today then! (Biden thread)


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I can't be having the new President talked about in the Trump thread.

Wonderful speech by Biden at the Inauguration. Just nice to hear a Presidential speech that makes sense. "Make America ... once again a leading force for good in the world" was an excellent touch.

Bring on the Springsteen appearance, and hopefully a better four years in this thread than in the other one.

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Yeah, I'm willing to be suckered by that speech for now. I need something on the world stage to feel good about. You can't say it was the usual case of a newly elected official saying all the right things either, because roughly half the country will take it as an attack regardless. 

I'm convinced the MAGA mindset is to just roleplay America Hero at all costs, and that requires conflict. Be it real or simulated. 

It was - frankly - brilliant hearing the American president openly denounce white supremacy and false facts. The olive branch to those who voted against him is at once sincere and also brilliant potential trolling should those it's directed to take it that way. I hope it continues for however long he stays in office. 

It's almost like America's version  of "I want the old Stone Cold!"

You know they're going to continue to be a complete bastard, but it's the devil you know. 

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2 minutes ago, TomJones233 said:

How long until people realise that Biden is just as much of a out of touch and old fart like Trump was? When he starts WW3?


God yes I really hate how out of touch Trump was. Never mentioned Billie Eilish once. Totally his worst characteristic.

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19 minutes ago, TomJones233 said:

Nah he's not, but an ape is less mental than Trump. Its not a high bar. Anyway, can we get someone who isn't 100 years old as the president?

Most of us can't because we live in the UK. Perhaps @Sonny Mustang can though. I'm right in thinking that Sonny may have mentioned they are a Floridian. Only if they put voting booths in AEW shows though. 

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