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Hours before the AEW Games' first presentation fans discovered a new website, aewgames.com, was active and confirmed several aspects of All Elite Wrestling's plans with video games moving forward. The site, which has since been locked off via a password, confirms three games are on the way — an untitled console game developed by Yuke's Co., a game titled AEW Elite General Manager and AEW Casino: Double or Nothing.

So Yukes are back after their year away from WWE and are making the new AEW game, I'm not sure how I feel just yet as I'd long tired of the copy and paste WWE games they were putting out but I'd imagine they'd be creating a new engine at least.

The manager game has my most interest, curious to see who they've got for that one.

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Yukes were partially involved with the Aki WWE games on N64 as well, in as much as they had their logo on the front screens. I don't know how much involvement they had though.

One thing that has been said by Yukes themselves for a year or so before they jumped from WWE was that they were tired of the nature of developing the WWE games. They had already started development of a wrestling IP with a different focus and philosophy to the 2K games. It looks like this was obviously the AEW game.

I'd not be surprised to find out that the console game is further on than they've let on.

I've heard rumours that Khan had Adam Ryland on board for the management game. That is just internet scuttlebutt though so apply as much salt as you like!

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The Console game looks as you expect a wrestling game too, though a tad more  cartoony then the WWE games of late. But I’m still excited. Mobile game looks fun. And I love that the presentation is a fun piss take of the Apple events.

Cody with glasses looks like blonde Ted Danson.

ooooo they got the director of No Mercy back on board!



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This looks like exactly what I wanted. I enjoyed playing Fire Pro Wrestling recently, and I loved No Mercy even though I had the version that crapped out with the saved games. I've not played a WWE game in 10 years, so this sounds like it'll suit me. The General Manager phone game looks nice and simple too.

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