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36 minutes ago, theringmaster said:

I think thats the plan, Charlotte is a bigger name than Becky, Charlotte is the GOAT of this era, Trish is the GOAT of her era. Its the womens version of Hogan v The Rock.



If that’s how they want to portray it then they’ve done a shockingly shit job getting Charlotte ready. Even as far as Becky’s star has fallen these past few months, she’s still currently a much bigger star than Charlotte and would be far more suited to the role of being Trish’s equal for a, “dream match.”

Becky could talk about winning the first ever Women’s Wrestlemania Main Event, being a Royal Rumble winner, the only woman to beat Ronda Rousey, the only woman to hold two belts simultaneously, so on and so forth. What the fuck is Charlotte going to brag about? Being crowbarred into a Wrestlemania Main Event where the entire storyline was about how she didn’t deserve it and was getting preferential treatment, only to lose anyway and then fuck off for months and months? She couldn’t have less momentum if they tried.

In that sense, Charlotte’s similar to Brock. On the surface she should be a huge star but they’ve lost their way so much in terms of what they think a heel should be that they’ve created nothing but pure apathy. Nobody dislikes Charlotte’s character because she’s a bad person who does bad things. She doesn’t cheat to win or infuriate fans by being so much better than their heroes. Her gimmick and story arc for almost the entire year has been that she’s an undeserving third wheel that the company use to troll the fans. There’s no heat on her. It’s all on the company. You’re not happy that she loses, you’re now conditioned to just appreciate it when she’s not, “shoved down your throats.” It’s such a terrible position to be put in because nobody is rooting against you or wanting to see you get your comeuppance. They’re trained to just not want to see you at all and to be mildly annoyed when you’re around. 

Somewhere along the way it’s as if they decided the only type of heat worth getting was, “oh, just fuck off,” heat and so have been so obsessed with getting it that they haven’t even noticed what huge damage they’ve done to some of their biggest stars with the greatest potential. 

I don’t give a shit about Charlotte vs. Trish and Charlotte inevitably listing how many times she’s been champion on tonight’s episode of Smackdown isn’t going to be enough to erase the hatchet job they’ve done on her character for the past six months.

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Nobody gave two shits about Becky Lynch until Charlotte got preferential treatment over her at SummerSlam last year - and a good 90-200% of Becky’s fan support was of the “you’re not my real dad, Vince” variety. Which inevitably cooled off once Vince booked her to win the main event of WrestleMania. Charlotte getting the Trish match is about the best shot they have at getting a few more Internet points back for Becky. Charlotte’s also far more likely to get a decent match out of a non-wrestler than Becky is.

I don’t mind the card so far.

Bayley vs Ember Moon should be pre-show at best, but I’m fairly invested in the other two women’s matches.

Kofi vs Orton redeeming the 2009 fuck-up is great for me.

I’m fairly into Kevin Owens being a Stone Cold rip off and feuding with Shane.

Rollins vs Lesnar I could take or leave. I’m not gripped for it, but I’m not as sick of it as I probably should be.

AJ vs Ricochet in another singles match can fuck off, so it would be great if a ladder or something was added.

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Could not give a shiiiiiiiiit about this card. Product is ice cold and the card itself looks insanely boring to me. If this was in my back garden I would close the curtains tbh.

Just looking at the names on the card and its actually quite scary. What haven't WWE botched so far this year?

Seth - Won the title from Brock at Mania but is probably less over than ever after an utter failure of a title run. Contributed to his own demise with his bizarre Twitter meltdown to be fair.

Reigns - Has been a total non-factor ever since he returned. Imagine having someone who looks like that, can work, can talk, is related to The Rock, has a decent part in what will be a huge movie this summer and LITERALLY SURVIVED CANCER and you still cant get it right.

Brock - Who cares at this point really? I love Brock but theres only so many times I can see him make sporadic appearances to do loads of suplexes and F5's without it becoming stale.

Becky - LOL. Basically every single moment from the botched Mania finish until now has been a misfire.

Kofi Kingston - I get that people like him and he's been around for years and The New Day is an over act and the match with Bryan was very good etc....but come on. He's still doing the pancake gimmick and having tedious mid card title matches with Dolph Ziggler of all fucking people. Does anyone in their right mind think that this is a good world title run? Any momentum after Mania hasn't been capitalised on whatsoever.

Randy Orton - This man first won the world title at SummerSlam FIFTEEN YEARS AGO and his act really hasn't changed much since. To put that into perspective, imagine the headliner of Summerslam 1998 was also a headliner in 1983. Bob Backlund vs Triple H for the IC title in the co-main event for example. Mental. They also seem to be playing off a brief feud from years ago that surely very few people even remember.

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I don't think its solely the fact that he does loads of suplexes that people are bored of. For me, its the fact that the majority of his major matches tend to follow the exact same structure of German, German, German, F5, kick out, F5, kick out etc. Personally, I find the entire package stale.


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A card with no wow factor. I just don't get why there's nobody being pushed with a rocket to the moon. Roman beat cancer andBecky's initial 'The man' schtick should have pushed the pair of them but instead we're left with mediocre.

The really sad thing is that we still accept what's thrown our way and we still sit there asking for more...

Weakest summerslam card in years? Probably.

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3 hours ago, RIDDUM_N_STYLE said:

One thing that’s really killed any enthusiasm for Summerslam in recent years is not moving it around frequently, we’ve gone from 6 straight years at the Staples Center to 4 straight at the Barclays Center to what will likely be now a consecutive run in Toronto

I think the same, oddly enough, although we might be in the minority. 

The Staples Centre years are when all the shows blurred together, for me. LA is a shit crowd, always has been. Dems that are too laid back to be like Chicago or New York, but too trendy to be a good, traditional heat town. I know not everyone's a massive nerd for remembering buildings, but the Staples Centre's a crap building. 

SummerSlam's 97-2002, as has been said, are some of the best WWE shows ever. 2003 was ace as well. Coach's heel turn, WCW Raw elimination chamber, Kurt/Brock. 2005 has the Eddie/Rey ladder match, the hugely entertaining at the time Hogan/HBK blow off and Jericho Vs. Cena in one of the first and thus still novel examples of the crowd trying to take Cena off the throne. 

1998 is still one of my favourite shows ever. D'Lo and Val in a cracker of an opening match, the Lion's Den, Double J getting a shit haircut, Vince's promo to Mankind trying to hand him weapons to go and be a legend in the Garden, Austin and 'Taker having a great Attitude Era brawl despite one of them getting clocked early on and both of them being weirdly face. And then the ladder match, which as a kid was my favourite match ever. It's obviously aged badly, and Triple H can barely move to the point that it makes his 2003 run look positively acrobatic, but it had an amazing atmosphere and it's more of less the official precursor to their business defining 2000 run on top. 



Still one of the best promos ever. Rock coming out in the Garden to that Nation pimp music was and is a sight to behold. He was coming up, anyway, but that match made him overnight. Weird that it's Triple H that ended up winning it as a face - to that thunderous roar - whilst he'd go on to spend nearly an entire year doing fuck all until he figured out how to soak his hair more. 

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