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  1. Dial-up on a phone? Bit early for you hitting Wetherspoons.
  2. What if the net/services are down, live in a lesser covered area? Its at least a good alternative.
  3. I don't get why asking for someones number if you're paying them for turning up for your shows is a crime.
  4. I doubt they would even have to try that hard.
  5. Josh Bodom a few weeks back.
  6. He did the right thing firing Bodom. People still having a go though.
  7. The countdown/preview show on TNT only got 390k viewers so very poor. Hope once the show starts they can actually get some decent figures.
  8. Correct action was taken so nothing to add here. Pretty sure we can't use screenshots as proof of anything so conspiracy theorists need to pipe down.
  9. Are you an idiot? I asked if Omega is a heel or a face in that promo.
  10. Several others in the thread also had no idea. Idiots as well right? Toesucker would be right.
  11. I have, and have no idea. That's why I asked. 🤗
  12. Kevin Owens reaction throughout all of this was priceless. Like a fifth Inbetweener reacting to Jay's stories.
  13. Was Omega a babyface or a heel in this promo?
  14. When will they though? What will be the trigger?
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