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Just been in the smaller of the two Tesco in Lincoln. Things were pretty much in stock apart from loo roll and pet food. Did see one guy at the till getting told by the checkout girl that he couldn't

I'll eventually work through all the messages but I'm safe. Thanks folks. I'm still an absolute mess but safe all the same. 

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1 hour ago, WyattSheepMask said:

They’re saying that these new measures could be in place for 6 months, and the public have  no-one to blame but themselves.

They don't have to blame themselves, the government are doing it already.

Are we in a fucking mess because there's not adequate testing?  No, it's because the British love to be free!  Genuinely surprised he didn't paint his face and go full Mel Gibson.  "You can kill my nan, but you'll never take my freedom!"


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As many have said, how conflicted are the freedom folk going to be with poppy masks? I can forgive people for voting for Johnson and his crowd of slime if they realise they made a mistake but there are plenty who would vote for them again if there was another election next month. The stupid fucking cunts. 

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It feels like they've just kicked the harder decisions down the road because they're too scared to make them now. 

Did have an interesting meeting today where 5 senior managers working from home took pains to explain that everyone else still has to go to work as we're a frontine service. 

Then again about 2 weeks ago they were planning on brining back groups to increase visitor numbers because no one could have possibly predicted the numbers would go back up.

Its also interesting the amount of customers who seem to develop asthma over night. Literally one day they wear a mask and then the next they're exempt. 

This country's thick as shit. 

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3 hours ago, Hugh Thesz said:

I have been drinking the last few nights so maybe my perspective is off but is anyone else now a bit frightened?

Not so much fear, but dismay and/or dispair.

We have a big picture of Blackpool in our bathroom, and with young Digby loving the tram museum he's seen loads of footage of Blackpool either there or on YouTube. He wants to go, I want to go, but we can't, and when we finally can, just how different is it going to be?

The company that's taken us over are still being horrifically uncommunicative over their plans for us, and I can't shake the feeling that their plans don't actually include us. Redundancy and unemployment is grim at the best of times, but the thought of trying to find a new job in this climate fills me with dread.

It's everything, basically. New normal, life changing, unprecedented times, bollocks.  With all this, and America tearing itself apart (and it's also on fire, which seems to be getting overlooked), it's like the end of civilization is coming, and in a far shitter way than we ever imagined. 

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4 minutes ago, JNLister said:

I *think* the Star might be against the government.


I generally find people that read the Star to be thick as mince yobs. With this tact, and the noise on Twitter, do you think this could start actual riots?

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