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  1. Looks like people FINALLY came round to realising AEW for the shite it really is.
  2. Firefly Funhouse has to be the best thing about wrestling this year. So much great content goes into those short segments, and Bray has finally found his niche. Could watch them back to back for hours. Also loved the Big Dog parody entrance. My dogs love that tune, hell I even ripped it as my new ringtone.
  3. 663k against the developmental brand. 😚 There's a certain Kenny FUCKING DESPERATE for the interwebs to not remember his snarky comments.
  4. Has to be the best Raw for some time. Seth is what most of us have been believing for some time. Many marks probably feel dumb now lol.
  5. Good move by WWE. Caters for those that want to shit on everything WWE, and being on WWE Backstage keeps him away from those who want to enjoy the main product. A winning combination.
  6. The match with Owens was white hot, NXT is fast becoming most improved product this year. Don't be surprised it's on par with viewing figures of the other two shows soon.
  7. This forum has always had a dedicated following of the same guys, so not surprised they don't care it's down a couple of weeks.
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