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All Tories Are Cunts thread

Devon Malcolm

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18 hours ago, METAL ON METAL said:

Via The Telegraph:

It would have to be, as in a very Trumpian move she only took right-wing press with her.  The Guardian, Mirror, i, Indy and BBC were barred.

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Well the Big Dog* is up before the standards committee tomorrow. He's had his defence out today saying he did mislead parliament but not intentionally so he's sorry but it wasn't his fault, and how could he possibly know what a party is. The standards committee are going to question him for up to 4 hours, so he will have plenty of time to shit himself in Latin, and he has to swear an oath on the Bible to tell the truth before he starts. That will probably burst into flames as he speaks. 



















*Don't call him Big Dog, sorry Keith. 

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