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  1. A lot of assumptions and nonsense in that post. I'm not a racist. Fuck off with that shit. How dare you attempt to slander me like that, you nincompoop. A pox on you. You should be fucking ashamed of yourself for attempting to boost your own week ego by ranting like that.
  2. Yeah, that's exactly what I was saying... you are quite incredibly stupid so I'm not not going to bother with this anymore.
  3. Were all the muslim women offended? No. He probably shouldn't have said it, but it's hardly a big deal. There are bigger figh to fry. Like, actual horrible racists. *gets new swastika tattoo*
  4. How am I trolling? I backed up my point(s). Saying something that most people don't like isn't trolling. Your posts don't interest me much either, but manners and all that, cunt.
  5. It's all just investors foolishly believing that MMA is going to take off in Asia, isn't it?
  6. Sepultura did a pretty great cover of it, as problematic as some of the sensitive souls of the UKFF are about the word:
  7. Well, that's me schooled. Poo off, bogey bum.
  8. I live in Indonesia, the most Muslim country in the world. I work and socialise with 'em. My point is that the sort of daft remark that Boris Johnson made really doesn't matter to the people I know whose opinions I respect.
  9. I'm pretty sure he doesn't think his lovely white skin and wacky hairstyle makes him better than others. To quote the great man himself: "[I am] free-market, tolerant, broadly libertarian (though perhaps not ultra-libertarian), inclined to see the merit of traditions, anti-regulation, pro-immigrant, pro-standing on your own two feet, pro-alcohol, pro-hunting, pro-motorist and ready to defend to the death the right of Glenn Hoddle to believe in reincarnation." So, pretty much on the same page as me, although he has said some silly things and I'm certainly not a fan of his anti-EU stance. Is saying that Muslim women in burkas look like letter boxes really a terrible thing? It's only poor judgment in the sense that certain people get triggered by it, and most followers of Islam that I know have a chuckle about that sort of thing.
  10. "Badass" isn't a term I'd associate with Jimbo. He was just an unhinged fellow who ran amok - his gimmick wasn't actually about hurting people in the same way yer Stan Hansens and Abdullahs were. He had a higher calling. Cracking tune, mind.
  11. No, the correct answer is Doom's. You knew some fools were about to get battered when that sax riff started. WCW had some great themes. Who's doing the commentary with JR here? It's not Lance Russel, is it? don't remember WCW having 2 commentators! Interesting that Ross describes Rick Steiner as an animal lover who owns 8 dogs given his favourite anecdote. Interesting too how JR's voice changed over time.
  12. I can't quite wrap my head around One FC. They've signed a couple of big names, but they don't actually make any money from the shows themselves. I went to one a few years ago and it was fine - decent production, cheap tickets (about 30 quid to be pretty much cageside), the mental ring announcer from Pride, Bob Sapp being a nancy, - but they don't seem like they have a successful business model. They don't even announce the card until just before it happens, which is kind of rinky-dink. Looking forward to this show now, though, thanks for the heads up.
  13. Ooh, how you've stung me! You're an idiot seeking upvotes, nothing more nothing less. It's quite pathetic how morons like you try to score points with their e-friends - as if this shit actually matters - but whatever, mongoloid.
  14. So should we obsess about the correct way to express an apology or think about the best way to run the country?
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