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All Tories Are Cunts thread

Devon Malcolm

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10 minutes ago, Keith Houchen said:

Thank fuck he only physically assaulted her and not did something really dangerous like throw a milkshake over her. 

£350 compensation and 150 hours unpaid work wasn't it? 150 hours unpaid work for that! No wonder this country is going to shit when you get FAR worse crimes unpunished, like racism and other forms of discrimination on a constant basis.

But anyway, on topic, fuck the Tories

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It’s not unpaid work, it’s an internship. That’s the Tory way, the absolute cunts. 

There is a distinction to be made between someone who is conservative and someone who is a Tory. But vote Tory you get Tory and you are a cunt who enabled these cunts. 

I fucking hate tories. 

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17 minutes ago, 300 said:

So would you guys actually vote for Jeremy Corbyn then?

Jeremy Corbyn is neither a Tory cunt nor the subject here, go away.

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