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32 minutes ago, Fox Piss said:

I did have another one in the mean time and holy fuck was is turgid. Had Lex on the cover pointing. Feel for any kid who got lumbered with that.

This by any chance? 


Aside from a really good Dustin Rhodes vs Steve Austin match, yeah, crap. 

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Spin the wheel, make the deal. Spin the wheel, make the deal. Spin the wheel, make the deal.  Spin the wheel, make the deal. Man, forget the goofy concept, what a shitty promo.  Ha

Fall Brawl  September 19th 1993  Houston, Texas  As you can see there, Hawk was meant to be in the War Games main event. Doesn’t quite go down that way though... Usual opening wa

@Loki I’m probably being a tad harsh, to be fair. I was also a Big Ron fan so maybe him losing to Lex soured it for me. Looking up the show now it had the aforementioned Austin vs Rhodes plus Rick Rud

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No I'm a sucker for the chamber of horrors. It was...

Image result for wrestle war 90

The card doesn't look that bad but i remember this being a chore to get through on the annual work my way thru my VHS tapes days. What's peoples verdict on it?

Speaking of which. The GOAT of the VHS era...

Image result for wwf 1993 year of review

92 runs it close but quality and quantity on this bastard. 

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Ah right. Never seen that show but Flair vs Luger was usually good and I struggle to imagine Rock & Roll vs Midnights being anything less than very decent. I’m intrigued now but I’ll stick with 1992. 

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Continued my plough through WCW / NWA PPVs with Starrcade 1988. Good show, this.

Kevin Sullivan and Dr. Death beat The Fantastics for the NWA tag titles in a superb opener. Loads of absolutely cracking tag matches from around this time but this one is underrated.

The two Midnight Expresses then had one, with the new version coming out on top. Condrey and Rose were way off the pace in this one but this was still a decent enough match.

Then the Russian Assassins beat JYD and Ivan Koloff in a waste of time but at least it was only 5 minutes long.

Rick Steiner got a better than usual match out of the future IRS and won the world TV title off him. Then did a pretty funny interview with Magnum TA as a nice bonus.

Barry Windham and Bam Bam Bigelow then had a pretty good one, with Barry retaining the US title by countout. Probably could have been better considering how good these two always were, but not bad by anybody's standards.

The Road Warriors kept hold of the titles against Sting and Dusty after Paul Ellering got them disqualified. Dusty barely did anything in this match and yet it was still loads of fun, and it's still weird whenever I see Hawk and Animal playing heels.

Ric Flair and Lex Luger improved on their previous match with a blinder, Flair retaining the world title with feet on the ropes. Luger's timing in this was impeccable, amazed that people still think he was never any good.

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18 hours ago, wandshogun09 said:

I'm sure those last 3 matches were cut from the VHS actually. Pretty sure it just went from Pillman vs Liger to this;

Barry Windham & Dustin Rhodes vs Stunning Steve Austin & Larry Zbyszko 

They were, yeah. In fact, Eric & Tony finished off their link segment after the first match by announcing the next match was the Taylor Made Man vs Marcus Alexander Bagwell, then throw it backstage to Missy Hyatt for an interview with Taylor (which was included in the VHS), then it just doesn't happen & we get a decent match instead.

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15 hours ago, wandshogun09 said:

This by any chance? 


Aside from a really good Dustin Rhodes vs Steve Austin match, yeah, crap. 

I have this VHS and I really love it.  I actually think the 2/3 falls main event is pretty good.  Big Ron Simmons fan though tbf.

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This was my very first WCW video purchase!!! I remember seeing it in Woolworth's for ages, but never being able to convince my dad to buy it for me, finally one year I did and it was woth the wait. I need to go back and watch it again, along with some of the other PPV show's during this time period.


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@Loki I’m probably being a tad harsh, to be fair. I was also a Big Ron fan so maybe him losing to Lex soured it for me. Looking up the show now it had the aforementioned Austin vs Rhodes plus Rick Rude’s WCW debut as the Halloween Phantom! And I did enjoy the Chamber Of Horrors in a perverse way. So yeah, take no notice of me. 


WrestleWar 92: ‘War Games’ 

May 17th 1992

Jacksonville, Florida 

Fond memories. This is one we got from the local video rental a couple of times and I was always sad when it had to be returned. The main event is an all time classic, goes without saying. Let’s see how the rest holds up. 


Always thought that 2 rings next to each other set-up looked cool as fuck. 

Schiavone and Bischoff are saying this show will mark Sting’s return to the ring after being out since April with broken ribs. Think Vader did that, didn’t he? So the old Sting vs Vader feud is picking up steam now. This makes me happy. 

Greg Valentine & Taylor Made Man (c) vs Fabulous Freebirds - WCW United States Tag Team Titles 

The sounds of ‘Badstreet USA’ bring the Freebirds to the ring. Classic. Terry Taylor comes out dressed like he’s about to be shot out of a cannon.


And Valentine has his trademark face like a bulldog licking piss off a nettle. This was actually very decent considering all four men were kind of in the twilight of their careers by this point. Freebirds win the belts when Garvin hits Taylor with the DDT and Hayes whacks Greg The Hammer with the big left hand. Solid action and a nice finish. New champions from Badstreet Atlanta GA. 

Johnny B Badd vs Tracy Smothers 

I’m not as down on Mero as a lot of wrestling fans seem to be. From 1995-97 he was pretty good actually. In 1992, not so much though. Let’s see what Young Pistol Tracy can get out of him here. 

”We’re ready to rock and roll, Jacksonville and the whole world. I’m the greatest wrestler of all times! I’m so outrageous it’s contagious” - says Badd as he prances to the ring in his gold cape and black feather boa. 

JR talks up Badd’s Golden Gloves background and says he won a decision over Donovan ‘Razor’ Ruddock (who later fought Mike Tyson and Lennox Lewis) in the amateurs. Is that true? Anyway, we all know Golden Gloves is “amateur punk stuff” (Bobby Heenanâ„ąïž). Smothers’ orange and grey tights are horrible. I like him though. Feel he’s slightly underrated as a wrestler and he always seems a good guy in interviews. Anyway, this wasn’t bad. Fairly short and they both looked decent enough. Badd got the win the knockout left hand, or ‘The Kiss That Don’t Miss’ as he called it. 

Marcus Alexander Bagwell vs Scotty Flamingo 

Two WCW rookies facing off here. Bagwell is sporting some crappy gold tights. 


And I’ve just realised his initials are MAB. Side-on pics anyone? 

Flamingo of course went on to be Johnny Polo in the WWF and later made the drastic change to Raven in ECW. His arrogant beach bum character is goofy as fuck but enjoyable enough as undercard fodder. 

Jim and Jesse argue who’s older on commentary with JR hitting the future Governor with this zinger - ”You were in Vietnam in ‘69, I was still in high school.” Buff and Scotty start slapping the absolute shite out of each other to start, which I wasn’t expecting. Wasn’t the best, this. Really sloppy at times and their timing seemed off. Bagwell’s inexperience showed here and Scotty was never the type to be able to carry an opponent at the best of times. Scotty wins in around 7 minutes with a rollup and a handful of gold tights. 

Quote the Flamingo. Nevermore. 

Ron Simmons & Junkyard Dog vs Cactus Jack & Mr Hughes 

After what happened at Superbrawl, I’m guessing Abdullah The Butcher was originally meant to be in Hughes’ spot here. Can’t say I’m disappointed he’s been replaced. It says everything when you see Mr Hughes replacing someone as an improvement. Cactus jumps JYD right at the start, Dog doesn’t even make it to the ring. He’s injured and out of the match. Ron is pissed! It’s now been turned into a singles match between Simmons and Hughes, with Cactus remaining at ringside as some type of toothless, soap dodging, shrieking manager. I’ll take Madusa any day over...that. Why does Hughes wrestle with sunglasses on? Like a fat Ray Charles. Doesn’t matter. Simmons puts him away with the old 3 point stance shoulder tackle in about 5 minutes. Damn! 

Super Invader vs Todd Champion 

PPV debut for Super Invader.


Hercules Hernandez must’ve been ecstatic when he was pitched this gimmick. ”You’re gonna be a martial arts master from Bangkok and you’re gonna have this red stocking over your face. Cool, yeah?” Herc left the WWF for this. Poor Harley Race being saddled with this and having to try to make chicken salad out of this big bucket of chicken turds as well.

Todd Champion looks like Michael Flatley if he took ALL the steroids and lay on a tanning bed for a solid year.


This isn’t going to be pretty. 

And it’s not. Doesn’t take long for the crowd to start booing. Total squash. I’d call it a showcase for Invader but it didn’t showcase much. A long 5 minutes. I doubt poor Herc’s heart was really in this. The Lord Of The Dance hardly gets any offence in and Invader ends him with a powerbomb. 

Big Josh vs Richard Morton 

Nothing much to this. Not bad, Matt Borne and Ricky Morton were always both good in the ring, but it didn’t feel like it belonged on PPV. Neither man was going anywhere in WCW at this stage in the game. 

”Big Josh is not known for laundering his clothes too often. That may be the advantage he carries. You know, this guy, I think he only showers like once a month.” - Jesse Ventura 

Christ, Jess! Did Borne have a backstage rep for being a tramp or something and this was an inside joke? Just seemed really out of the blue and personal. 

Ha, Morton rips Josh’s shirt off and it gives the Body the perfect opportunity to continue. 

”And that shows you right there how rotten those clothes are if they’ll rip that easily, Jim Ross. Flannel like that? It ain’t been washed in months!” 

Bloody hell 😆

Anyway, yeah. Nothing match. The future Doink wins with an Earthquake-style arse drop. And Jesse again has a pop at his apparent bad hygiene during the replay. ”Look at that, he puts those dirty pants right in his face. Look at Morton grimacing from the smell”. Ha! There must be more to this. 

Flyin’ Brian Pillman (c) vs Z-Man - WCW Light Heavyweight Title 

Memory is hazy on this but it should be good. Former partners turned opponents with the gold at stake. 


Zenk jumps out of his fucking skin at his own pyro on his entrance. 

They’re both babyfaces but Pillman, to me, is starting to show subtle signs of heelishness here. They didn’t turn him until late 92 but this is the first time he showed any kind of baddie-like tendencies for me. 

Not a patch on Pillman vs Liger but it’s pretty good and tells a story that goes from former partners competing with mutual respect to, as the match goes on, a more heated battle. Flyin’ Brian comes out on top when Z-Man misses a top rope dropkick and Pillman flips over and folds him up for the pin. No handshake after either. I don’t know if I’m giving WCW creative too much credit but it definitely seemed like they were testing the waters and planting seeds for the eventual Pillman heel turn here. 

Steiner Brothers vs Tatsumi Fujinami & Takayuki Iizuka 

OK, this one I remember well. I fucking loved the Steiner Brothers. They’re probably the main reason I became a fan in the first place. And this match is one of the more talked about (for right and wrong reasons) of their initial WCW stint. They’re the WCW tag champs here but those belts aren’t up for grabs as this is a number one contenders match for a crack at the IWGP titles in Japan. 

Scotty and Fujinami start with some nice mat and amateur wrestling stuff. Then this happens...


How Scott didn’t snap his own fucking neck I’ll never know. It just seemed to piss him off if anything. 

Some good stuff with Iiuzuka and he looks impressive until they put him down with a sort of powerbomb/elbow drop double team move. That looked ace. Fujinami and Rick now...


And Rick just dumps him right on his bastard head with a release German suplex. Jesse says Iizuka on the apron is already bleeding from the nose and his eye is busted up.  

The Japanese set Rick up for a double team of their own but Rick catches Iizuka and belly-to-bellies him in mid-air off Fujinami’s shoulders! 


Amazing. Did I mention I love the Steiners? 

Somewhere along the line Iizuka must’ve pissed the Steiners off somehow. Whether he stiffed Rick or Scott or they felt he was getting too cute or they just didn’t approve of his pink tights, who knows? But after a certain point it seems like they just start no-selling his stuff and battering him. When Fujinami is in they’re still stiff but they’ll work with him. Iizuka gets in and they’re not having it. The punches and Steinerlines just seem to have that bit more venom behind them and they dump him that bit harder with their suplexes and throws. 

The Japanese mount a comeback on Scott with a spike piledriver and a Fujinami dragon sleeper but it’s fleeting and Rick’s soon back in fucking them both up. He puts Iizuka down for 3 with a big belly-to-belly off the top at around the 20 minute mark.

Really enjoyable hard hitting match but I must admit I ended up feeling sorry for Iizuka. He got bloody mullered. 

Sting’s Squadron - Sting, Ricky Steamboat, Barry Windham, Dustin Rhodes & Nikita Koloff vs The Dangerous Alliance - Ravishing Rick Rude, Stunning Steve Austin, Arn Anderson, Beautiful Bobby Eaton & Larry Zbyszko - War Games match 

Here we go. The cage lowers and out comes team number one. 


Look at that for a crew! 

Mad to think but how long were the Dangerous Alliance actually a stable? Was it even a year? Yet they’re consistently brought up whenever anyone talks about the best wrestling factions. And rightly so, they were such a strong collection of talent. 


Paul E runs through the strategy with the boys before this one gets underway. And Austin vs Windham kicks things off the right way. They go right at it. Jesse moaning again about Big Baz using the taped fist. Usually I get the logic there but this is fucking War Games. And you’re whinging about a bit of tape? Get out. Less than 5 minutes in and Austin is already busted open. Rude is in now and Windham is in trouble. 

Steamboat evens things up for the Squadron and he’s all over Rude and Austin here. Crowd is going berserk. In comes Double A and he makes an immediate impact nailing Windham with a DDT and Steamboat with a spinebuster. Getting chaotic now as the rings are filling up. Rude piledriver on the Dragon. Rhodes and Zbyszko are next to enter the fray. There’s so much going on here.


Madusa climbs the cage and drops Paul E’s phone into the cage to Arn Anderson. Sting chases her off but Arn’s already doing damage with it. Crowd goes mental as Sting gets in and he’s wrecking shop. Eaton and Koloff are the last entrants for their respective teams. A big story going in was could Nikita Koloff be trusted? He answered that by proving loyal to the Stinger. A bunch of these lads are bleeding all over the place. 

It’s the ‘Match Beyond’ now. The Alliance have pulled one of the ropes and turnbuckles off. Zbyszko goes to hit Sting with it and misses and twats Beautiful Bobby in the shoulder instead;


Sting puts an armbar on Bobby’s injured arm and it’s over. Sting’s Squadron win! 

Still as awesome to watch as ever. I have a soft spot for nearly every War Games match but this is undoubtedly the best of the bunch. It just flies by and there isn’t a dull moment to be had. 

A fantastic show all in all. Some of the undercard stuff isn’t the best but those last 3 matches delivered big time. 

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I love the way Jesse and JR talk about Luger on his way out of WCW, about him ducking challengers, not training enough, and so on. It should have been the model for Lesnar when WWE were doing the whole "he doesn't care about WWE any more" gig.

Jim Ross gets in a couple of, "we all know there's no money in bodybuilding" digs throughout the show as well, which is the earliest I can think of WCW actively needling the WWF.

I'm a huge fan of Jesse Ventura on commentary - I own an awful "THE BODY IS BACK" WCW Jesse T-shirt - but it's pretty clear that JR has no interest in working with him, and just won't bite on any of the leading statements Ventura offers him. 

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13 hours ago, wandshogun09 said:

fantasticï»żï»ż ï»żï»żshow all in all. Some of the undercaï»żrï»żd stuff isn’t the best but those last 3 matches delivered bigï»ż ï»żtimeï»ż.ï»ż

I've never watched the full show, only the main event. I might have seen Pillman Vs Zenk at some point too, but that card looks like it desperately needed those last three matches to deliver big time, as the first six look absolutely dreadful on paper. I must watch the Steiner's Vs Fujinami and lizuka though. That looks like great craic. 

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@WeeAl yeah I think the undercard for WrestleWar looking so weak was down to the fact they’d used up nearly all their best talent in the War Games match so the first 6 matches were pretty much filler. They weren’t that bad though, truth be told. They were kept fairly short and even when the action wasn’t up to much the commentary was entertaining. @BomberPat is spot on though. Ross clearly wasn’t a fan of working with Jesse. I think Jesse even addressed that in a shoot interview. It’s still quite fun to listen to them interact but it’s not in the same galaxy as the chemistry Jesse had with Gorilla or Schiavone. I’m actually looking forward to getting to the 1993 shows when JR fucks off and it’s Tony and Jesse. 

Continuing on...

Clash Of The Champions 19

June 16th 1992

Charleston, South Carolina 

WCW is in a transition here behind the scenes. Kip Frey is gone. Bill Watts has taken over as booker. And he’s making changes. Under Watts’ new rules, moves off the top rope are banned, which seems a great idea when the Light Heavyweight division has not long started up. Also, later on I think the mats were removed from ringside so if you were thrown out of the ring, you’d be landing on the cold, unforgiving concrete. Smashing, Bill. 

It’s going to be all tag team matches on this one as it’s the opening round of a 16 team NWA Tag Team Title Tournament to crown new champs.


Schiavone opens up the show and he’s with Missy Hyatt and Magnum TA. Missy announces that there’ll also be a NWA Heavyweight Title Tournament coming soon. Something to do with New Japan. But it’s NWA. In WCW. Not confusing at all. 

Ricky Steamboat & Nikita Koloff vs Joe & Dean Malenko - NWA World Tag Team Title Tournament First Round match 

It gets more confusing as the Malenkos are billed as “representing Europe”? Jim Ross says they’re originally from Hungary. Are they or is that bollocks? Like the Pat O’Connor tag tournament at Starrcade 90, they’ve tried to give this a bit of an international flavour by having each team rep a country. This is decent. Steamboat and Koloff seem like a bit of an odd couple team but they work quite well together. Weird seeing Stinko Malenko in long tights here. Shame him and Steamboat didn’t really interact much in this one. Steamboat and Koloff come out on top when Koloff pins Dean after the big clothesline/Russian Sickle. 

Ravishing Rick Rude & Stunning Steve Austin vs Z-Man & Marcus Alexander Bagwell - NWA World Tag Team Title Tournament First Round match 

No “What I’d like to have right now” or hip swivelling from Rude before the match. Weird. Straight down to business. At least Bagwell ditched those hideous glittery gold tights from WrestleWar. There’s no surprise who’s winning this though. No way Rude and Austin are losing to this pair of ham and eggers. Ah I forgot this was in that period where Ross constantly mentioned that Bagwell graduated from Sprayberry High School in Marietta, Georgia. Seriously, nearly every Bagwell match in 1992 had JR shoehorning that in. Jesse loved taking the piss out of the name Sprayberry. This is basically an extended squash match. Zenk and Bagwell are allowed a little bit of shine but not for long. Ravishing or Stunning they are not. Rude Awakening on Bagwell and it’s over. 

They’ve arrived...


Watts must’ve got on the dog and bone to these two as soon as he got the job as booker. They were kicking major arse in Japan at this time for Giant Baba’s All Japan. They’ve only just got in the door here and they’re already pissed off that everyone keeps asking them about the Steiners. 

Dr Death Steve Williams & Terry Gordy vs Larry & Jeff O’Day - NWA World Tag Team Title Tournament First Round match 

The O’Days are representing Australia and are a father and son team, which is different. They’re going to get fucking slaughtered here. Which is a shame because they look so placid and friendly walking out. It’s going to be like the Krays vs Ned Flanders kids. Apparently Larry had been wrestling since the 60s. Maybe he was something as a younger man but he looks bloody ancient here. He was 48 at the time of this match. He looks older than that and has a physique like a pile of mashed potatoes. 


Poor fucks. They have no idea what they’ve got themselves into, do they? No idea.

Doc and Gordy look hard as nails. JR tells us that old Larry O’Day was the Australian heavyweight champion for 11 years! Without missing a beat Jesse goes ”Who did he beat for that title, Crocodile Dundee?” Dr Death, just like his namesake Harold Shipman, doesn’t mind at all fucking up the elderly, as he really puts the boots to poor Larry here. The son comes in and he gets some as well. He’s only 21. Well out of his depth here. Tags his dad back in and Gordy fucking kills him with a back suplex that folds his neck like a bed sheet. Doc puts him out of his misery with the Oklahoma Stampede. That was a total mugging. 

Jesse the Body interviews WCW champ Sting. They show clips of Vader bashing him up from a while ago. Vader’s set to return from Japan and they announce that he’s the number one contender and will challenge Sting for the strap at the Great American Bash in July. Oh yes. 

Barry Windham & Dustin Rhodes vs Arn Anderson & Beautiful Bobby Eaton - NWA World Tag Team Title Tournament First Round match 

This’ll be fun. Windham and Anderson start and within seconds Jesse is going off about the taped fist of Windham again. You could set your watch to it. These four are all so smooth in there. Every combination just works. And forget about ‘moves’, these four do the basics so well. They’re all surely among the best punchers in the game. All four men’s punches look great. Baz and Dust win when Eaton misses the Alabama Jam and Dustin hits him with an awful looking bulldog; 


What was that? Why did Eaton do a bloody forward roll? 😂 

Anyway, tidy match. Could’ve been even better though, as it sort of ended just as it was really getting going. It was good while it lasted. 

The next tournament match was supposed to be the Steiner Brothers vs Miguel PĂ©rez Jr & Ricky Santana but Williams and Gordy do an interview with Bischoff saying there’s been an ‘accident’ involving what looked like a “couple of Puerto Ricans”. Basically they’ve attacked them backstage to take them out of the tournament. The Steiners will advance with a bye. 

Fabulous Freebirds vs The Silver Kings - NWA World Tag Team Title Tournament First Round match 

What an odd clash of styles this promises to be. Badstreet USA vs Mexico. It’s actually an OK little match. It is a funny mix and there’s no real story to it but there’s nothing to particularly dislike about it either. Doesn’t go that long. Plus you get Michael Hayes moonwalking. And this...


Booyaka, Booyaka, 619. 

The Freebirds get the win via Hayes’ small package. Make your own punchline for that one. 

Flyin’ Brian Pillman & Jushin Thunder Liger vs Chris Benoit & Beef Wellington - NWA World Tag Team Title Tournament First Round match 

This should be good. Pillman and Liger as a team! Liger is in some alternate outfit here that’s just white with red outlines. Nothing flashy about Team Canada. Is it Biff or Beef Wellington? I always thought Biff but the graphic says Beef. Whatever. He reminds me of a hybrid of Dynamite Kid and Fit Finlay here, but nowhere near as good as either. Liger and Benoit kick it off and it’s the usual from them. They always clicked. Pillman and Beefy have a couple of decent exchanges. Now it’s a battle of the future Horsemen as we get Pillman vs Benoit. 


Sweet. He wasn’t called Flyin’ Brian back then for nowt. They then proceed to chop the absolute fuck out of each other. Pillman wins the chop battle. He nearly takes the child murderer’s nipples off. Liger nails a beautiful Asai moonsault on Benoit too. Pillman vs Benoit chop war 2 and Pillman got the better of it again, IMO. 2-0. The Pillman/Liger dream team advance when Liger pins Beef with a moonsault. Nice match. 

Hiroshi Hase & Akira Nogami vs The Headhunters - NWA World Tag Team Title Tournament First Round match 

The Japanese team make quite a first impression. 


Hase always looked like a bit of a Japanese Eddie Guerrero to me. Nogami’s get-up is...interesting. I’ve seen both before but I’m more familiar with Hase. I remember him being featured heavily back when New Japan was shown on Eurosport in the 90s and he was really good. These Headhunters look like total jabronis. They’re in the most shitty basic black and white masks and outfits and just look generally cack. It’s clearly just 2 jobbers under the masks making up the numbers (Wikipedia confirms this. It was perennial Worldwide/Saturday Night jobbers Bob Cook and Joe Cruze under the hoods), and the Japanese team treat them as such. They pin the masked losers at the same time - Nogami with a bridging German suplex and Hase with a lovely looking Northern Lights suplex. 

Jesse conducts an in-ring interview with Ron Simmons where they talk about his hope to become the first black World Heavyweight Champion. Simmons starts cutting a nice promo but then Harley Race and Super Invader come out, Harley wants to say something about Sting and tells Ron he should be a “good little errand boy” and take a message back to the Stinger. Ron isn’t playing ball. 


”You listen to me, Mr Simmons. Seven different times I was the World’s Heavyweight Champion! And I had a boy like you carrying my bags.” 

Harley Race-ist. 

Simmons isn’t having that and he jumps on Harley. The Mediocre Invader tries to intervene but Big Bad Ron twats them both out of the ring. 

Bill Watts comes out and says that because of what happened to the Puerto Rican team earlier, we’re going to get the first match of the Quarter Finals - the Steiners vs Williams and Gordy - earlier than expected. As in tonight. Now! 

Dr Death Steve Williams & Terry Gordy vs Steiner Brothers - NWA World Tag Team Title Tournament Quarter Finals 

I might watch this from behind the sofa. It could well be even harder hitting than the Steiners vs Fujinami/Iizuka match from WrestleWar. The Steiners are the WCW Tag Team champions here, but those belts aren’t on the line here. They’re looking to win the tournament and add the NWA belts to their collection. 

They start out kind of cautiously, with them all taking turns testing each others’ amateur wrestling skills. Doesn’t take long before the heavy artillery is brought out though. Rick fires the first shot with an overhead belly-to-belly on Dr Death. 


And it just escalates from there. The tempers flare and they start roughing each other up. Takedowns, hard forearms across the face, stiff clotheslines, big suplexes. The lot. 

But Doc and Gordy eventually manage to soften up Scott and they give him a right kicking for a bit. Real good story being told that the Steiners might’ve met their match and finally come up against a team who are as physical and hard as them. Eventually Rick tags in and goes nuts but the ref didn’t see the tag. He goes to war with Gordy as Doc takes Scotty’s knee out on the floor. 


It wasn’t often that you’d see the Steiners thrown around like this in the early 90s. Scott tries to rally back but Gordy again clips his already weakened knee out from under him and Dr Death pins him. 123. They win. The Steiner Brothers are out of the tournament! Shocking scenes as the Steiners very rarely, if ever, lost decisively like this. 

Definitely some good stuff on here but overall it’s the weakest show I’ve seen so far from 92. Loved the emergence of Williams and Gordy though. They made a real impact here. The rest of the tournament will conclude at the Great American Bash and if this show did anything it set up some quality matches for the next round. 

Before that though, it’s Beach Blast next. 

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The Malenkos were billed as representing Europe because Boris Malenko was a kayfabe Russian. Why they opted for Hungary, I'm not sure, unless it's simply because they felt Koloff was already filling their Russian quota for that match.

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Might have to revisit 1992 WCW, loved Williams and Gordy as a team, although I also have a soft spot for Dustin Rhodes and Barry Windham. I know it's much maligned, but I also have a bit of a fondness for Halloween Havoc '92 and the Spin the Wheel, Make the Deal gimmick. The main event isn't great, but some hidden gems on the undercard. 

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