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Spin the wheel, make the deal. Spin the wheel, make the deal. Spin the wheel, make the deal.  Spin the wheel, make the deal. Man, forget the goofy concept, what a shitty promo.  Ha

Fall Brawl  September 19th 1993  Houston, Texas  As you can see there, Hawk was meant to be in the War Games main event. Doesn’t quite go down that way though... Usual opening wa

@Loki I’m probably being a tad harsh, to be fair. I was also a Big Ron fan so maybe him losing to Lex soured it for me. Looking up the show now it had the aforementioned Austin vs Rhodes plus Rick Rud

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7 hours ago, WyattSheepMask said:

Wand, have you thought about doing these as a podcast?

At very least, they shouldn’t be potentially hidden away in here IMO.

Wand’s 1992 WCW retrospective deserves a thread of its own! 

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Cheers chaps. To be honest, I’m just enjoying reliving all this stuff as it’s the promotion and year that got me into wrestling in the first place. I’m nearly through 1992 quicker than I expected, I might carry on into 1993. The return of Ric Flair and Sid plus the arrivals of Regal and the Bulldog and the formation of the Hollywood Blondes is all stuff I want to get to. Of course, 1993 also saw the Colossal Kongs and Charlie Norris shitting things up but you can’t have it all in life. 

14 hours ago, WyattSheepMask said:

Wand, have you thought about doing these as a podcast?

Nah. I’d be shite. Brummie accents probably aren’t the best for podcasts, or much else really. And there’s already too many podcasts that do that type of show much better than I could. 

7 hours ago, Statto said:

At very least, they shouldn’t be potentially hidden away in here IMO.

Wand’s 1992 WCW retrospective deserves a thread of its own! 

Thanks, I’m not arsed really it’s up to the mods. Maybe I should’ve started a separate thread anyway actually. Death to megathreads and that. 

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Just watched WrestleWar 1989 and am about to put @wandshogun09 to shame with the effort I make here. I also just realised I've been missing Clash of the Champions but I can't be arsed to figure out all the chronology and everything.

Junkyard Dog didn't fancy jobbing to The Great Muta so they stuck Doug Gilbert in as a replacement. He gets predictably mullered and it's over before most people have sat down.

Butch Reed beat Ranger Ross, who I've never heard of before but I suppose he was alright considering how bad I was expecting him to be. Decent match, nice and short as well, with Hacksaw going over after the shoulder block.

Dick Murdoch pasted Randy's dad in a bullrope match for 5 minutes before Orton and Gary Hart battered him at the end with plenty of cowbell. Wish this had gone longer, there was potential for even more violence here.

Big Johnny and Dean Douglas then brought out their skateboards and surprised the Samoan Swat Team in a match that never threatened to be better than pretty crap. They gave it 11 minutes but I'm sure I fell asleep for a couple of hours, woke up, and they were still at it.

Michael PS Hayes didn't deliver on his promise to do it by himself, the big racist bastard, when Terry Gordy came out and whacked Lex Luger allowing the Freebird to win the US title. Luger was having great matches with everyone at this time and this is one of his most underrated ones.

Sting then squashed The Iron Sheik in about 2 minutes to retain the TV title. One of four matches on this card that nobody would miss if they weren't here.

Then Flair beat Steamboat CLEAN to win back the World title. Love the way they hinted at this going an hour by having the judges at ringside, a cracking swerve. Another belting match but Terry Funk murdering Flair after it almost topped it. Genuinely thought he was going to punch a fan at one point, which would have made it better. One question though - why didn't this go on last?

Then Kevin Sullivan involved himself in two quick, violent and really great tag matches to finish off, the little nutter. First with LOD retaining the world tag titles against Rotunda and Williams after Sullivan and Dan Spivey battered special ref Nikita Koloff, who had previously chucked them out. Utter chaos, this, loved it.

And then Sullivan and Spivey tried to prise the US tag titles from Rick Steiner and Eddie Gilbert. Mainly by twatting Dogface's shoulder into the ring post multiple times before the match. Steiner doesn't get in at all but pulls off a great spot near the end on an almost dead Gilbert to retain the titles. Another mental sprint.

Weird card, completely all over the place, but not lacking in entertainment in short and long bursts.

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1 hour ago, Devon Malcolm said:

One question though - why didn't this go on last?

I had Wrestle War 89 on VHS and Flair / Steamboat was last on there. Wondered what you were doing when you started describing other matches once that was done. Fun card if forgettable, barring the Funk beatdown which is HEINOUS. Flair shrugs him off so well, "you've been off making movies... "

I remember it really clearly, it was the only WCW I had which I found in a corner shop in Auckland of all places. Eventually traded it with @Midnight Zeusfor the Raw / Nitro simulcast which I'd never seen. 

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Been watching a lot of late 80s/early 90s WCW lately, particularly the excellent WCW Saturday Night. 

This is how I like my wrestling now, I reckon. Easily-identifiable characters and personalities engaging in either good, long matches or squashes. Pretty much everything is treated seriously and the shows are usually either an hour or ninety minutes long so they breeze by. 

Sorry I haven't bothered making notes of dates, but I watched some great stuff lately involving the likes of Barry Windham, Arn, Sting, Austin, Pillman, Steamboat, VADER, Dustin Rhodes and a whole bunch of other great pro wrestlers. Seriously, if you're bored by current WWE or indie wrestling, I'd recommend just binging the episodes of Saturday Night on the Network. There's some absolute shite on the shows, yes, but a lot of it is gold. 

A great one I watched last night (30.5.92) had a fantastic 2/3 falls match between Brad Armstrong and Great Muta on it. 

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8 hours ago, Onyx2 said:

I had Wrestle War 89 on VHS and Flair / Steamboat was last on there. Wondered what you were doing when you started describing other matches once that was done. Fun card if forgettable, barring the Funk beatdown which is HEINOUS. Flair shrugs him off so well, "you've been off making movies... "

He makes sure to get as many Sylvester Stallone references in there as possible too. Funk was always far more dangerous like this than he was when he got to ECW, and far more enjoyable for it.

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OK so we’ve spun the wheel, made the deal and now we’re moving on from the abomination that was Halloween Havoc. 

Clash Of The Champions 21

November 18th 1992

Macon, Georgia 

The show opening video for this is a bit of unintentional comedy. The voiceover bloke is hyping it up proper. ”Paul E Dangerously says he’s a MAN! But what kind of man hits a GIRL?!” delivered like he’s telling you what the prizes are on Bruce’s Price Is Right. It gets better though. ”Get ready to RUMBLE...it’s Johnny B Badd and Scotty Flamingo in 3 rounds of boxing!” Fuck, Joshua vs Fury, this is the one. 

Madusa and Paul E are having a match on this show. And fuck me, they only did a bloody weigh in for it! Watch this, will you...

”188lbs solid, baby. Check it out.” Why have I never seen this shit before? 😂 

Flyin’ Brian Pillman vs Brad Armstrong 

Another Clash, another failed attempt at a Pillman vs Armstrong match. This is more angle than match. 


In a twist, this time it’s Pillman who’s injured. He’s on crutches as Jesse interviews him. Pillman appears to have had a change of heart. He’s sad and apologetic as a still injured Armstrong comes out. He feels bad for how he treated Armstrong at Clash 20 in September. He even says ”If it makes you feel any better Brad, go ahead and slap me.” But before Armstrong can do anything, Pillman suddenly starts battering him with the crutches. He’s not injured at all. Armstrong courageously still wants to wrestle and the bell rings but he can barely even stand and Flyin’ Brian takes him out with a chop-block to the already hurt knee and pins him in about a minute. 

Recap of that Paul E and Madusa interview/confrontation at Halloween Havoc now. And we see clips of them both training for tonight’s match. Madusa looks pretty badass kicking the shit out of some guy holding pads. While Paul E does press-ups as PS Hayes, Arn Anderson, Beautiful Bobby and Steve Austin watch and basically cheerlead. So, are the Dangerous Alliance back or...? They beat up a jobber and let Paul E pin him and he celebrates like he’s just stopped the reign of 80s Mike Tyson.

We then see another Paul E and Madusa confrontation from Saturday Night that’s maybe even madder than the Havoc one. Paul flits from calling her genetically stupid because she was born female to saying she used to call him from Rude’s room wanting him to bounce her like an ECW paycheque. He says her parents really wanted a boy and “they nearly got one” and throws water in her face as she cries. 


I actually found this a bit uncomfortable to watch, to be honest. Even though Paul E’s a little weasel and Madusa could no doubt handle herself just fine against him, it’s a bit much for me. She finally flips and chases him through the crowd.

Paul E interview now and he goes on about how throughout history it’s men who have made all the sacrifices while women do nothing. ”The only sacrifice women ever make is when they’re 16 years old, in their boyfriend’s car.” Jeez. He then describes himself as the “Lord and Master of Manhood”. Never been in a locker room with Robert Fuller or Virgil then. 

It’s all doing a good job of making me want to see her batter him, I’ll say that much. 

Arn Anderson & Beautiful Bobby Eaton vs Kensuke Sasaki & Erik Watts 

None of this lot even get an entrance. We cut to them in the ring with Capetta doing his thing. 

Erik Watts had debuted a few months earlier and was receiving quite a push from Daddy. 



He’s still undefeated here and has recently managed to beat Michael Hayes on Saturday Night. Hayes isn’t a fan...

”We are fixin’ to go collect a bounty on Erik Watts. It’s been said that the hatred for Bill Watts has been taken out on his son, Erik I’d hate you if your last name was Hayes.” 

The Arn/Bobby/Hayes group aren’t getting the warm reception they got at Havoc. Still an odd combination but at least they’re proper heels now. Watts is actually getting a lot of cheers here. He doesn’t look quite as bad as I expected but still a bit awkward and his timing is all to cock a few times. It’s decent when Sasaki is in but he’s not in much. It’s kept fairly short, probably to hide how green Watts was. And the push continues as Watts submits Eaton with the STF. 

You can see why there was heat and some backlash against Watts around this time. At this point he’d only been wrestling 3 months and already he’s beating Bobby Eaton and Michael Hayes. And it’s not like he was a Goldberg type who oozed star quality. He had no physique, a child’s face and zero charisma. The push is 100% nepotism. Not his fault but it had to be frustrating if you were on that roster at the time, trying to climb the ladder and this wet behind the ears drip comes in being booked like Terminator. 

Johnny B Badd vs Scotty Flamingo - Boxing match 

Oh man, this is going to be a war of Balboa vs Drago proportions. I can just feel it. 

There’s a pre-‘fight’ interview in the Flamingo locker room that’s so bad it’s brilliant. Diamond Dallas Page and Vinnie Vegas (!) are going to be working the corner for Scotty. And there’s a rip-off Don King sat with his back to the camera, presumably giving Scotty a pep talk. 


”Only in America!”

Nash cuts a hilarious promo in a fake New York/New Jersey/Italian accent. ”You know Tony, with all this hype and hysteria right now, hey, I know I’m standin’ in Macon, Georgia but it feels like a fight night in Vegas to the Vinman. You know I just got off the phone and they’re tellin’ me the odds are 75-1...75-1 my man eats the canvas! Ludicrous, ludicrous. Ain’t gonna happen.” He trips and stumbles his way through a few more lines and addresses the ‘promoter’, who never turns around. ”Look who’s kneeling down next to him. Maybe you’ve seen this promoter before. He’s a personal friend of ours, eh? Hey, he ain’t here wishin’ him well. No, he’s talkin’ pay-per-view. Riddick Bowe? Hey, I don’t know. Tonight, here in Macon...hey, my man might be outgunned, he might be outboxed. But the Vegas Connection and Scotty Flamingo are never outfoxed.” 

Sadly I can’t find it on YouTube but it’s worth firing up the Network just for this. Trust me. It’s so fucking goofy it’s great and makes me wish Nash got a part in The Sopranos. 

The entrances are great here. DDP hyping his man up and carrying the spit bucket is quality. They even have a fucking ring card girl! 

This is so crap it’s funny. Scotty ‘selling’ Badd’s punches is nearly as bad as some of the awful punches he throws. He cheats every chance he gets, somehow rakes the eyes (with a boxing glove?) at one point. Badd knocks Scotty out cold as the first ends but it doesn’t get stopped as the round ended. DDP and Big Vin have to drag him to the corner and between rounds they soak Scotty’s glove in water, making it all heavy. The logic! 


It pays off as he sparks Johnny with the wet glove. 

Scotty Flamingo by BRUTAL KNOCKOUT in the second round. Mike Tyson-Buster Douglas eat your heart out. Biggest upset in boxing history by far, that. Vinnie Vegas was right! The Vegas Connection have cashed in big time at 75-1. Makes you wonder why DDP was doing the skint gimmick a couple of years later, why Nash had to take that bodyguard job up North in 93 to make ends meet and why Scotty’s life unraveled into him becoming Raven. They must’ve had a REALLY great Christmas in 92 and blown it all. 


Never outfoxed. 

We get an advertisement now for the WCW Slam Jam album. 



Ron Simmons & ??? vs Cactus Jack, The Barbarian & Tony Atlas - ‘Ghetto Odds’ Handicap match 

Yeah, ‘Ghetto Odds’. And Ron Simmons is out with his new theme song off that musical masterpiece above. It’s a 2 vs 3 handicap match and Ron has a mystery partner. Capetta just announces him as his ”yet to be identified partner” and JR and The Body can’t name him for the entire match. But I think you’ll recognise him...


Oh yes. 2 Cold Scorpio has arrived in WCW! I’ve always been a huge fan of 2 Cold so I’ve been looking forward to this. Ross says it was supposed to Robbie Walker teaming with Simmons. Who the hell is Robbie Walker and why was he going to be teaming with the champ? 

This is a fun match. Scorpio really shines here and wows everyone, from the crowd to the commentators, with his high flying offence. Simmons has the word PRIDE down the side of his tights. The MMA organisation of that name wasn’t a thing in 1992 so I’m going to assume Big Ron was an early activist and OG in the gay rights movement. First time we’ve seen Tony Atlas in this journey through 92, looking like he can’t be arsed in his grey joggers, gym vest and white boots get-up. 

Yeah. Anyway, it’s action packed, this. 2 Cold is easily man of the match though. 


He gets the pin with a picture perfect 450 splash on Atlas. 

Jesse interviews the winners and Simmons finally informs us all what his partner’s name is. Man, I love Scorpio but it’s a good job he could fly because he was absolutely woeful on the mic here. 

We’re treated to a vignette for the new panty dropper team of the Z-Man and Johnny Gunn. 


It’s camp as fuck. Even for the early 90s. These two just seemed like a poor man’s Strike Force to me. We see them getting swarmed by women and measured for suits and stuff. This probably would’ve been effective if they were cocky dickhead heels but they’re supposed to be cool babyfaces. 

Madusa vs Paul E Dangerously 

Billed as the ‘Clash Of The Sexes’, Paul E comes out with Michael Hayes and they even have a Tale Of The Tape for this. 



Confirmed - Paul E has bigger tits than Madusa. Even in 1992. Wonder what Paul’s measurements are now. 

Some guy runs out in a mask and Paul E hits him with the phone and knocks him out. Weirdly the commentators act like this dumpy masked fucker is Madusa, which frankly is more insulting than anything Heyman has said about her. It’s clearly a bloke. Heyman says ”he wants what every other guy in the locker room got”, he’s going in to have a snog with the unconscious Madusa when he pulls a wig off. He takes off the mask and it’s Mike Thor. The jobber Heyman had beaten up and got the ‘win’ over in his ‘training’ session. 

Madusa finally appears and predictably beats the snivelling twat up. Kicks, a gut punch, knees, a slam. He’s getting bashed. There’s only a 5 minute time limit here. He’s begging for mercy. Paul E gets a few shots in thanks to interference from Hayes but she soon makes a comeback and after a missile dropkick, he’s had enough and bails. Madusa wins. 


All water under the bridge now. 

Sting vs Ravishing Rick Rude - King Of Cable Tournament Semi Final 

Bloody hell, Bill Watts loved a tournament, didn’t he? How many have we had in the few months since he took over? This one was to mark 20 years on TBS, apparently. I thought they already did that with the Clash in September. Whatever. We’re already down to the semis here. The finals will be at Starrcade. The tournament bracket is shown and it looked pretty good, to be fair. 


Windham vs Rude? Sting vs Pillman? Vader vs Rhodes as the other semi? I might have to go back and track them all down.

It’s Sting vs Rude here though. Lot of history between these two. Rude targeted Sting from the day he set foot in WCW and they’ve crossed paths a bunch in the year since in singles, tags and multi-man matches. 

Rude comes out. For some reason he doesn’t have that cracking theme song off the new Slam Jam album here. Smart, WCW, smart. Trying to promote your new CD but don’t play the best song off it. It’s decisions like that which put them out of business. It gets worse though, Rick’s moustache still hasn’t made a return. 


What the fuck was he playing at? 

”Fat, out of shape, Sting loving sleazebags” is what the fans are called tonight by Triple R. 

This isn’t for Rude’s US title, it’s purely part of the ‘King Of Cable’ tournament. And to ensure someone advances, we’ve got 3 judges on the outside - Ole Anderson, Hiro Matsuda and Larry Zbyszko. 

Rude wastes no time taking it to the Stinger but Sting turns it around and goes to town on Rude’s ravishing ribs. He attacks the ribs constantly for a good chunk of the match until Rude turns the tide and works over Sting’s back for a bit. His ribs are still knackered though. He can’t even do the swivel...



This is a fantastic match and really heats up on the closing stretch. Both come close to winning and there’s loads of near falls in the last few minutes. The time limit expires just as Sting is putting on the Scorpion Deathlock. They have to go to the judges and Sting gets the nod 2-1 on a split decision. He advances to the tournament finals at Starrcade. 

Again, a great match that was. Really enjoyed it. 

They are plugging the fuck of that Slam Jam CD. Relentless with it. 

Barry Windham & Dustin Rhodes (c) vs Ricky Steamboat & Shane Douglas - WCW & NWA World Tag Team Titles 

This is going to be quality. I’ve seen the finish before but don’t think I’ve ever seen the whole match. Windham and Rhodes are still the champions, despite clearly having issues getting along at this point. Steamboat and Douglas can’t have been teaming long, they had nothing to do with each other at Halloween Havoc yet here they are getting a title shot. 

I love the subtle touches here on the Barry/Dustin rift. They both come out looking grumpy and they’re both wearing different colours. Doesn’t sound like much but they mostly used to wear the same colour ring attire. But ever since they stopped getting along, they’ve been different. Windham is in red, Rhodes is in blue. It’s probably pure coincidence and I’m reading too much into it but I read it as they’re not even changing in the same dressing room anymore. It’s the little touches.

Starts fairly slow and tame with Rhodes and Douglas but gradually gets more heated as it goes on. Mostly because of Windham getting arsey. They isolate Douglas for a bit and soften him up before Steamboat finally gets the tag and then things really pick up.

The key moment comes when Steamboat goes for a leapfrog and Dustin accidentally catches him with a headbutt in the love spuds. Dustin being the nice guy and the sportsman he is, wants to let the Dragon recover. This infuriates Windham, who screams at his partner to go for the kill. Barry’s had enough and tags in to finish Steamboat off but Dustin actually stops Baz pinning him because he thinks he should give Steamboat time to recover. Well, tempers flare...


While all this is kicking off, they don’t notice that Steamboat tags in Douglas. Windham wins the slap battle but turns around and walks into Douglas’ belly-to-belly. It’s over.

Steamboat and Douglas are the new unified WCW/NWA world tag team champions. 

Rhodes realises what he’s done. He’s fucked it all up good and proper. Windham is livid. 


Windham snaps and attacks Dustin. Drops him with a big DDT, spits on him, hits the superplex and batters him some more as referees rush in to break it up. 

Fucking tremendous. The match and the fallout. One of the best I’ve seen so far watching these shows back and kind of makes up for that steaming turd that was Halloween Havoc. All four played their part to perfection here, the action itself was top notch and the story of the Windham and Rhodes team falling apart was done so well. 

As the show is about to end Jesse is backstage interviewing the new champs when Windham comes in like a maniac and wastes both of them with a chair. 


Man, Big Barry’s lost it. 

Loved this show. The last 2 matches are great. The main event was phenomenal and Sting vs Rude was class in its own right. The 2 Cold debut match was exciting. Even the dodgy matches like Madusa vs Paul E and Flamingo vs Badd were weirdly entertaining. If you’re going to watch anything off this one though, make it the main event and the Vinnie Vegas promo. 

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I think that King of Cable tournament was going on while Worldwide was briefly being shown on ITV in the South East. I remember them talking about it and showing the brackets, but I don't think they ever showed a match from it. 

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1 hour ago, HarmonicGenerator said:

Keep these reviews coming, @wandshogun09, best thing on the forum at the minute.

Seconded. I almost loathe watching these shows, because I'm worried your writeups and choice pics and gifs will mean they won't live up to the hype.

I'm also convinced the presentation of these shows is what people mean when they say they want "real sports presentation." Wrestlers presented seriously and wrestlers taking each other seriously. No wink-wink smug humour or convoluted angles outside the ring. Just solid in match ass-showery from Rude and logical simple storytelling from Windham and Rhodes.

So simple, it's ridiculous that it seems so hard for today's workers/promotions. 

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So, The Great American Bash 1989!

Starts off with a ridiculous two ring battle royal and, like almost all battle royals, it's shit. The two survivors are Dan Spivey and The Master and Ruler of the World. But because they're tag partners, Teddy Long says they're not going to fight and that they're sharing the 50 grand. Holla!

Flyin' Brian then beat the Artist Soon To Be Known As The Goon in a match that was 10 minutes too long. It went 10 minutes. Two styles that didn't mesh at all and Pillman wins. Not a great match.

The aforementioned Skyscrapers beat The Skateboarding Shitehawks in a terrible match. Sid absolutely refuses to sell anything, and quite right too considering who he's fighting. This match is notable for the fact that the crowd start chanting "WE WANT SID!" on a couple of occasions and cheer him five times louder than Johnny and Shane. Again, quite right too!

Jim Cornette then beat Paul E. Dangerously in a fun tuxedo match. Cornette's got some nerve moaning about people not selling though considering he completely forgets that Heyman's been battering his knee with his phone. Still the best match so far!

The Steiners and The Varsity Club (IRS and "Sullivan my son!") then twatted each other for 4 minutes in a Texas Tornado match. Why wasn't this match given longer? And I'm not just saying that because the Steiners are my favourite tag team ever. Mental to keep it this short.

Sting and The Great Muta ended in a double pin, except not really, in a mess of a finish. The match was alright but you could tell neither were all that sure of each other's styles, but because they're both so good, they still wring a good match out of it. The TV title gets held up as a result.

Lex Luger had another cracker, this time with Steamboat. The Package threatens to boycott the match if it remains no DQ so Steamer agrees to a normal match. The ending's a bit weird in that Luger brings a chair in and, for not much reason, Steamboat absolutely loses his shit and utterly twats Luger with it and gets disqualified, with Luger keeping the US title. Ventura would have done his nut if he'd commentated on this one, he knew Steamboat was a cheat all along.

Then War Games! LOD, Midnight Express and Dr. Death won over the Freebirds and Samoan Swat Team when Hawk stuck Jimmy Garvin in a Hangman's neckbreaker to make him quit. Just a lovely, long fabulous brawl. One of the lesser lauded War Games matches but just a blast.

Then Flair and Funk beat the shit out of each other with Flair retaining the World title clean. Just a fantastic brawl this, lovely and messy as Funk's best matches were. The after-match fight between them and Muta and Sting went almost as long as the match and was almost as enjoyable.

The first half was mostly awful and the second half was mostly fantastic, like many NWA cards.

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On 5/8/2019 at 10:32 PM, Devon Malcolm said:

Just watched WrestleWar 1989 and also just realised I've been missing Clash of the Champions but I can't be arsed to figure out all the chronology and everything.

I started going through WCW/NWA from Wrestlewar 89 a year or so ago. 89, 90 and the first bit of 91 are a whole load of fun they particularly remind you of how much fun tag matches used to be and how stupefying great Flair and the Steiners were. now i'm in the dark days of 1991, the last 2 show i watched were Great American Bash 91 & Clash of the Champions #16 which are grimly bad.

On to Halloween Havoc 1991 and the Chamber of Horrors match which i've somehow never seen. Enjoyed to be honest, it's that brilliantly shite that only wrestling can deliver.

The chronological list


NWA Clash Of The Champions #8 - "Fall Brawl" 12.09.1989
Halloween Havoc 1989 (Philadelphia PA, 28/10/1989)
NWA Clash Of The Champions #9 - "New York Knock Out" 15.11.1989
Starrcade 1989 (Atlanta, GA, 13/12/1989)

NWA Clash Of The Champions #10 - "Texas Shootout" 06.02.1990
Wrestlewar 1990 (Greensboro NC, 25/2/1990)
Capital Combat 1990 (Washington DC,19/5/1990)
NWA Clash Of The Champions #11 - "Coastal Crush" 13.06.1990
Great American Bash 1990 (Baltimore MD, 7/7/1990)
NWA Clash Of The Champions #12 - "Fall Brawl/Mountain Madness" 05.09.1990
Halloween Havoc 1990 (Chicago IL, 27/10/1990)
NWA Clash Of The Champions #13 - "Thanksgiving Thunder" 20.11.1990
Starrcade 1990 (St Louis MS, 16/12/1990)

Clash Of The Champions 14 30/01/1991
WrestleWar 1991 (Phoenix AZ, 24/2/1991)
SuperBrawl 1 (St Petersburg FL, 19/5/1991)
Clash of the Champions #15 “Knocksville USA” in Knoxville, TN, 12/6/91
Great American Bash 1991 (Baltimore MD, 4/7/1991)
Clash of the Champions #16 “Fall Brawl” in Augusta, GA, 5/9/91
Halloween Havoc 1991 (Chattanooga TN, 27/10/1991)
Clash of the Champions #17 in Savanah, GA, 19/11/91
Starrcade 1991 (Norfolk VA, 29/12/1991)

Clash of the Champions #18 in Topeka, KS, 21/1/92
SuperBrawl 2 (Milwaukee WI, 29/2/1992)
WrestleWar 1992 (Jacksonville FL, 17/5/1992)
Clash Of The Champions #19 - "NWA World Tag Team Title Tournament" 16.06.1992
Beach Blast 1992 (Mobile AL, 20/6/1992)
Great American Bash 1992 (Albany NY, 12/7/1992)
Clash Of The Champions #20 - "20th Anniversary" 02.09.1992
Halloween Havoc 1992 (Philadelphia PA, 25/10/1992)
Clash Of The Champions #21 18.11.1992
Starcade 1992 (Altanta GA, 28/12/1992)

Clash Of The Champions #22 13.01.1993
SuperBrawl 3 (Asheville NC, 21/2/1993)
Slamboree 1993 (Atlanta GA, 23/5/1993)
Clash Of The Champions #23 16.06.1993
Beach Blast 1993 (Biloxi MS, 18/7/1993)
Clash Of The Champions #24 18.08.1993
Fall Brawl 1993 (Asheville NC, 19/9/1993)
Halloween Havoc 1993 (New Orleans, LA, 24/10/1993)
Clash Of The Champions #25 10.11.1993
Battlebowl 1993 (Pensacola FL, 20/11/1993)
Starrcade 1993 (Charlotte NC, 27/12/1993)

Clash Of The Champions #26 27.01.1994
Superbrawl 4 (Albany GA, 20/2/1994)
Spring Stampede 1994 (Chicago IL, 17/4/1994)
Slamboree 1994 (Philadelphia PA, 22/5/1994)
Clash Of The Champions #27 23.06.1994
Bash at the Beach 1994 (Orlando FL, 17/7/1994)
Clash Of The Champions #28 24.08.1994
Fall Brawl 1994 (Roanoke VA, 18/9/1994)
Halloween Havoc 1994 (Detroit MI, 23/10/1994)
Clash Of The Champions #29 16.11.1994
Starrcade 1994 (Nashville TN, 27/12/1994)

Clash Of The Champions #30 25.01.1995
Superbrawl 5 (Baltimore MD, 19/2/1995)
Uncensored 1995 (Tupelo MS, 19/3/1995)
NJPW/WCW Collision In Korea
NJPW/WCW Collision In Korea
Slamboree 1995 (St. Petersburg FL, 21/5/1995)
Great American Bash 1995 (Dayton OH, 18/6/1995)
Bash at the Beach 1995 (Huntington Beach CA, 16/7/1995)
Clash Of The Champions #31 06.08.1995
WCW Monday NITRO #1
Fall Brawl 1995 (Asheville NC, 17/9/1995)
Halloween Havoc 1995 (Detroit MI, 29/10/1995)
NJPW WCW World In Japan - 13.11.1995
NJPW WCW World In Japan - 14.11.1995
World War 3 1995 (Norfolk VA, 26/11/1995)
Starrcade 1995 (Nashville TN, 27/12/1995)

Clash Of The Champions #32 (23.01.1996)
SuperBrawl 6 (St Petersburg FL, 11/2/1996)
Uncensored 1996 (Tupelo MS, 10/3/1996)
Slamboree 1996 (Baton Rouge LA, 16/5/1996)
Great American Bash 1996 (Baltimore MD, 16/6/1996)
Bash At The Beach 1996 (Daytona Beach FL, 7/7/1996)
Hog Wild 1996 (Sturgis SD, 10/8/1996)
Clash Of The Champions #33 15.08.1996
Fall Brawl 1996 (Winston-Salem NC, 15/9/1996)
Halloween Havoc 1996 (Las Vegas NV, 27/10/1996)
World War 3 1996 (Norfolk VA, 24/11/1996)
Starrcade 1996 (Nashville TN, 29/12/1996)

Clash Of The Champions #34 21.01.1997
Souled Out 1997 (Dayton OH, 25/1/1997)
SuperBrawl 7 (San Fransisco CA, 23/2/1997)
Uncensored 1997 (North Charleston SC, 16/3/1997)
Spring Stampede 1997 (Tupelo MS, 6/4/1997)
Slamboree 1997 (Charlotte NC, 18/5/1997)
Great American Bash 1997 (Moline IL, 15/6/1997)
Bash at the Beach 1997 (Daytona Beach FL, 13/7/1997)
Road Wild 1997 (Sturgis SD, 9/8/1997)
Clash Of The Champions #35 21.08.1997

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