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The Mandela Effect

UK Kat Von D

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My Mum got quite eggy with me when I told her this wasn't true, and accused me of calling her a liar (I was calling her memory shit). When I smugly proved it by showing her the snopes article it did little to relax her. Who would have thought correcting people, and doing so with a shit eating grin, would cause such irritation.

Something similar with a mate a few years ago. I'd recently discovered that there are actually more than the 5 classic senses. The example I used was the perception of heat - thermoception. He refused to acknowledge it, saying it was part of the touch sense. So I decided this would be worth spending a quid on and texted AQA for impartial confirmation. He still wouldn't concede.


Another good one is Proprioception (the ability to tell where your body parts are, relative to other body parts).

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8 minutes ago, Keith Houchen said:

Worms has never been so much fun. 

Thing is, I actually though that's what it was. Cannon Fodders was Worms, and Worms was Cannon Fodder.


Other than the music for recruitment from Cannon Fodder which is ace and I remembered correctly, and found the original version of.



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I remember a famous US news story about a guy who moved sandbsgs in a massive storm so he, a married man, could spend time with his girlfreind. This led to massive flooding and he was given a jail term.

This, in my mind, was about ten years old but the only reference I can find on Google is this guy which is from 1993.  No matter how use "moved sandbags wife mistress/gitlfreind jail" James Scott comes up.

This is almost thirty years old, not ten. Am I going mental or was there another csse?


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A possible explanation is the way social media constantly regurgitated old news stories.

You know the find of thing, "You won't believe what's happening in Manchester" and when you Google it, it's a story from 5 years ago.

Or someone posting a video you saw 10 years ago like it's brand new.

I guess you saw a 20 year old story 10 years ago.

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13 hours ago, PowerButchi said:

So anyway, the title screen theme from Cannon Fodder I had in my head for 25 years wasn't the theme from Cannon Fodder. It was from Worms,

I never knew that the stage “Bugger Me It’s Cold” later became “Blast, it’s Cold”.

I did however remember it as “Bugger Me It’s Cold Out There”, and thought the intro lyrics were, “don’t you worry, kill em with your gun, dying in the universe, lying in the sun”.

I want to go and play it now.


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