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  1. I'm hoping the 3 Yorkshire teams can squeeze into the play offs. 2 big clubs there (Wednesday and Leeds) who could really add to the Premiership.
  2. I find it hard to give Mighty Mouse #1 spot. I also find it weird he can dare complain about money. His actively avoided the bigger "money fights" to do this silly mickey mouse title run were his last four opponents have come in with 16 losses. Guys obviously majorly talented but his kinda like playing bowling with barriers up.
  3. He put up some Insta post about how he didn't want D.C stripped but he wanted answers because that's what is right. If people don't like it then thats tough he also said.
  4. Seems very likable when he appears on tv. His not for everybody though. He was involved in a incident were he body shamed a women with a hideous saggy arse. He got a lot off criticism.
  5. It took me til Thursday to watch all off Mania. Slacked one night though when i watched the really disappointing Mixed Tag and tapped out at the thought off watching HHH-Rollins straight after. Felt sorry for Cena his value is at a all time low. His entrance was sad to see especially when he can offer a lot. A break is needed. Apart from Bayley channeling Blue Blazer and Seth Rollins hyping up a cross body like a Phoenix splash to the outside the show was real enjoyable to dip in and out off throughout the week. Can't say i'm that bothered about losing the Undertaker at this stage. Always the chance he could deliver a belting match but it looks really embarrassing when it doesn't come off. Can't be fucked with this talk about his HOF being him on his own or him protecting the gimmick. It's 2017! Just headline and give a speech!!!
  6. I worry. Going to take some craft to make this card flow. Vince should've just shoved Y2J/Owens & Wyatt/Orton on Pre Show too. Outside entrances/pops i can't see them offering much.
  7. Just watched David Lemieux left hand destroy Curtis Stevens in a fun fight that ended in the 3rd. Stevens got knocked out cold for around 2 minutes underneath the ropes with his arm on a announce table. A few thing left me feeling abit cold about the whole thing... - It took ages for medical team to get too him. Stretcher was struggling to get thru from the back. - The announcers (HBO international broadcast team?) showed ZERO emotion to Stevens as he laid there. - HBO wouldn't take a camera off his mother as she stood at the side off the ring. - The ring just fills up with every fucking Tom,Dick and Harry. Seriously who are these people? David with his team one corner and Stevens just laid there with medics then just a bunch off fucking nobodys stood dead center. - A camera angle shows Stevens trainer just casually sitting far side off ring seconds after his man is brutally K.O. Just all very bizzare and cold. Edit - OH AND FUCKING BELT POSITIONING!!! I'm sick off seeing some overweight slob behind fighters as they get their hand raised moving the fucking straps so their org can be seen.
  8. Tony fitness will just be riding it's peak now. To try extended that til 210 won't happen. If i was Tony i'd take a fight tomorrow night with the condition his next fight will be for the proper 155 title and no interim. That way he could also miss the Khabib roadbump that lays there (on top off him for 15 mins).
  9. A huge hit for him after his recent book deal (now gone) and Maher appearance (which he came across way too giddy and annoying.) I doubt it will be the end off him though.
  10. I don't really mind what his saying but touching gloves about a minute before saying the stuff about Browne soured me a little. It's like his posturing a bit. His limited and fat as fuck though. So intrigued to see who stops the run.
  11. Fedor vs Meathead is canceled according to Ariel. Matt fell ill. What a nightmare! Got to feel for everyone involved if genuine.
  12. City do. Aguero is pound for pound nasty man in Premier League. His always aiming to break Luiz legs or elbow Reid back to New Zealand. Fernadinho threw Cesc over a advertisement board. His had a couple off other incidents too. Just missing the days off De Jong breaking limbs and Balotelli cause mass mayhem.
  13. Kinda felt uncomfortable watching his team in the interval. Wonder what it would take for them not to send him out. Doctors test just before round 2 didn't seem much either (took 2 steps forward) and was given the green light.
  14. It doesn't matter now but did anybody else think Herb Dean bottled the stoppage at end of round 1 in the Cerrone/Masvidal fight? It looked like he jumped in before the buzzer (cause Donald was finished).
  15. Conor Mcgregor says "never say never" to Wrestlemania. Talks ongoing. His apparently turned some stuff down. He says "He rather have a real knock with some wrestlers" Oh and he said he stole Vince walk and he doesn't give a fuck it's his walk now.