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The Great UKFF Survey


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Been a while since we did one of these. So in the interests of getting to know each other / seeing how people have changed, give this a crack. Bit of explanation will make it more interesting.

All-time favourite wrestler?

All-time favourite match?

Favourite non-WWE match (if applicable)?

Favourite Tag Team?

Favourite Promo?

Best show ever attended live?

Moment you loved wrestling the most?

Moment you hated wrestling the most?

The best WrestleMania is...

Most hated wrestling personality?

Thing you'd most like to change about wrestling in 2018?

(In one word) Wrestling is...

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All-time favourite wrestler? The Undertaker. Just about always has been, I can't change that now

All-time favourite match? Undertaker vs. Triple H at WrestleMania XXVII - for the drama

Favourite non-WWE match (if applicable)? I've got to think about this one, it's been so long since I regularly watched non-WWE stuff. Let's go with AJ Styles & Christopher Daniels vs. LAX from TNA back in 2005ish.

Favourite Tag Team? The Shield. Let's pretend last year's damp squib didn't happen.

Favourite Promo? Oooh... does the collection of tiny mini-promos at the start of Survivor Series '89 count? No? Maybe Flair after winning the 1992 Rumble then.

Best show ever attended live? I haven't been to that many, I confess. But maybe the first MEW show in Newcastle. First indy show I'd been to and it had D'Lo Brown, Austin Aries, Raven, Doug Williams, Jonny Storm, and pre-WWE Sheamus and Neville. Oh, and Sandman. Good stuff.

Moment you loved wrestling the most? At the time, when Chris Benoit made Triple H tap out and became World Heavyweight Champion.

Moment you hated wrestling the most? Now, when Chris Benoit made Triple H tap out and became World Heavyweight Champion.

The best WrestleMania is... X-Seven without question.

Most hated wrestling personality? JBL. There was a time when I'd become a bit more apathetic towards him, but that photo with Farage yesterday reminded me how much I can't stand the man.

Thing you'd most like to change about wrestling in 2018? Fuck, where to start... I'd like it to mean something again? I guess by that I mean from week to week and month to month there's no investment because everyone goes round in circles which means nobody gets enough chance to feel like a star despite the plethora of TV time. Less samey-ness, more significance. I could list so many things for this one. At times WWE (main shows) feels like it's beyond saving.

(In one word) Wrestling is... Silly. (but I like it)

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These were longer than I had envisioned. Been watching a lot lately on some sick days because my sleep's been knackered so I have wrestling on the brain. 


All-time favourite wrestler? Shawn Michaels. Still would have been had he not come back in 2002. When I think of him, I just think of all those promos in the build up to him against Austin showing him flopping around giants, flying off shit and pulling mad coke faces with snippets from JR and Vince verbally masturbating all over his courage and fortitude. The real best anti hero in WWE history, at that point. The dark star. The troubled kid whose still going to put on match of the night to piss everyone off. 

All-time favourite match? No Mercy 1999 ladder match. I'm not just putting off saying one of the TLC matches because I'm trying to be unique or anything. My pal Scott Kelly gave me the No Mercy tape when we were in school because it's one of the few I hadn't bought and this first great ladder match of the post HBK era - Rock/HHH has aged tremendously and was always more a big story fight that happened to feature ladders - is still the most memorable for me. It's on a B show, both teams are just breaking out, and there's something very unassuming about its atmosphere. Then about halfway through the match the crowd just start spontaneously standing up and cheering every crazy new thing they're seeing happen. I'll never tire of it. It's my little best match ever that nobody would disagree with, but nobody ever picks. 

Favourite non-WWE match (if applicable)? Wargames 1992 is the first that comes to mind. 

Favourite Tag Team? The TLC era are my guys. I was a mark for Edge & Christian as a kid, and the Hardyz were the mental cool team to follow but in retrospect the Dudley's are the dudes. They've stayed pure to being a tag team, and they have the multiple promotion legacy. 

Favourite Promo? Thinking about this has made me realise just how many of my favourite sound bytes are from those moody Attitude Era packages where they all just trace back to generally run of the mill Raw promos. My head is full of crazy VInce and pilled up Michaels. Bits of Bret Hart just moaning about shit. In the end, I'll go for Heyman and Vince on the go home to Survivor Series 2001 and the end of the Invasion angle. Unique enough for its time in WWE, sprawling, emotional and the perfect mix of history and performance. It doesn't feel smarky.  

Best show ever attended live? Just a few Dublin house shows to my name. The very first one with my granda in 2004 is memorable for obvious reasons. It did feature a fucking mouthwatering sub main event of HBK, Y2J and Edge Vs. Evolution. 

Moment you loved wrestling the most? Just the whole process of revealing the history of WWE to myself by going in town with my mum once a week as a kid in 00/01 buying the tapes, working backwards through the PPVs. 

Moment you hated wrestling the most? Christ. There's a mini crisis of confidence times every week I try and watch a Raw where I wonder what the fuck I'm doing. Then recline into the Network - a bubble I'll still happily pay each month for. It sounds... ugh... snowflakey now in the grand scheme of things but the photo of the McMahons beaming with Trump in the Oval office tested me, a bit. My party line these days is that whilst the product is shit the guys do seem to be getting less wankerish as it goes along. Peaks and troughs. 

The best WrestleMania is... "Check out, che- check out." You know the one. 

Most hated wrestling personality? Marty Jannetty walks this, for me. In that weird world where you don't go straight to picking the guy who murdered his family. JBL came to mind but I doubt even he'd get as criminally dubious as Jannetty. I'm sure Shawn got up to some of the same stuff, but then I actually mark for his repentance path. Jannetty offers nothing. I hate seeing him still slip on to TV as far as 97 with his filthy, hide-your-daughters GHB grin. 

Thing you'd most like to change about wrestling in 2018? I want something to just come up on Raw one night and surprise us all. Nexus, Punk and Bryan all done it. Even the good stuff now - before they ruin it - gets telegraphed months out because everything's on this fucking NXT conveyor belt. I'm shocked so many people are convinced it's nothing but a beneficial thing for WWE, this NXT business. It's taken all the surprise and intrigue out of wrestling, for me, by building a bit nerdy progression bridge from the indies to Raw that everybody claps and cheers along. 

(In one word) Wrestling is... Fun. 

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I don't tend to rewatch any older wrestling at all, so this will skew fairly recent events;

All-time favourite wrestler? Triple H. He's always been the man for me. I've loved Punk, Bryan and others since but Triple H will always be the gold standard.

All-time favourite match? Hard choice, but probably Punk vs Cena from MITB. Closely followed by Punk vs Cena from Raw (the one with the piledriver). The most recent Gargano vs Ciampa is definitely up there - storytelling that hasn't been seen in the WWE in a long time.

Favourite non-WWE match (if applicable)? Don't watch much non-WWE at all. So either Angle vs Jarrett at TNA Genesis or Aries vs Roode TNA Destination X. I did love that Omega vs Okada 2 out of 3 Falls match too.

Favourite Tag Team? The Shield, if they count. Probably Edge & Christian if we're talking standard 2-man team.

Favourite Promo? William Regal's promo against Triple H on an episode of Raw during the Eugene storyline. Just a masterclass in how to build up a match and tell a story in around 2/3 minutes.

Best show ever attended live? Only ever seen shitty Britwres shows from before it got popular, so none unfortunately!

Moment you loved wrestling the most? Bryan winning the World title at Mania.

Moment you hated wrestling the most? Tough one this, I have a fairly high threshold for tolerating shit wrestling. Outside of serious stuff like Benoit/UK guys being exposed as sex pests, I remember hating the Million Dollar Mania shit with a passion.

The best WrestleMania is... I was tempted to say 30 due to the show-long Bryan story, but outside of that and the shock of Lesnar beating Taker, it's a bit shit. It's X-7, isn't it.

Most hated wrestling personality? Again, the serious answer would be Benoit. I can't watch his stuff back at all without feeling queasy. If we're disregarding outside events though, there's nobody I really hate. Kane and Jeff Hardy fill me with complete apathy but that's about as harshly as I feel towards anyone.

Thing you'd most like to change about wrestling in 2018? I'd love to see Vince take a backseat and hand the reigns to Hunter. I'm not one of those who thinks he's turn Raw into NXT overnight, but I'd be very interested in seeing what would change. I'd imagine wins and losses would start to mean something again.

(In one word) Wrestling is... Theatre.

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All-time favourite wrestler?    Jushin Liger, loved him as a kid, love watching him now and his matches have aged so well. He has a great live presence too. His matches in the UK vs. Rollerball Rocco were great too.

All-time favourite match?       Ultimate Warrior vs. Macho King Randy Savage Wrestlemania VII. I was so invested in the story line and I have never been so invested in the lead up to a match since.

Favourite non-WWE match (if applicable)?  Liger vs. Pillman Superbrawl II. I thought this was just plain amazing back then, although matches have gone more over the top since I think it still holds its own.

Favourite Tag Team? Beer Money, loved the gimmick and I thought they were great in the ring. Their matches against Generation Me and Motor City Machine Guns were brilliant.

Favourite Promo? The introduction of the Shockmaster, just so fucking funny.

Best show ever attended live? Hard to say, I attended many during the FWA years up to about 2007, I know I had a great time at them but can't remember much. Due to this I will say RPW Uprising 2015. Being around those Japanese stars in a packed venue was ace.

Moment you loved wrestling the most? British Bulldog winning the IC title at Wembley, wish I could have been there.

Moment you hated wrestling the most? WCW Invasion, the confirmation of a monopoly that had started to build over the previous year or two.

The best WrestleMania is... VII, it was the first mania I watched and had my favourite match in it. If you followed the story of Martel vs. Roberts then that match is fantastic also. I have not seen a full Mania in probably 10 years now however, I just don't give a fuck.

Most hated wrestling personality? Tough pick. I'm going to have to go with JBL, that Farage picture just made me cringe.

Thing you'd most like to change about wrestling in 2018? Fuck knows, not watched anything except a bit of Japanese wrestling and an RPW show I went to this year, just not had the time. I keep up to date and I will watch some.¬†ÔĽŅWith WWE I just stopped feeling invested in their characters years ago, tried many occasions to get back into it but nothing interests me.

(In one word) Wrestling is...painful

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All-time favourite wrestler? - Randy Savage. To me he's the perfect blend of an excellent and exciting wrestler and a colourful, over the top persona. I thought he was a absolutely despicable heel, and a great wounded, sympathetic babyface. No one's ever looked better in a neon cowboy hat. Honourable mentions to Bret Hart and Sid.   

All-time favourite match? - I'm finding this quite difficult, it's either Ultimate Warrior vs Macho Man from Wrestlemania VII or Triple H vs Cactus Jack from Royal Rumble 2000. For different reasons. 

Favourite non-WWE match (if applicable)? Ric Flair vs Vader from Starrcade 93 

Favourite Tag Team? British Bulldogs 

Favourite Promo? 

Best show ever attended live? I've only been to one WWE house show in 2017 and one WCW house in 2000. The WWE one was better. Oh, actually I went to a VPW show in Portsmouth in about 2013. It was alright.  

Moment you loved wrestling the most? It consumed my every waking thought from age 5 - 10. 

Moment you hated wrestling the most? I stopped watching in mid 95, when WWF went to shit. If i had been able to see WCW stuff I would have carried on, but it was impossible for me without cable. I still can't watch 95-96 WWF, it's atrocious. 

The best WrestleMania is... 17 is probably the best overall, but I can watch Wrestlemania VIII any day of the week and I adore it. 

Most hated wrestling personality? Does Conrad Thompson count? If not, (and excluding murderers and convicted sex offenders, lets keep it light), probably Michael Cole. Not the man, as he seems like a decent man, but his on screen presence genuinely takes away from drama. 

Thing you'd most like to change about wrestling in 2018? I wish there was another US national/global company to rival WWE. 

(In one word) Wrestling is...nostalgia.  

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All-time favourite wrestler?  Bret Hart - Always has been. My first ever wrestling show I saw(live or recorded) was Summerslam '92, and I was simply enthralled with the bloke. He just felt so, "legitimate"...

All-time favourite match? Warrior/Savage at 'Mani VII - It had everything that made me fall in love with Wrestling. Amazing, colourful, larger than lie characters and a killer story. 

Favourite non-WWE match (if applicable)? Sting/Flair, Great American Bash '90. Similar to Bret Hart, this was the first non WWF/E main event I saw. I was given the VHS as a present one year and I must be honest, I was disappointed at first. But the the main event came on and I loved it! The story of the new generation star trying to beat the more experienced champion, with the "Dudes With Attitudes" at ringside to stop the Horsemen interfering. Loved it!

Favourite Tag Team? The Steiner Brothers.- This was  close one, as I also love the Bulldogs too. But my time as a fan was actually during the Steiners run, so they edged it. The Steiners were one of those teams that would entertain against both jobbers and the stars. Again, just like Bret hart, they oozed legitimacy. 

Favourite Promo? I'm going to cheat a bit here, and say the "mini" promos that used to air before a Survivor Series. They did a brilliant job of getting both a wrestlers character over, and the feuds that were going on. And they lasted what, 15 seconds each? Just goes to show you don't need to ramble on for 20 minutes at the start of RAW to get over...

Best show ever attended live? Summerslam '92. Hands down...

Moment you loved wrestling the most? 'Mania X, during the opener between Bret/Owen. A brilliantly simple match that had me hooked from the first exchanges.

Moment you hated wrestling the most? The Benoit Murder/Suicide. I'm sure I don't need to go into this is detail.

The best WrestleMania is... VII, simply as it has my fave match of all time, and the roster was simply amazing...

Most hated wrestling personality? Dino Bravo. Bored the shot out of me.

Thing you'd most like to change about wrestling in 2018? Scripted promos. Simply to allow a bit more personality to show though. 

(In one word) Wrestling is... first love!(sorry, that was two).

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All-time favourite wrestler? My head says Crush but my heart says Undertaker. Christmas 1992 all I wanted was an Undertaker figure and Summerslam 1992 on VHS and I got both. Hogan first got me in to wrestling but that giant, cold-eyed ginger bastard cemented my love for it. I watched his return in 2000 as Biker Taker again a couple of days ago and it still gave me chills and put a huge smile on my face, watching the height and power on those chokeslams. It was everything I wanted from wrestling as a 15 year old at the time. It feels like I've grown with his career, yes it's had low points but he's one of the few guys that can be forgiven for the odd stinker because he's the fucking Undertaker.

All-time favourite match? Triple H vs Cactus Jack- Royal Rumble 2000. By this point, I knew it was all fake but this match really had me doubting how much these two actually hated each other at the time. It's brutal perfection, the story is served beautifully and I'd go as far as to say it's the best match either of them ever had. I'd also put the video package before that as one of WWE's best, just behind Rock vs Austin at WM17. Just fantastic chemistry in this match, Steph plays her part so well, her reactions to Trips bleeding everywhere and the thumbtack spot really blurred the line of what was real and fake to me.

Favourite non-WWE match (if applicable)? Steve Corino vs Abyss vs Christian- 1PW. In a similar vein to the Cactus/ Triple H match this is a perfectly executed car crash. Abyss looks like a monster for trying to put Corino's kid through a table, there's barbed wire, Abyss nearly hangs Corino from the Doncaster Dome balcony before he drops him through a merch table. Just loads going on and a great angle that spread across two shows in a weekend.

Favourite Tag Team? Kronik. Fight me. These might be the most rose-tinted of glasses but watching these two big lads paste the fuck out of everybody circa 1999 in WCW like a budget Brothers Of Destruction was the best thing ever to me. Always used to try and make the pair of them in Create-A-Wrestler mode on the Smackdown games. I daren't watch any of their WWF run again for fear of sullying my memories.

Favourite Promo? "It's my yard now". Four fucking words, infront of a frenzied crowd. Too bad this wasn't the pivotal moment for Reigns and a heel turn but Jesus, what a reaction. Warrior's last promo on Raw is a very close second, just thinking about it sends shivers up my spine.

Best show ever attended live? ROH Honour United at Doncaster Dome this year.

Moment you loved wrestling the most? The end of the streak. Weird one but for me it was the first time in 20 years or so of watching wrestling that I sat in silence, with my jaw wide open, in complete disbelief at what I was watching. Did they waste Brock after it? Definitely, but that feeling of still being able to be shocked by wrestling as a grown up made me realise how much I love it.

Moment you hated wrestling the most? The aftermath of the streak ending. Brock not capitalising, not having Reigns slay the beast that ended the streak, Undertaker coming back the following Mania and having a pointless match with Wyatt. What should have been used to build to something much bigger was completely wasted and with Lesnar still fucking around doing what he wants, still is being.

The best WrestleMania is... WM17. Even if the PPV was just Rock/Austin, Triple H/Undertaker/, Vince/Shane, TLCII and Big Show/Kane/ Raven it would still be the greatest show they've ever done.

Most hated wrestling personality? Road Dogg. Fuck your wins and losses don't matter.

Thing you'd most like to change about wrestling in 2018? Get rid of the brand split and having two main titles. One belt, a bigger overall roster but with folk used sparingly on TV with more time to get characters and angles over and not have to wrestle the same four or five guys constantly.

(In one word) Wrestling is... addictive

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All time favourite wrestler 

For me it can only be the man who ignited my love for pro wrestling, stone cold Steve Austin as an impressionable young lad seeing him drink beer and flip the bird was incredible.

All time favourite match

Austin vs Bret, the match is incredible and the blood soaked Austin passing out is iconic.

Favourite non wwe match 

Nakamura vs styles at wrestle kingdom checked it out when naka joined the E and I was blown away by it.

Favourite tag team?

The road warriors loved there intensity and the ohh what a rushhhh when I was a young lad.

Favourite promo?

Shawn In Montreal the crowd manipulation to get the pop for bret then for hogan in the same segment was brilliant, plus it’s great to see dick heel Shawn

Favourite show I’ve attended 

Only ever attended 1 and it was a raw house show in 2004.

Moment I loved wrestling the most?

Eddie winning the title after overcoming all his demons 

Moment I hated wrestling the most?

All the pointless wrestling deaths in the early 2000s seemed 1 a week back then 

The best wrestlemania is ?

Hands down wrestlemania 17

My most hated wrestling personality?

Does frank the fucking clown or Brock Lesnar guy count? If not then Cole for his awful years on commentary

Thing I’d most like to change about wrestling in 2018?

Send Vince to a retirement home and let hhh step up 

In one word wrestling is ?

Nostalgic warmth (sorry for using 2)

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All-time favourite wrestler? Hulk Hogan. Just the MVP

All-time favourite match? Bulldog Vs Hart at Summerslam 1992

Favourite non-WWE match (if applicable)? Daniels vs AJ Styles Vs Samoa Joe TNA Unbreakable 2005

Favourite Tag Team? Hardy Boyz

Favourite Promo? Mankind / Cactus Jack lead up to RR 2000

Best show ever attended live? Frontiers of Honour

Moment you loved wrestling the most? Bryan's win at WM XXX or Rock/Hogan face of at 18

Moment you hated wrestling the most? Mankind's debut interviews with JR turned me off 

The best WrestleMania is...17

Most hated wrestling personality?  Chris Hero

Thing you'd most like to change about wrestling in 2018? Spoilers, that element of surprise is rarely every possible now days

(In one word) Wrestling is...real

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Good call @tiger_rick.

All-time favourite wrestler? I think it's The Rock. Hogan drew me into it all but Rocky in 99 was the perfect blend of flash, cool, kick-ass. Pretty much always did the right thing for the business and has become the Nicest Human On Earth(tm).

All-time favourite match? I haven't thought about this question for a long time. I think it might be Undertaker v Foley at King of the Ring 1998 because nothing still stirs such a reaction. If you're talking about a more 'normal' match, I'd go Hogan v Andre at WrestleMania III. It's the perfect wrestling story.

Favourite non-WWE match (if applicable)? WarGames 1992. What a boatload of talent in one match. And the pacing is so, so good.

Favourite Tag Team? Probs the Legion of Doom / Road Warriors. Just the look, the intensity

Favourite Promo? It's hard to go against Hard Times, but I will give props to @cobra_gordo with a slight correction: "This is my yard now." The fact WWE didn't capitalise on this nuclear heat is insane.

Best show ever attended live? RCWA December 2016. This little tinpot promotion started by Will Ospreay's parents blossomed into a full show with decent angles, rabid fans and still family-friendly. The Bill Barnard memorial was emotional. Kelly Sixx came of age. I was front row for Will Ospreay v Chuck Cyrus in loser leaves town, and my daughter still hates Chuck for making her leave her seat so he could throw Will through the chairs.

Moment you loved wrestling the most? There are loads, but just to name a recent example Daniel Bryan's return speech. So honest and you just want the guy to succeed. A real tear-jerking moment.

Moment you hated wrestling the most? 1995. Tested me more than the present day because I still have NXT. Back then it was all junk.

The best WrestleMania is... I said WrestleMania VI until recently, but XXX is now absolute gold. Love everything about it. I fought the worst internet ever to download it so I could watch it on holiday.

Most hated wrestling personality? Bret Hart. What an overrated, boring, whinging git.

Thing you'd most like to change about wrestling in 2018? Get the belt off Lesnar (or make him full-time). It won't fix everything but at least the upper card will have purpose. Poor Braun is just pootling about because the Money in the Bank guy is redundant when there's not champ to threaten.

(In one word) Wrestling is... absurd.

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All-time favourite wrestler? Probably Taker, back from when he was a unique character and gimmick in the early 90s.

All-time favourite match? King of the Ring 98 Taker/Foley, if only for the sheer spectacle and how, twenty years after, it's still talked about and revered to the point I couldn't tell you who was involved in the KotR tourney.

Favourite non-WWE match (if applicable)? Never got into WCW properly at the time, so it's a tossup between Daniels/AJ Styles/Samoa Joe from TNA Unbreakable 2005, or Necro/Joe for being my watershed moment in terms of "strong" and "stiff" working.

Favourite Tag Team? LOD. The outfits, the facepaint, the promos, the squashes

Favourite Promo? Austin 3:16. With the visual of Jake being helped to the back, the moment Austin ascended to the top tier, and the Attitude era truly began.

Moment you loved wrestling the most? The moment when Eddie won the belt, and at the time, the embrace between Benoit and him.

Moment you hated wrestling the most? From a general point, Benoit. In wrestling itself, Jeff/Sting in TNA. Both because Jeff got in that state, and for TNA for sending him out and killing any momentum they had.

The best WrestleMania is... Objectively WM17 for all the reason

Most hated wrestling personality? Apart from the obvious, probably recent Cole. I can't pinpoint when, but he's become a soundboard. UK tourney 1, he showed he still had personality, but generally, he is a puppet with an earpiece. Spouting soundbites and catchphrases.

Thing you'd most like to change about wrestling in 2018? The whole predictability. Same old recycled tropes. There seems to be very little innovation in stories. Also, apron spots and head drops. Over used, and have lost their impact. 

(In one word) Wrestling is... "real, people are fake". Wrestling is theatre.

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All-time favourite wrestler?

Ric Flair: No one has ever been so good at all facets of wrestling from drawing to promos, to match quality to look. You add to that elements such as longevity and he's the full package.

All-time favourite match?

Rumble 1992- the greatest cast of wrestlers ever assembled in one match, one of the greatest individual performances ever and one of the greatest commentary performances ever. A spectacular 65 minutes that will never be vaguely replicated.

Favourite non-WWE match (if applicable)?

It's hard to pick one Misawa vs Kenta Kobashi match, but I will opt for the March '03 GHC title one, largely because it was the first match between them I had ever seen. In hindsight, it isn't the best, but at the time, I was blown away.

Favourite Tag Team?

Demolition - the better version of LOD with the added bonus of no Paul Ellering. 

Favourite Promo?

This Harley Race one from Florida: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4XBbdh1HHKc

Harley was never known as a promo guy but fucking hell. My hairs stood up on end when I first heard this. He's so utterly invested in what he's saying and proof you can cut a legendary promo without histrionics.

Moment you loved wrestling the most?

Probably Sting vs Hogan in TNA, weirdly. Just absolutely loved it and knew it was the last time I would see those two go at it. 

Moment you hated wrestling the most?

Chris Benoit killing himself and his family. Extended moment would be the last couple of years.

The best WrestleMania is...

30. I'm surprised I am saying that, but it was the last time I was invested in wrestling and remember it fondly. 

Most hated wrestling personality?

The Harris brothers -  a pair of turds inexplicably still circling the wrestling toilet bowl after centuries. 

Thing you'd most like to change about wrestling in 2018?

Less TV; less matches between names, less long matches, more selling, less moves, less bumps, more story telling, fewer small guys, more monsters, better looks. I also completely appreciate this is not happening and get why. 02

(In one word) Wrestling is...


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All-time favourite wrestler? I really don't have a strong favourite, I mulled over a ton of names but I think as time passes I appreciate Hiroshi Tanahashi more and more.

All-time favourite match? Steve Austin vs Bret Hart, WrestleMania 13. Just a tremendous match that feels timeless.

Favourite non-WWE match (if applicable)? The various Okada-Omega matches feel a bit recent to nominate although they are probably the actual answer, a longer term favourite of mine is Kota Ibushi vs Shinsuke Nakamura from Wrestle Kingdom 9.

Favourite Tag Team? reDRagon. A team I got to see quite a bit of in person at PCW. I find both Kyle and Bobby really likeable, and good chemistry/combination as a tag team.

Favourite Promo? Its a cliche, but Dusty Rhodes Hard Times is what instantly comes to mind. I could rewatch that all day. Honourable mention to ZSJ post match stuff in this years New Japan Cup.

Best show ever attended live? In ring my first live show, Uprising 2013 with great Ricochett-Devitt, and ZSJ-Richards matches would be hard to beat, but overall I'd probably go with the NXT Blackpool show from 2015 principally because of the incredible atmosphere.

Moment you loved wrestling the most? Recency bias but its what I can remember, the Okada-Omega 2 out of 3 falls match and the post match.

Moment you hated wrestling the most? Can't really think of anything, anytime a company turns a blind eye to something scummy I guess.

The best WrestleMania is... not really a WrestleMania devotee, but 17 or 19 I guess.

Most hated wrestling personality? Kevin Dunn maybe.

Thing you'd most like to change about wrestling in 2018? Permanent banning orders for anybody doing the 1..2..sweet! at shows.

(In one word) Wrestling is...Life

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All-time favourite wrestler? Bret Hart. Liked the realism of his matches, liked his straight laced but intense promos. He was the top man when I was young, and your favourite when you're young is always special.

All-time favourite match? Maybe Canadian Stampede, it had a drama like few others. I've watched it loads, but I know if I stuck it on just now I'd still get sucked into it.

Favourite non-WWE match (if applicable)? I didn't watch much WCW, but the big Wargames match with Stings Squad vs Heyman Alliance was exceptional. I remember watching it for the first time years ago and thinking it was a an absolute belter, with so many parts to the story. Even the commentary was great.  

Favourite Tag Team? Hard choice, probably the Steiners. Their jobber killing in particular was a joy to watch.

Favourite Promo? Ric Flair returns to Nitro with the new Horsemen. The emotion Flair had was really unique, scripted or not his hatred for Bishoff was so powerful.

Best show ever attended live? BCW No Blood No Sympathy 2005. I was 15 and back into wrestling. Foley was there when he was a big attraction, there was hardcore matches and street fights. I loved going to BCW shows in my teens.

Moment you loved wrestling the most?  Shawn winning Rumble 95 with only one foot touching the ground. I was 5 at the time and re-watched that loads on video. I thought he was so cool. Rumble '95 may be overlooked as the definition of a one man performance.

Moment you hated wrestling the most? One of the poor WWE attempts at comedy, maybe that awful angle Hornswoggle was outed as Anonymous GM. 

The best WrestleMania is...  19 for me. I was 13 and at an age where I appreciated a good match and good gimmicks. That show had everything Lesnar/Angle, McMahon/Hogan, Rock/Austin.

Most hated wrestling personality?  I really disliked Dixie Carter when she was onscreen in TNA.

Thing you'd most like to change about wrestling in 2018?  Too many near falls; every big match seems to follow the same pattern.

(In one word) Wrestling is...  Entertaining

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