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Youtube Thread 2000


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On 2/7/2023 at 7:26 PM, JNLister said:

Just noticed that while WWE's YouTube puts up a three-minute clip of each match/segment from its TV shows, BT Sport's YouTube usually has the main talking segment/angle in full.

it is the same on the BT Sport Facebook page as well as I watched that amazing segment between Cody and the evil genius Paul Hayman on there from raw this week.

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This popped up on my YouTube feed today. In isolation, not the best ever Stone Cold segment, but one that reminds me of good times - 

I'd already got tickets and flights sorted for this Wrestlemania off the back of The Rock's return, and I'd been watching all the Raws late at night ever since, checking out all the build up to see what announcements there would be. Austin staring at - then signing - the contract here made me lose my shit because it meant he would be there as well. Magic. 

That Wrestlemania wasn't an all-time classic from an in-ring standpoint, but it was an incredible trip and an incredible experience. 

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On 3/8/2023 at 2:31 PM, Browser Brady said:

What are amongst the better Youtube channels for wrestling Documentaries ?


I like the WrestlingBios channel but find them a bit lacking on action video footage, which is understandable.


As posted previously, the Kim Justice wrestling documentary channel is great for Japanese stuff.


Any other good ones ?

BahuFMW if you want in depth FMW and W*ING etc. He's a great follow on Twitter and Instagram, too.

Unrelated but I'm so glad someone uploaded this, Rossy and Hulkster being pretty fucking cringe. There's some weird video cuts/edits that are just like an nwo vignette.


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Wasn't sure whether to post here of on the Impact thread but this is a nice little documentary on Gisele Shaw and how she got into wrestling as well as some of the struggles she's faced being trans. Nicely put together.

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29 minutes ago, Snitsky's back acne said:

El Gigante/Giant Gonzalez v Great Muta.
Never knew this match happened.


Lovely stuff. Great watching Muta build the entire match out of the mist, then visibly breaking character when Gonzales couldn't even lie down in the right place for the moonsault.

Obviously I've never had to live at the size of Gonzales or Andre, but the way Gonzales moves here fascinates me. He moves like a lumbering idiot, but without working that into any kind of gimmick or coordination. He doesn't seem to know where he is, or to make even a whip off the ropes look legit. Would he have been trained like this, was standing up that much of an effort at that size that moving was a strain, or was he genuinely not intelligent?

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