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The Mandela Effect

UK Kat Von D

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Is anybody aware of fifth housemate from The Young Ones? It's one of the popular ones commonly discussed on the subreddit.  I've not seen a single episode of The Young Ones (shocking, I know, but it's on my Netflix to-watch list), but I know there are a fair few fans on here.


Basically, there's a "ghostly" figure in plain view in most episodes that not many people seem to have ever noticed:






It's even in publicity shots:




Young Ones fans - have you noticed him/her before? From looking at pictures, it's hard to understand how anybody could miss that, yet there are news articles all over the place written by people who have failed to notice this.

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There's that version of the film Sex Tape where Jason Segal's character dies from a spider bite early in the plot, and then the film proceeds as before, but without him. It's just an Amazon joke, but by the number of confused responses I've seen online, I'll bet it enters into some people's memory as having been a real thing.

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I read a strange one on Reddit about a guy who was a fan of the black metal band Mayhem for nearly 20 years and woke up one day to discover the guitarist had died in 1993. He thought he was going crazy because he had seen the band with the guitarist performing only a few months ago and even met him at the record shop he runs a couple of years previously and got his autograph. He swore that he never died and was still playing and writing new material with the band.

The thread is here is anyone wants to check it out.

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One of the first things I ever knew about Mayhem was Euronymous being killed by Varg (and Per killing himself), that's many peoples first glimpse into Black Metal. Imagine being a fan of Queen and not knowing that Freddie had died all those years ago..

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