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  1. Best show of the weekend. Best weekend for wrestling in a long long time! ✌️
  2. Genuinely scared of Pentagon JR. Such a strange, intimidating guy, great wrestler too. Dark Order's gimmick is like a Chikara team, minus the charm.
  3. Honestly I liked the show. Lessons learnt but still some gaps they need to cover. I don't get why the babyfaces lost so much tbh, gotta give the crowd someone to believe in they've got behind. Allin losing clean so easily to Shane after drawing to Cody last show, and Riho taking a pin were disappointing. MJF and Lucha Bros seem to stand out as their top talent who have something about them and who I want to see again. Still find Page utterly boring but Omega was actually OK to watch. Gotta love also Janela making a comment about Cornette during the match. 😄
  4. Looks like a cracking card! Samoa Joe as champ to start the new era.
  5. No, take one or two matches away and put more build up and characterization on the shows. Rhodes vs Bucks, setup on DON - knew match was happening and was a backstory. Interested for that match. Personally I can look on YT as I'm a longtime fan. But we know new fans would like this put in front of them, they're going to add growth to the company, not me. BTW, just to be clear, Page is just one of the future stars. Janela, Omega, and many others need more build up for ppl who don't know them.
  6. Sorry, I don't get why I'd do research on past appearances in other companies to see the AEW version of Page. AEW should present more THEIR version of Page to make me tune in. More AEW promos, please. And it's dumb to think every other viewer who's new to AEW should be researching on YT. Tell the casual viewer why they should watch him on AEW programming, and they might stay tuned.
  7. Just looked at the card and tbh there's only the Rhodes vs Guns match I'm bovvered with. And maybe the tag match, as some of them had a cracking match on the last two shows. Am I missing something? Do AEW build up the other matches with some backstory or are we just gonna see them put random matches together with guys I hear are fucking amazing? Without anything to make me want to tune in? I keep hearing for example Page is the best wrestler since day one. Except I know nothing about him and he kinda did nothing in the last match. I'm not invested in the newer guys and I have to think maybe AEW could do more. Even something like back in the WWF days when someone new appeared on the card, the commentators would introduce you to them with something small like "this guy has 7 years in the business, won 4 championships" etc. And please someone explain Kenny Omega to me.
  8. In ten years time this small stint will be discussed on a shoot with the heads of creative laughing about what a shambles Heyman made of it, and how much of a mistake they were to appoint him.
  9. Indeed it was. Cheap heat to the extreme but still a great match.
  10. Yes, if not for anything else the incredible racism in the lightweight match. Can't make it up.
  11. Not really. They watched Fyter Fest and realised it's gonna be some time before AEW gain some decent traction without fucking up shows almost as bad as TNA. Some of the stuff in FF made me cringe so hard I felt bad for some of the workers. Don't know about you but WWE is where I'd be staying in this current climate. I'll keep watching the next few cards but they're really struggling to appear a competitor.
  12. Heyman is back, so hopefully stories will start to come back. Yes, stories need to happen in this fake sport. Without it it's just that, a fake sport. Probably 1 in a million there is a backstory between two competitors. It's like watching Ronnie O Sullivan vs Mark Selby, two great sportsman with charisma but no grudge between them. Wrestling provides that extra branch to connect the viewer. At least that's how I've always viewed it.
  13. Isn't "shit" a PG word? Give it some fucks and we are talking 12+
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