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  1. General Adnan's Football 17/18

    I like Jesus but him and Sanchez who isn't that proven striker even though he did alright up top for Arsenal last year isn't enough to justify getting rid off Aguero. I assumed he will just rotate with Sane. Just like Bernardo and Sterling currently do on the other wing.
  2. General Adnan's Football 17/18

    Seems Sanchez is close to leaving for us (City). Sometimes bringing in a big player can upset the squad which is very possible. Especially since he will be fighting mainly with Sane for his position and Sane seems very stroppy. It might liven the season up a bit though it's actually pretty boring winning at minute.
  3. Predictions for 2018 - Prospects, Champions etc.

    Nothing outragous here but from looking at the UFC rankings with decent matchmaking Santiago Ponzinbbio and Michael Chiesa will move higher up the rank quite easily. Wouldn't surprise me if Werdum becomes champ. I don't know how well they will do but David Teymur, Niko Price and Emil Meek impressed. Don't know how much i believe this but hopefully Nate Diaz comes back. Holloway v Ortega is the fight i'm most hyped for.
  4. Doomed anecdotal megathread #2

    The Adidas "Here 2 create" advert might somehow topple Paddy Powers wheelchair advert for worst ever.
  5. I just watched Baby Driver. It's watchable. It's just that when you've watched it, you think it's trash. It feels like no story ever kicks in or gets going (Love or Heist). The music element was pretty tripe too. I'm at a lost with this films hype i really am. If there was a genre for weird getaway drivers it wouldn't even be in the same stratosphere as Drive.