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  1. It's so sloppy by "upper management" to be in need off 3 full backs when first game is in a month. Danilo and Mendy are due but after the Alves snub you just don't know what can happen. General feeling was that if Alves came that would free up money for a CB but that won't happen now. The Sanchez deal feels very cold now too.
  2. The early HBO 24/7's are really what made Mayweather crossover and become the biggest boxing star. They might come across abit cliche now but at the end off that decade boxing was crying out for somebody like Floyd.
  3. Finally the Walker deal got done. I was over the moon with the transfer but seeing all the negativity about him from people and pundits as me questioning if I've totally misjudged him. Time will tell. The fee is fine too probably because i'm numbed we payed 50M for Stones who at this time isn't 50% the player i see Walker being.
  4. I really find Schaub entertaining in the right environment but jeez the guy doesn't have the composure to think before he talks. He just said Eddie Alverez is on Mount Rushmore. I'm hoping he means his visiting.
  5. Certainty looked like a full blown sabotage job. Format certainly put shade on things but it all just looked a maneuver to tame Conor. Mayweather pandering chants to his paid entourage was hilarious
  6. I favor Woodley. Minus the weird "race" issues before Thompson II, the belt as galvanised him. He comes across as the champ which unfortunate some other champions don't.
  7. Very impressive that Arch. I got 27/30. I've been a avid viewer since season 1 even though i was only 9. Missed a couple off the early channel 5 versions. I got Pieface wrong even though i knew his name. Then got 2 similar looking blokes i don't recognize, Conor McIntyre and JJ Bird.
  8. Does Conor even attempt to go for the 12 round survival victory? His got a good chin but he can still get put down with it. I imagine Floyd would light him up with body shots and make his already questionable cardio suffer more damage. I hope Conor goes for a 3/4 rounds balls out, all guns blazing affair. Sure it puts him in way more jeopardy off him getting caught with him probably being sloppy as fuck but i think that his best bet of getting credit from neutrals and slim chance off getting a shot on Floyd very small head.
  9. Mauro, Al Bernstein and Paulie will call it for Showtime like normal with word that there will be UFC contributors throughout. Mauro is insufferable on twitter. Team JBL.
  10. Thursday also. I checked the temp but just was under impression it was very cool at night. I've left shopping late so just wanted to be sure. Ain't having my chicken legs out at night though so will after battle through sweating in pants/jeans. Hope you enjoy MrK.
  11. Hi. Wondering if anybody could help. I'm going to Las Vegas this week. What would people recommend to wear at night? I was told it's quite chilly. Chilly enough to pull off my token Jumper look or is it real warm?
  12. Live Serie A game on C4>Bath>Hearbeat>Londons Burning. The only positive was when i had the chance to look in a sky magazine and see WWF PPV. Then it was a case off my mum ringing every Tom,Dick and Harry to find somebody to record it.
  13. Though not there this season Bony and Nasri are likely to leave too.
  14. You could pretty much stick a fork in him. His nailed on for West Ham but your lot have been strongly linked with Clichy. His still alright for cover but shouldn't be anywhere near your first 11.
  15. Clichy, Navas, Caballero and Sagna will leave Man City at the end off June. Very much needed but all except Sagna have played their part in the recent success even though each as been heavily criticized. Anybody think they could do a job at their club? Hopefully Kyle Walker on the way in. Big fan off that.