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  1. Brewster McCloud

    UFC on FOX: Lee vs Iaquinta 2 - Dec 15

    I didn't watch it, but I'm glad Ragin Al got the W. I really like the guy after he stepped up to fight to fight Khabib - and lasted the distance. Good lad.
  2. Brewster McCloud

    The Shit Hill You Will Die On

    This is a bit like "post an unpopular opinion", but I'll take the spirit of the thread by the balls. This is very specific, and will be of interest to almost no one else, but it is a hill I'll die on: I've lived in Jakarta for the past 9 years. Expats love to slag it off because the traffic is terrible and the Indonesian government is lousy, but do you know what? I bloody love it. I will defend this maddening city until the cows come home: great food that costs a fraction of what it does in the West, lovely attractive people, such a feeling of discovery and newness. It's never boring, which is all I ask for of a city. It's a life sentence for me, and screw you if you don't like Jakarta, you grumpy old oil man drinking your vast salary away at the bar.
  3. Brewster McCloud

    Dynamite Kid Passed Away

    I watched an interview with Davey Boy Jr on youtube where he talked about Dynamite's wacky hi jinx: grabbing the steering wheels of moving vehicles, setting people's beds on fire while they were sleeping. The amazing thing is that this kind of stuff is what they're happy talking about in public. God knows the levels of depravity that really went on. The stories about the Bulldogs drugging and raping their wives are just... well.
  4. Brewster McCloud

    Fighters who can't walk away and other various freakshows

    Nah, it was only 3. Three used to be the cut off point for getting punted; he saved himself with a win over Duane Ludwig. Fair play to him, he's good at being a pundit now. BJ, though... I was horrified when I saw he had a UFC fight coming up. The guy is shot to shit and Dana is a spineless hypocrite for all his chat about Chuck. BJ Penn should not be fighting anymore. It's a really sad state of affairs considering how brilliant he was back in the day.
  5. Brewster McCloud

    It's Political Correctness Gone Mad!

    As usual Peter Cook does it best: "Ronald was a pretty ordinary name, until I dropped my 'N' nobody took a blind bit of notice..."
  6. Brewster McCloud

    The Song Of The Day Thread

    In a DEVO mood:
  7. Brewster McCloud

    What have you been watching on (proper scripted) telly?

    Yeah, man. I thought exactly the same thing. It's really cool that his cowardly, selfish nature isn't downplayed. I thought it was tremendous! "GIVE ME MY BOOK!" I watched it at the same time as Preacher, so it was great having two of my beloved old obsessions rendered so well. Edit so I don't rile Keith, but I've been re-watching Cheers from the start. I'm up to season 9 now and it's really felt like a journey, from the 80s to the cusp of the 90s. I'm an old softie who prefers Sam/Diane to Sam/Rebecca, as there was a pathos to the former that the latter couldn't quite reach. The early episodes had the air of a stage play, almost: the handsome bar manager teaching the pretentious ingenue (hashtag Frasier) the ways of the world. Shelly Long was just fantastic. Got a tear in my eye just typing this... wouldn't you like to get away?
  8. Brewster McCloud

    DVDs and Films You Have Watched Recently 3 - The Final Insult

    Just watched Loving Pablo. It's alright, follows the Goodfellas template of a master criminal getting what's coming to him. Interesting if you've seen Narcos, comparing the similarities. He was an absolute dick, though, and I always think films like this could do a bit more to show the nasty so and sos for the swines they were. The lead actor having a big fat belly doesn't quite cut it.
  9. Brewster McCloud

    Tank Abbott - a fine man, going through a rough time.

    No, not generic at all. It's the real deal - it's especially great if you're interested in just how the bloody thing managed to get started in the first place, and there's some really interesting historical stuff about the Gracies, early MMA in Brazil in gyms etc. I can't recommend it enough if you're a long time fan. The fact they were seriously considering putting a moat with crocodiles in it around the cage for the first one...
  10. Brewster McCloud

    Comedy Songs

    I hadn't heard that before - good stuff! "He's the king of every genre, from biblical to western!" In my weaker moments, I miss the 90s: "I like your manifesto, let's put it to the test-o!"
  11. Brewster McCloud

    Comedy Songs

    They are a shocking band. However, I used to go out with a woman who was really into them, so they've wormed their way into my subconscious. This one brings back almost happy memories: Homies! "If you don't like it you can... fuck off!" Magic.
  12. Brewster McCloud


    Pepperoni is indeed overrated - usually greasy and chewy. Normal sausage is better. Just don't put any fucking mushrooms on the cunt and I'm a happy camper.
  13. Brewster McCloud

    Tank Abbott - a fine man, going through a rough time.

    Anyone read this? There's some great Tank stories. He was an absolute loon. Glad he's settled down at the age of 53!
  14. Brewster McCloud

    Dave Meltzer

    Yes. I should really stop posting whilst drunk. I cringe the next day, I really do.
  15. Brewster McCloud

    Comedy Songs

    A pub in a keyboard! Lest's sing sing sing in celebratiion! And Keith's gonna klll me like for double posting, I can't apologise enough!