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All Things Horror Thread


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9 minutes ago, David said:

Any fans of classic Italian horror in the house? I watch Demons and Demons 2 at least once a year I think. Bobby Rhodes being in both movies despite being killed in the first is tremendous.

Bobby used to pop into the IMDb threads for those films and answer questions from fans, seems like a lovely bloke.

On Italian horror, Michele Soavi's Stage Fright: Aquarius and The Church are both fantastic.

Not an Italian horror, but I'm watching John Carpenter's under-appreciated masterpiece Prince of Darkness tonight.

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Demons is tremendous, especially the bonkers final act. Haven't seen the sequel since the 90's (though I have it sitting about on Blu-ray) but I remember enjoying it despite it being a bit of step backwards imo, the TV scene in particular terrified me.

Noticed a remake of Rabid in ASDA's today. Anyone seen it?

Actually have quite a few Italian (and other) horror movies that I need to get through. I have a terrible habit of buying Blu-ray's and never watching them.

Did Prince of Darkness get a 4K release? Sure I read that somewhere. Really need to check it out one day.

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Love Horror and cult cinema. Infact I've just had my first viewing of Don't Torture a Duckling.

Every October I watch and review a slasher film from my Blu-ray collection. I have my friends pick them on my Facebook and post the mini reviews. I include Giallo, proto-slashers and tangential slashers that I can see a clear connection to. I call it SLASHTOBER and it's taken on abit of a life of its own as I have mates now that do it to and even my Mum has talked about it in passing unprompted and she wouldn't watch any of this guff.

I think I posted the first one in a thread here or at least the start. It's a great way for me to motivate myself to rewatch my collection.

The picks this year have been,


01 Stag Night

02 Child’s Play 3
03 Friday The 13th part 6 ‚Äď Jason Lives
04 Your Vice Is a Locked Room and Only I Have the Key
05 Smiley
06 Psycho Cop Returns
07 The Ice Cream Man
08 Splatter University
09 Absurd
10 Day Of The Reaper
11 Girl House
12 The Nail Gun Massacre
13 Santa's Slay
14  A Nightmare On Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge
15 Dead Man’s Shoes
16 Body Puzzle
17 Final Exam
18 Doom Asylum
19 Friday The 13th
20 Alice Sweet Alice
21 A Nightmare On Elm Street
22 Amsterdamned
23 Discopath
24 Blood Rage
25 Eaten Alive
26 Stagefright
27 Mask Maker
28 Midnight Movie
29 Just Before Dawn
30 Don’t Torture A Duckling

Dev is bang on with his shout for Stagefright. It's brilliant. I think the only film I hadn't seen before this year was Don't Torture A Duckling.

After every year I remove that years picks from the line up so I don't ever repeat and so that folks can't just pick the same old stuff.

Anyone fancy picking tomorrows from this list?



2001 Maniacs

All Through the House
Bad Dreams
Bay of Blood
Bird With The Crystal Plumage
Black Christmas
A Blade in the Dark
Blood Beat
Blood and Black Lace
Blood Harvest
Blood Hook
Blood Night: The Legend of Mary Hatchet
Bloody Birthday
Bloody Homecoming
Bloody Moon
The Boogeyman
Buried Alive
Camp Blood
Camp Blood 2
Cat O’ Nine Tails
Chain Letter
Cherry Falls
Bride of Chucky
Curse of Chucky
Cult of Chucky
Cutting Class
Chopping Block
Christmas Evil
Dark Night of the Scarecrow
Dark Ride
Dead Tone aka 7eventy 5ive
Deadly Blessing
Death Valley
Death Line aka Raw Meat
Death Walks at Midnight
Deep Red
Dementia 13
Demons Never Die
Don't Answer the Phone
Don't Go In The Woods
Don't Open Till Christmas
Dressed to Kill
End of the Line
Final Girls
Final Terror
First Power
The Forrest
Four Flies On Grey Velvet
Friday the 13th part 3
Friday the 13th part IV the Final Chapter
Friday the 13th part V A New Beginning
Friday the 13th part VII The New Blood
Jason Goes to Hell
Jason X
Friday the 13th (remake)
Graduation Day
Halloween II
Halloween IV The Return of Michael Myers
Halloween V The Revenge of Michael Myers
Halloween 6 The Curse of Michael Myers (Producers Cut)
Halloween H20
Halloween Resurrection
Rob Zombie's Halloween
Rob Zombie's Halloween II
Hallows Eve
Happy Death Day 2U
Happy Hell Night
Hatchet III
Victor Crowley
Hide and Go Shriek
Hills Have Eyes (remake)
Hills Have Eyes II (remake)
Horror House on Highway 5
House by the Cemetery
I Still Know What You Did Last Summer
The Initiation
Julia's Eyes
Killer Movie
Laid to Rest
Laid to Rest 2:Chromeskull
The Last Horror Film
The Last Showing
Maniac (remake)
Mountain Top Massacre
Murder Weapon
My Bloody Valentine
My Bloody Valentine 3D
My Soul to Take
New Years Evil
Night School
Nightmare Beach
Nightmare on Elm Street part 4 The Dream Master
Nightmare on Elm Street part 5 The Dream Child
Freddy's Dead The Final Nightmare
Wes Craven's New Nightmare
Nightmare on Elm Street (remake)
Nightmares in a Damaged Brain
No Mans Land Rise of the Reeker
Open House
Orphan Killer
Paganini Horror
The Prey
Prom Night (remake)
Psycho II
Psycho III
Psycho IV
Puppet Master
Puppet Master 2
Puppet Master 3 Toulon's Revenge
Red Christmas
Red Queen Kills Seven Times
Redeemer: Son of Satan
Return to Horror High
Satan's Blade
Silent Night
Silent Night Deadly Night
Silent Rage
Simon Says
Slaughterhouse Rock
The Slayer
Sleepaway Camp II Unhappy Campers
Sleepaway Camp III Teenage Wasteland
Slumber Party Massacre
Sorority Row
Stage Fright (2014)
Stepfather (remake)
Student Bodies
Sweet Sixteen
Switchblade Romance
The Task
Terror Train
Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2
Leatherface: Texas Chainsaw Massacre III
Texas Chainsaw Massacre (remake)
Texas Chainsaw Massacre The Beginning
Texas Chainsaw 3D
To All a Good Night
Tourist Trap
The Town That Dreaded Sundown (sequel)
Trapped Alive
Trick or Treats
The Undertaker
Urban Explorers
Urban Legend
Visiting Hours
Watch Me When I Kill
When a Stranger Calls
When a Stranger Calls (remake)
Without Warning
Wolf Creek 2
You Might Be The Killer
Young, High and Dead

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Horror is my all time favourite genre of movie, I'm more old school than new school though, anything from the silent era through to 80's and I'm sold. Every year from around November through to the following September I stock up on films to watch during October, basically anything I can pick up cheap off Ebay or releases from Arrow, 88 Films or labels like that especially when HMV have them on special offer like 2 for x Amount or BOGOF


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When I was a kid my favourite horror film was Clownhouse, a b movie about escaped violent lunatics who dress as clowns and attack the house of 3 young brothers (including a really young Sam Rockwell). I much later found out that the director; Victor Salva filmed himself molesting the youngest boy repeatedly on the set and went to prison for it. When he got out he made Jeepers Creepers (which I also loved), he's so gross looking as well. 

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Clownhouse is one of the few slashers I have no desire to see and hope it never gets released. I know there are folk that want to see it and can separate what happened from the film but I sure as shit can't. The fact that Salva still got work is utterly fucked.

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14 hours ago, The King Of Swing said:

Noticed a remake of Rabid in ASDA's today. Anyone seen it?

I bought it the other day on Blu ray, but haven't watched it yet.

I bought it as in November the film is being screened at a couple of cinemas in Birmingham, and The Soska Sisters will be in attendance, need something for them to sign :)

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Horror was my favourite genre for many years. Seem to have lost the appetite for it recently since I've had kids for some reason, but usually keep up with the news etc.

Got into conventions way back in 2003 when I saw Robert Englund appearing at one. Such an amazing guy. Been going to them ever since. Highlight was getting a photo with him in full makeup a few years back. Met many genre legends over the years and all such great people to talk to, from directors to stars.

My original love was slashers. I remember trying to get all the Nightmares and F13ths and Halloweens on video back in the day from various places. I went through other phases of loving Italian horror and French extreme stuff etc, as well as the Japanese phase that most people went through. Wrote a lot about horror at uni and learnt about the video nasties and all of that business. It's certainly a genre that has an absolutely fascinating history, especially when it comes to the perception of certain films.

I've not seen many things that I'd never watch again, but I'd put Martyrs up there with movies that I'd find very very difficult to sit through again. Most things wash over me but I felt absolutely empty inside by the end of that.

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16 hours ago, The King Of Swing said:

Noticed a remake of Rabid in ASDA's today. Anyone seen it?

I went to the premiere at FrightFest a little while ago. I found it deeply okay. It's well enough made and looks good, but I never really engaged. CM Punk is in it, and has a pretty fun cameo - he's also probably got the best moment in the entire film.

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  • TheSurgeon changed the title to All Things Horror Thread
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5 minutes ago, Tommy! said:

I remember someone on here posted a short Italian horror film a while back about a man stuck in a phone box but I can't remember the name.

Can anyone remember what it was?

La Cabina!


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On 10/31/2019 at 12:50 AM, DEF said:

Clownhouse is one of the few slashers I have no desire to see and hope it never gets released. I know there are folk that want to see it and can separate what happened from the film but I sure as shit can't. The fact that Salva still got work is utterly fucked.

Francis Ford Coppola gave Victor Salva the money to make Clownhouse, after Salva was convicted of molesting a boy on the set of that film ruining its release Coppola still financed Jeepers Creepers for him years later. So at least someone likes the revolting bastard.

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