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More Questions Than Answers.


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So I've been to the pub today for lunch today, and while I was there I had to go for a gypsies and was confronted by a sight that offered no obvious explanation. 

Someone had not hit the urinals in a spectacular fashion, it was like a racehorse had been in. Now this can happen in any pub, what was strange though, and something I have no answer for was that there was a single piss footprint in the middle of the room, not near the urinals, and when I say footprint I mean footprint, the toes were clearly outlined, just one and no other footprints in the room. 

The only conclusion I can come too is that a one legged barefoot man went for a wazz, pissed everywhere and hopped out in a single bound. This seems unlikely and like the Johnny Nash song it left more questions than answers. 

So has anyone else has a situation that has left you with more questions than answers?

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1 minute ago, TheBurningRed said:

I thought it was Gypsy Lee - Pee. That’s how my dads been saying it around me my whole life. 

At least we’ve moved on from people who can’t shit properly to piss. 

Gypsy Rose Lee - Tea surely. Hence, a nice cup of Rosie. 

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