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The Tories Are Cunts thread

Devon Malcolm

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I used to be a Tory. I thought that they were more well spoken and rational than those on the more emotional Left. Now, though? You simply can't defend 'em. because they've gone nuts. I still have a great degree of appreciation for Thatcher, even though she was an absolute cunt to the miners and whatnot. I've been influenced by Nick Cohen's book, "What's Left?" and I also loved reading PJ O'Rourke back in the day.

So, as I enter middle age, I think I'm basically left-leaning - I welcome alternative lifestyles and views, I just wish it wasn't all so shrill and doctrinaire. 


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1 hour ago, Devon Malcolm said:

Let's put all instances of ongoing Tory cunting in this thread instead of ballsing up the other threads with it.

Mark Field!

You and the media just can't help sharing your biases, can you? Here you are fixated on one individual in the video but do you make a single mention of all the people jumping in to defuse the situation? Of course not. You just act as though they were all sitting there tacitly endorsing it, as though there no empathy whatsoever on show.

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