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RIP Virgil

The Reverend

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When I first started borrowing tapes and watched the golden era stuff, Virgil standing up to Dibiase was a defining moment of that era for me.

Was he any good after that feud during the New Generation or WCW? Absolutely not but fair play to him staying in work the entire time.

Last thing I remember seeing of him was the Chris Jericho package early in AEW which he was really funny in. Got him a few Dynamite appearances too. Always grifting.

RIP Virgil.


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That's shit, he'd been pretty ill for a while now after two strokes and wasn't he suffering from dementia?

But yeah, seeing him finally stand up to Noel Edmunds was a big thing and it's sad that he couldn't ever truly capitalise on that.

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A sad day, and yes, an unremarkable career aside from the recurring rib names, but just as a blind pig sometimes finds an acorn, we will at least always have his turn at the Rumble and beating his boss for the diamonds & gold to look back on. A super slice of Hulkamania era that, a real highlight on a tape full of fun that was a major part of early fandom for many of us.

You skip the Mania VII match inbetween though, that was pretty rubbish.

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