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  1. Martial should be thankful Pogba seems to be public enemy number 1 because he does nothing for me. No way should he be in United starting 11 come start of next season.
  2. Why is there tension between Alexa Bliss and Sasha? Did any reports come out about what caused it?
  3. Yep was a dour affair and performance in 1st leg. Could be a debate about away goal rule but wouldn't mind football being left alone for a while.
  4. What a game. Quite the way to go out but it's nice to feel like they give everything.
  5. Man City are dropping points somewhere on this run and that's from a City fan. So fixture wise you've got to favor Liverpool unless Big Game Wolves aren't on the beach in Portugal come the last day.
  6. Samoa Joe for me. I thought seeing him the past 6 months i'd like him but he is a proper leisure center Tazz for me. Promo seeming proper off to me too.
  7. Hopefully at the shake up Sami gets moved to a gym. Turned up in terrible shape.
  8. On my live feed you saw the man (rasta hat anyways) enter the ring. Cuts to the crowd throughout the main confrontation. Cuts back with Nat and Bret in the corner with wrestlers comforting them (Tyson Kidd, Ronda and a few others) Nattie mouthing she can't believe it happened. Drake walks up to the mic and tells the crowd not to pay or give any attention to that "Arsehole?" i think.
  9. AJ v Orton Joe v Rey Lashley v Finn Roman v Drew These 4 matches are proper cannon fodder. Take these 4 matches out and you've got a alright card with enough light stuff to break it up. Pray these matches don't get much time.
  10. I thought that was a cracking HOF especially compared to past ones. Majority of speeches were a home run and even though the Zodiac was struggling he kept it short enough. I'm not a massive Hogan fan and missed his reinduction back into the WWE but found New Day (maybe because they was in view) reaction just a bit odd/awkward.
  11. I can't believe what a difference a set change can do to the product. The change in April 97 is such a dramatic improvement especially after that Germany show.
  12. Fox Piss

    Boxing Thread

    To be fair it all seemed pretty pantomime since the press conference. Bellew calling for Cash to be banned for life caused eye rolling.
  13. From my recollection, Ahmed Johnson feuding with Farooq/NOD went on for 16 months or so. I remember seeing the feud had started on my Summerslam VHS and it rolled on til near enough the time Ahmed left. I think there was an injury spell in there but still...
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