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  2. Just bored, man. You're right, though, this thread is about the Tories being cunts and I shouldn't have disrupted it. Bunch of cunts etc...
  3. What detrimental effect? Again, you're doing the same thing as you did in the books thread - using rhetorical flourishes and not giving examples or supplying evidence. It's not debatable to say the least: countries who have adopted capitalism are more wealthy than those that haven't. I'll link you to graphs if you really want... Do you actually think I want people to stay poor? I'm curious.
  4. That's your contribution? Good work, SuperBacon!
  5. I won't defend the Tories, because like you said, it's almost impossible to do so now. They're a mess. I used to like them, not anymore. What does the right wing have going for it? Well, a few things, actually: a support of free market capitalism and a desire to bring people out of poverty which has actually happened. Dismiss this point if you wish but I think it would be foolish to do so. And, if you dig into Corbyn's background, you'll find that he's supported Communism. Read Nick Cohen in the Guardian if you don't believe me.
  6. Meanwhile, other cunts are trying to claim that Jeremy Corbyn would be a good Prime Minister, despite his lack of education and record of fucking Communism - communism - can you even begin to fathom that someone who is so wrong has reached a position of power? We need to think properly about this rather than just going all cunty cunt cunt. The Tories are cunts, yes, but the other side aren't much better at the minny mo. Balls to the lot of 'em.
  7. Like I said, I'll read it at some point. Believe it or not, my whole life doesn't revolve around proving people wrong on here.
  8. "almost lewd", "he's just Dustin Runnels", "a banana with black ears"! Who says Meltzyweltz doesn't have a sense of humour? Back to podcasts, I've really enjoyed listening to The Lapsed Fan recently - they did an amazing job covering the Von Erichs, and lately they've tackled No Holds Barred. I cracked up to them reading out some of the contemporary reviews. If you're interested in Zeus, Vince and what a weird film it was, I wholeheartedly recommend it.
  9. Fine, you caught me. Well done, pat yourself on the back. I'll read the book in my own time, but I've got a bunch of other things on the shelf to get to first before I go through something that contains some glaring errors and has a deeply flawed thesis as its selling point.
  10. Bloody hell, it's only been one day - I can't read that fast, man!
  11. I know, I know... I do my best to be nice to my wife, children and students, though. Being nasty to strangers on the Internet isn't something I really want to go along with, but if you do, have at it.
  12. Just read on the Observer that the fight should've been stopped about 20 seconds earlier and people were crying at cageside after Zombie getting the W! Madness! Wished I'd watched it now, but everyone else on the card was unknown to me so I slung it a deefy. Who was the ref?
  13. I do! And I'm not a cunt in real life - imagine that!
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