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~*UKFF's Children Thread*~


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It's time for the tooth fairy to pay a visit, as the tooth that's been wobbly for the past couple of weeks has finally come out.

Except it hasn't. 

My 6 year old has hatched a cunning plan to scam the incisor infatuated imp, with a white stone.

No photo description available.

He must have sold it well, because he managed to fool his teacher with it.

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My eldest has been selected to be a panel judge in this years Hampshire Book Awards and I am so, so, so proud.

Her dream has always been to be an author, she has adored reading from a very early age, and she is absolutely chuffed to have been chosen, so we're very proud of her.

When I told her 10yo sister that she had to read the entire shortlist by June, she replied "L, that's what she gets for being a nerd" 😂😂😂

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Has anyone got any tips for flying long haul with young children? 

In a few months, we will be flying over 20 hours with out 5yo and 18mo and I'm absolutely dreading the flight. We are flying with Emirates and have booked the front row of seats to allow them a little bit of floor space to play, bought some colouring books etc, but I just can't get excited at all about going, because the thought of 20 hours stuck in a seat with two young kids terrifies me. 

I'm tempted to try those natural calming patches to see if they work, which are suppose to aid sleep etc. I think the 5yo will be fine watching films etc, but the 18mo is at the stage of wanting to just be everywhere. It's not only that, there's the anxiousness around other passengers being annoyed at two young kids being on the plane if they are playing up. 

Planes should have an onboard soft-play to chuck them in, never mind a first class sky lounge. 

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