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39 minutes ago, Zebra Kid Mark said:

Have you had good things about them from non Australian people? I just assumed they were an Aussie product bigged up by only Aussie people out of national pride. Similar scenario for Tim Tams (basically just a Penguin) & Vegemite.

It is from a non Australian. However, they are friends with an Australian and is possibly why they are being recommended. On a side note, the same person loves Tim Tams but I was a little put off when I was informed they was just like a Penguin, I was expecting something else.

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I've gone off them.

The best thing to freeze is water in little trays. It turns into ice cubes and you can put it in your cold drink. If you are freezing any sort of sweets or chocolate that doesn't normally belong in a

You would get perfect overlap between Dairy Milk voters and people who have only ever done it missionary.  I love Reese's, but anyone putting American chocolate anything in a best of chocolate co

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I've some how cocked up the quote and don't know how to add it in now but this was in response to @Abe_Knuckleball_Schwartzand his comment about the Cherry Ripe bar.

I just Googled these as I'd never heard of it before. It's basically a Cherry flavoured Bounty? That really sounds gross - and I actually like Bounty's.

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