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UK wrestling in 1993


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Hi everyone I am new to the forum.  I am interested in finding some information around the UK wrestling scene in 1993 for a project I am working on. 

I already use the usual sources like cagematch etc so was hoping someone might be able to point me the way of more resources or maybe share personal knowledge

Mainly I am looking for information on rosters.. promotions.. the state of the scene in general. 

I know about all star which is the obvious one.. reslo I was looking into but cagematch doesn't seem to have any cards up from 1993.

I also know there was a lot of tribute going on back then of course with UK undertakers etc. 


So if anybody can share some information that would be great




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Hope this doesn't crash the site, but I'll spoiler-tag it as it's super long:

1993 shows/results:




BURGESS HILL – 2/1/93. Danny Collins v Mal Sanders…Zebra Kid v Miguel Santos…Pete LaPaque v Steve Johnson…Lee Darren v Young Jason.


SPENNYMOOR – 2/1/93. Big Daddy & Scott Valentine v The Undertakers…Giant Haystacks v Detroit Destroyer.


NEWCASTLE – 3/1/93. Big Daddy & Karate Kid v The Undertakers…Giant Haystacks/Mighty Yankee/Detroit Donovan.


WARMINSTER – 4/1/93.


CROYDON – 5/1/93. Rumble – Giant Haystacks/Scrubber Daly/Marty Jones/Johnny Wilson/Drew McDonald/John Prater.


SCUNTHORPE – 6/1/93. Rob Brookside/Doc Dean/Dave Williams v Steve Prince/Vic Powers/Shane Flint.


BRISTOL – 7/1/93. Rumble – British Bulldog/Boston Blackie/Drew McDonald/Legend of Doom/Steve Casey/Terry Rudge.


LITTLESTOKE, BRISTOL – 8/1/93. Pat Roach v Scrubber Daly.


LEEDS – 8/1/93. British Heavyweight Title :- Dave Taylor v Drew McDonald…Tag Team KO Tournament….Kendo Nagasaki & Blondie Barratt/Gil Singh & Little Prince/Rob Brookside & Doc Dean/Danny Collins & Richie Brooks.


ASHFORD – 9/1/93. John Riley & Bill Beaney v Mal Sanders & Robbie Hagen…Mark Singleton v The Brawler…Corporal Punishment v Ricky Cortez…Dan Moody v Kung Fu.


MIDHURST – 9/1/93. The Zebra Kid v Johnny Wilson…Brian Maxine v Dave George…Pete LaPaque v Steve Johnson…Ricky Cortez v Lee Darren.


NORWICH – 9/1/93. Marty Jones v Danny Collins…Dave Taylor v Drew McDonald…Darren Walsh v Dick the Bruiser…Banger Walsh v Dale Preston.


SWANLEY – 9/1/93. Giant Haystacks v Skull Murphy.


AYLESBURY – 11/1/93. Rumble – Fit Finlay/British Bulldog.


CHELMSFORD – 12/1/93. Rumble – Fit Finlay.


COLNE – 14/1/93. World Mid/Heavyweight Title – Marty Jones v Ray Steele…Alan Kilby v Buffalo Beaney (British Light/Heavyweight Title).


OLDHAM – 14/1/93. Fit Finlay.


SOUTHAMPTON – 14/1/93. Rumble – Dave Taylor/Danny Collins/Rob Brookside/Doc Dean.


WALTHAMSTOW – 15/1/93. Mal Sanders/Johnny Kidd/John Prater/The Exterminator.


STOCKPORT – 15/1/93. Kendo Nagasaki & Blondie Barratt v Tony St.Clair & Marty Jones…Dave Taylor v UK Earthquake.


ALDERSHOT – 15/1/93. Rumble – Jimmy Ocean/Ricky Knight.


FAREHAM – 15/1/93. Rumble – Johnny Wilson/Steve Slaymaker.


SALISBURY – 16/1/93. Rumble – Giant Haystacks.


KINGS LYNN – 16/1/93. Kendo Nagasaki & Blondie Barratt v Dave Taylor & ?.


HANLEY – 16/1/93. Big Daddy & Scott Valentine/Marty Jones/Tony Stewart/Barry Douglas.


CLEETHORPES – 17/1/93. Kendo Nagasaki & Blondie Barratt v Giant Haystacks & Scrubber Daly…Nipper Riley v Mad Dog Wilson…Dick the Bruiser v Dale Preston…Andy Strong v Ray Fury.


FALMOUTH – 18/1/93.




HERTFORD – 20/1/93.


PENZANCE – 21/1/93.


HAYWARDS HEATH – 22/1/93. Giant Haystacks v John Prater…Danny Collins v Mel Stuart…Steve Slaymaker v British Grenadier…Barry Cooper v Steve Wilson.


YORK – 23/1/93.




CATFORD – 26/1/93. British Tag Titles – Rob Brookside & Doc Dean v Jimmy Ocean & Ricky Knight.


EXETER – 27/1/93.


WORTHING – 28/1/93. Rumble – Kendo Nagasaki.


CARLISLE – 29/1/93. Kendo Nagasaki & Blondie Barratt v Rob Brookside & Doc Dean…Klondyke Kate v Julie Starr…British Bushwhacker v Hillbilly Jake…Danny Collins v Chic Cullen.


MIDDLESBROUGH – 30/1/93. Marty Jones/Alan Kilby/Ray Robinson/Danny Collins.


LOWESTOFT – 30/1/93. Rumble – Steve Grey/Pete LaPaque/Sid Cooper/Hitman Hobbs/Steve Sadler/Tom Thumb.


HANLEY – 30/1/93. Rumble…Kendo Nagasaki/Tony St.Clair/US Avalanche/Dave Taylor/Jimmy Ocean/Ricky Knight/Rob Brookside/Doc Dean/Steve Prince/Vic Powers.


SUDBURY – 30/1/93. Rumble – Scrubber Daly/Shane Stevens/Tarantula/Klondyke Jake/Kashmir Singh/The Undertaker/Billy Jo Brannigan.


CHESTER – 30/1/93. Fit Finlay/British Bulldog/Drew McDonald/Steve Casey/Ring Warrior/Power Ranger/Gladiator.


WINCHESTER – 30/1/93. Rumble – Johnny Wilson/Blondie Barratt/Flash Barker/Mark Smith/Dave George.


DARLINGTON – 1/2/93. Fit Finlay/Steve Casey/Dynamite Kid/Drew McDonald.


CHELMSFORD – 2/2/93. US Avalanche/Heavy Metal Maniac/Mongolian Maulers v Dave Taylor/Danny Collins/??.


BOLTON – 3/2/93. Fit Finlay/Dynamite Kid/Drew McDonald/Steve Casey.


ARBROATH – 3/2/93. Giant Haystacks v Dave Taylor…Klondyye Kate.


THETFORD – 3/2/93. Rumble – Scrubber Daly.


BRISTOL – 4/2/93. Tony St.Clair v Heavy Metal Maniac…Jimmy Ocean & Ricky Knight v Flash Barker & Darren Walsh…US Avalanche.


COLNE – 4/2/93. Mongolian Maulers v Rob Brookside & Doc Dean…Giant Haystacks.


DERBY – 4/2/93.


LEWES – 5/2/93. Royal Rumble – Steve Grey/Blondie Barratt/Pete LaPaque/Miguel Santos/Bill Cody/Dave George/Adrian Finch/Ricky Cortez/Steve Johnson/Young Jason. MC – M.Mason. Ref – J.Reed. All 20M 1F. Pete LaPaque S18 beat Steve Wilson. Ricky Cortez F14.30 beat Jace the Ace. Blondie Barratt F11 beat Steve Johnson. Miguel Santos beat Dave George DISQ 9. Steve Grey S9 beat Adrian Finch.


LEEDS – 5/2/93. Giant Haystacks v US Avalanche…Heavy Metal Maniac v Dave Taylor…Mongolian Maulers v Tony St.Clair & ?.


HOLYHEAD – 5/2/93. Fit Finlay/Dynamite Kid/Boston Blackie/Drew McDonald/Steve Casey.


STRETFORD – 6/2/93. Big Daddy & Tony Stewart v The Undertakers…Giant Haystacks v Axel Strong…KO – Ian McGregor/Alan Kilby/The Jailer/Jimmy Munro.


MIDHURST – 6/2/93. Princess Paula v Tracey Kemp…Johnny Saint v Mad Dog Wilson…Steve Wilson v Wayne Coates…Lee Thomas v The Longman.


GOSPORT – 6/2/93. Brian Maxine & Steve Grey v Mal Sanders & Pete LaPaque…Johnny Wilson v Masked Marauder…Johnny Sparkes v David Hines…Steve Slaymaker v Clive Cannell.


NORWICH – 6/2/93. Mongolian Maulers/US Avalanche/Ulf Ranger/Heavy Metal Maniac v British Gladiators/Dave Taylor/Danny Collins/Barry Douglas.


BRIDGNORTH – 6/2/93. Scott Valentine v Pete Evans.


SOUTHWELL – 6/2/93. Rumble – Scrubber Daly/Kashmir Singh/Shane Stevens/Klondyke Jake/The Undertaker.


BLACKBURN – 7/2/93. Giant Haystacks v The Ring Warrior…Gil Singh v Scrubber Daly…Marty Jones v The Exterminator…Kid McCoy v Pete LaPaque…King Ben v Vic Powers.


CLEETHORPES – 7/2/93. Ian McGregor v Johnny Angell…Greg Valentine v American Dream…Bulldog Brown v Pete Evans…Tony Stewart v Billy Jo Brannigan.


OXFORD – 8/2/93. Rumble – Kendo Nagasaki/Alan Kilby/Marty Jones/German Ranger/Dave Taylor/The Superflys/Johnny Wilson/Blond Stinger/John Prater. All 20M 1F. Dave Taylor F10.58 beat Barry Douglas. British Bushwhacker F10.04 beat Steve Prince. Kendo Nagasaki PW3.31/PW7.54/F8.21 beat John Prater PW6.35. Jimmy Ocean & Ricky Knight v Johnny Wilson & Alan Kilby. Rumble won by Dave Taylor in 16.44.


CROYDON – 9/2/93.




BURY ST.EDMUNDS – 11/2/93.


BURGESS HILL – 12/2/93.


SALISBURY – 13/2/93. Mongolian Mauler v Rob Brookside & Doc Dean…Marty Jones v Randy Lewis…Danny Collins v John Riley…John Prater v Dave Taylor.


HANLEY – 13/2/93. Tag Team KO Tournament…King Ben & Kid McCoy/Ian McGregor’s Scot’s Rebels/John Wilkie & Keith Myatt/Jimmy Munroe’s Ring Warriors.


BANBURY – 13/2/93. Tag Team KO Tournament…Steve Grey & Johnny Kidd/The Masked Marauders/Bob Collins & Red Devil/Tom Thumb & Steve Morris…Pat Roach v Steve Sadler…Flash Barker v Blondie Barratt.


NORWICH – 13/2/93. Giant Haystacks v US Avalanche…Chic Cullen v Mike Roberts…Frankie Sloane v Sandy Scott….Jimmy Ocean & Ricky Knight v Mad Dog Wilson & Mickey Gold.


HUYTON – 15/2/93.


SHEFFIELD – 16/2/93.


CATFORD – 16/2/93. Giant Haystacks v US Avalanche…Heavy Metal Maniac v Dave Taylor…Mongolian Maulers v The London Boys.


HERTFORD – 17/2/93.


BRISTOL – 18/2/93.


IPSWICH – 19/2/93.


WEDNESBURY – 20/2/93.


EDENBRIDGE – 20/2/93.


ROCHDALE – 20/2/93. Big Daddy & The Karate Kid v The Undertakers…Rumble…Alan Kilby/Ian McGregor/Barry Douglas/Tony Stewart/Rex Lane/Axel Strong/Johnny Angell.


MANSFIELD – 20/2/93. Giant Haystacks v US Avalanche…Marty Jones v Heavy Metal Maniac…Randy Lewis v Ulf Ranger…Rob Brookside & Doc Dean v Steve Prince & Vic Powers.


STAINES – 20/2/93. Princess Paula & Sid Cooper v Tracey Kemp & Steve Grey…Pat Roach v Scrubber Daly…Bobby Barnes v Jase the Ace.


KINGS LYNN – 20/2/93. Kendo Nagasaki v Dave Taylor…Jimmy Ocean & Ricky Knight v Mongolian Maulers…Darren Walsh v Mad Dog Wilson…Mighty Atom v Karl McGrath.




CHELMSFORD – 23/2/93.


BARKING – 23/2/93.


CROYDON – 23/2/93.


HASTINGS – 24/2/93. Danny Collins v US Avalanche…Mongolian Maulers v Rob Brookside & Doc Dean…Heavy Metal Maniac v Dave Taylor.


CARLISLE – 26/2/93. Kendo Nagasaki & Mongolian Mauler v Giant Haystacks & UK Earthquake…Pat Roach v Ulf Ranger…British Bushwhacker v Mighty Atom…Alan Kilby v Buffalo Beaney.


GODALMING – 26/2/93.




YORK – 27/2/93.


NORWICH – 27/2/93.


HANLEY – 27/2/93. Giant Haystacks & Steve Prince v US Avalanche & Pat Roach…Jimmy Ocean & Ricky Knight v Darren Walsh & Flash Barker…Dave Taylor v Ulf Ranger…Mongolian Mauler v Randy Lewis.


STAINES – 27/2/93. Princess Paula & Sid Cooper v Tracey Kemp & Steve Grey…Pat Roach v UK Earthquake…Bobby Barnes v Young Jason…Xterminator v KO Winner.


TENTERDEN – 27/2/93. Royal Rumble…Steve Grey/Mal Sanders/John Prater/Jase the Ace/Dave George/Mel Stuart/Miguel Santos/Ricky Cortez/Lee Darren/Kurt Heinz.


CANNOCK – 1/3/93. Rumble – US Avalanche/Tony St.Clair/Dave Taylor/Ironman Roberts/Liverpool Lads/Danny Collins/Ulf Ranger/Darren Walsh/Task Force I/British Bushwhacker.


SHREWSBURY – 1/3/93. Dynamite Kid v Dave Taylor…Legend of Doom v Ultimate Chippendale…The Warrior v Heavy Metal Maniac….Mongolian Mauler v Randy Lewis…Gary Clwyd v The Gladiator.


CROYDON – 2/3/93. Kendo Nagasaki v Rob Brookside & Doc Dean…Pete Roberts & Marty Jones v Tony St.Clair & John Prater…Frank Sloane v Mike Roberts…British Bushwhacker v Johnny Kidd…The Warrior v Avalanche/Taylor.


SOUTHAMPTON – 4/3/93. Giant Haystacks v Kendo Nagasaki…Chic Cullen v Doc Dean…Dave Taylor v Ulf Ranger…Rob Brookside v American Express.


LEEDS – 5/3/93. Giant Haystacks v Kendo Nagasaki…Mongolian Mauler v Danny Collins (Chain Match)…Liverpool Lads v American Express.


KINGS LYNN – 6/3/93. Mongolian Maulers v Jimmy Ocean & Ricky Knight…Giant Haystacks v US Avalanche…Heavy Metal Maniac v Rob Brookside…Doc Dean v Randy Lewis.


BAMBER BRIDGE – 6/3/93. Big Daddy & Karate Kid v The Undertakers…Alan Kilby v The Destroyer…Steve Fury v Mighty Yankee…Terry Frost v Dale Preston.


ROTHWELL – 6/3/93. Tarzan Boy Darren v Bulldog Blackie…Johnny Saint v Danny Collins…Pat Roach v Gil Singh…Klondyke Kate v California Doll…Happy the Clown v Johnny Kidd…Graham Mitchell & Richie Brooks v Marty Jones & Drew McDonald.


CLEETHORPES – 7/3/93. Marty Jones v Colonel Brody…Kid McCoy v Richie Brooks…King Ben v Kid Sox…Amazon Sam v Aristokat.


BLACKBURN – 7/3/93. Rumble…Tony Stewart/Alan Kilby/Scott Valentine/Sheik Mustafa/Dave Adams/Terry Frost/Dick the Bruiser/Ian Diamond/Johnny Angell/Axel Strong/Dale Preston.


HALIFAX – 9/3/93. USA Avalanche/Heavy Metal Maniac/Randy Lewis/Mighty Atom/Mongolian Maulers v Dave Taylor/Boston Blackie/British Bushwhacker/Danny Collins/Liverpool Lads.


SALISBURY – 13/3/93. Marty Jones & Dave Taylor v John Prater & Ironman Roberts…Klondyke Kate v Julie Starr…Johnny Wilson v Terry Rudge…Mal Sanders v Steve Grey.


NORWICH – 13/3/93. British Tag Titles :- Steve Prince & Vic Powers v Jimmy Ocean & Ricky Knight…Colonel Brody v Alan Kilby…Darren Walsh v Mad Dog Wilson…Johnny Kidd v Ray Crawley.


CHESTERFIELD – 13/3/93. Big Daddy & Scott Valentine v The Undertakers…Karate Kid v Bill Pearl…Billy Wolfe v Rex Lane.


ILKESTON – 13/3/93. Rumble – The Barbarian/The Hangman/UK Earthquake/The Hillbilly/Rory Campbell/Motormouth McNeill/The Undertaker/Corporal Punishment/British Bushwhacker/College Boy.


CATFORD – 16/3/93. Mongolian Maulers v John Prater & Flash Barker…Fit Finlay v Danny Collins…Chic Cullen v Mal Sanders…Detroit Destroyer v Randy Lewis. No time limit 1F – Mal Sanders PW13.01/F15.10 beat Chic Cullen. No time limit 1F – Randy Lewis beat Pete Roberts PW6.06/PW6.51/DISQ 11.44. 10 x 3 – Fit Finlay PW3/PW7 drew with Danny Collins PW8. No time limit – John Prater & Flash Barker F7.56 beat Mongolian Mauler PW5.23/DISQ 12.15.


HERTFORD – 17/3/93. Big Daddy & Scott Valentine v The Assassins…Tony Stewart v Danny Collins…John Prater v Karl Krammer…Rob Storm v Bob Collins. 8 x 5 – John Prater PW1/F4/F5 beat Karl Krammer F2/PW3. 30M – Big Daddy & Steve Grey PW10.18/F13.37/F15.31 beat Ian McGregor & Kamikazi PW8.51/F9.36. 10 x 3 – Danny Collins F6 v Tony Stewart F8/RSF R9 – No Contest. 6 x 3 – Rob Storm F4/F5 beat Bob Collins F3.


GRAYS – 19/3/93. Rumble – X-Terminator/Dale Preston/Karl Krammer/Gunner Johnson/Alan Kilby/Mustaffa the Iron Sheik/John Prater/Tony Stewart/Dick the Bruiser/Ring Warrior. All 20M 1F. Dale Preston F17.54 beat Dick Harrison PW10.10/PW17.36. John Prater PW12.55/F17.23 beat Karl Krammer PW7.38. Tony Stewart PW4.01 v Johnny Angel – Both KO’D 14.00. Alan Kilby F6.54 beat Mel Stuart. Steve Johnson F5.30 beat Mick Fage PW3.33. Rumble won by Tony Stewart in 9.32.


IPSWICH – 19/3/93. British Bulldog No.1 v Jimmy Ocean…British Bulldog No.2 v Fit Finlay…The Warrior v Ricky Knight…Heavy Metal Maniac v Danny Collins…Legend of Doom v Ultimate Chippendale.


KINGS LYNN – 20/3/93. Marty Jones v Dave Taylor…Klondyke Kate v Julie Starr…Colonel Brody v S/O…Liverpool Lads v Task Force 1.


UCKFIELD – 20/3/93. Rumble…Steve Grey/Mal Sanders/John Prater/Sid Cooper/Karate Kid/Wolf Krammer/Steve Slaymacher.


NEWQUAY – 20/3/93. Rumble…Heavy Metal Maniac/Randy Lewis/Mongolian Maulers/Legend of Doom/Boston Blackie/Mike Roberts/Chic Cullen.


SWADLINCOTE – 20/3/93. Big Daddy & Scott Valentine v The Undertakers…Mighty Yankee v Steve Fury…Ian McGregor v Karate Kid.


BOREHAMWOOD – 26/3/93. The Liverpool Lads v The American Headhunters…Danny Collins v Randy Lewis…Klondyke Kate v Julie Starr…Mal Sanders v Steve Grey. 6 x 5 – Mal Sanders F4/F5 beat Steve Grey F3. No time limit 1F – Klondyke Kate PW6.29/S12.27 beat Julie Starr. No time limit 1F – Danny Collins F15.37 beat Randy Lewis. 30M – Liverpool Lads F8.53/F17.19 beat Maori Headhunter & Heavy Metal Maniac PW6.56/PW10.33/F13.27/PW14.46.


MIDHURST – 27/3/93. Dynamite Express v Robbie Hagen & Scott Conway…Steve Grey v Sid Cooper.


HANLEY – 27/3/93. Giant Haystacks v Kendo Nagasaki…Colonel Brody v Boston Blackie…John Kenny v Mad Dog Wilson…Darren Walsh v Tiger McGuigan.


MIDDLESBROUGH – 27/3/93. Greg Valentine/Tony Stewart/Ian McGregor/Axel Strong/Billy Wolfe v Dave Adams/Steve Fury/The Jailer/Colonel Mustafa/Rex Lane.


EASTBOURNE – 30/3/93. Rumble…Flash Barker/Johnny B Good/The Yuppy/Brooklyn Brawler/English Bulldog/The Undertaker/British Bushwhacker/Corporal Punishment/Macho Man/Ring Warrior.


HASTINGS – 31/3/93. Giant Haystacks v Kendo Nagasaki…Steve Grey v Mal Sanders…Chic Cullen v Danny Collins.


BRISTOL – 1/4/93. Giant Haystacks v Marty Jones…Mickey Gold v Ray Crawley…Moondog Rex v Boston Blackie…Mongolian Mauler v Danny Collins.


NEWARK – 3/4/93. Big Daddy & Scott Valentine v The Bounty Hunters…Giant Haystacks v Ring Gladiator…Mike Weaver v Lee Edwards…Tony Stewart v Barry Douglas.


BEWBURY – 3/4/93. Dynamite Express v Scott Conway & Steve Slaymacher…Steve Grey v Mal Sanders…Johnny Wilson v Robbie Hagen…Steve Johnson v Pete LaPaque.


LINGWOOD – 3/4/93. MC – R.Plunkett. Ref – J.Jones. 8 x 5 – Paul Francis PW3 beat Masked Executioner PW1/PW3/F3/WKD OUT R4. 6 x 5 1F – Carl Saunders PW2/PW3/S3 beat Eddie McCracken. 6 x 5 1F – Bulldog Barron PW2/PW4/F4 beat Colin Craig PW1/PW3. 8 x 5 – Johnny Silver PW1/PW2/F2/F5 beat Keith Diamond F4. 30M – Colin Craig & Eddie McCracker beat Carl Saunders & Bulldog Barron PW4/PW8/S12/DISQ 16.


BLACKBURN – 4/4/93. Big Daddy & Karate Kid v Tokyo Joe & Karl Krammer…Giant Haystacks v John Prater…Gil Singh v Colonel Brody…Grasshopper v Matt Matthews.


FRASERBURGH – 5/4/93. Rumble….Rob Brookside/Doc Dean/Johnny Kidd/Spinner McKenzie/Richie Brooks/Rory Campbell/Ninja Warrior/Blondie Barratt/Shane Stevens.


ASHTON UNDER LYNE – 10/4/93. Big Daddy & Kashmir Singh v The Bounty Hunters…The Undertakers v Tony Stewart & Steve Johnson…Giant Haystacks v Gil Singh…Scrubber Daly v Ian McGregor….Alan Kilby v Danny Collins.


BLACKPOOL – 10/4/93. Mongolian Mauler/Heavy Metal Maniac/Randy Lewis/Super Ninja Warrior/The Undertaker v Rob Brookside/Tarzan Boy Darren/Colonel Brody/The Sheik/Doc Dean…Klondyke Kate v Sarah Robbins.


HANLEY – 10/4/93. World Mid/Heavyweight Title :- Marty Jones v Karl Krammer…Rumble…Grasshopper/Mike Weaver/Ray Smith/Matt Matthews/Young Jason/Lee Edwards/Dale Preston.


NORWICH – 10/4/93. Kendo Nagasaki v Boston Blackie…Maori Warrior & Moondog Rex v Thunder…Heavy Metal Maniac v Flash Barker…Frankie Sloane v Mike Roberts.


SUTTON IN ASHFIELD – 11/4/93. Big Daddy & Tony Stewart v The Super Destroyers…Giant Haystacks v Axel Strong…Alan Kilby v Ian McGregor…KO Tournament….Grasshopper/Ray Smith/Matt Matthews/The Jailer.


CHELMSFORD – 13/4/93. Danny Collins v Heavy Metal Maniac…Chic Cullen v Maori Headshrinker…Dave Taylor v Boston Blackie…The Liverpool Lads v The Superflys.


BRISTOL – 15/4/93. British Tag Titles – Liverpool Lads v The Superflys.


BURGESS HILL – 16/4/93. Aztec Warrior v Mike Roberts…Chic Cullen v Steve Grey…Brian Maxine v Adrian Finch…Steve Wilson v British Grenadier.


ALTRINCHAM – 17/4/93. Big Daddy & Scott Valentine v Karl Krammer & Sid Cooper…Rumble – Tony Stewart/Ian McGregor/Stockport Express/Johnny Angell/Pitman’s Hercules/London’s Royal Oak/Leeds Bully/UK Earthquake/Merseyside Mauler/Alan Kilby.


HOPTON – 17/4/93.


KINGS LYNN – 17/4/93. Kendo Nagasaki v The Superflys (2 v 1)…John Prater v The Barbarian.


MANSFIELD – 17/4/93. Rumble…Alan Kilby/Adam Kilby/Moondog Rex/Marty Jones/Danny Collins/Chic Cullen/Vic Powers/Mike Roberts/Frankie Sloane/Darren Walsh.


SHREWSBURY - 19/4/93. Giant Haystacks v Tony St.Clair…Jimmy Ocean & Ricky Knight v Rob Brookside & Doc Dean…Chic Cullen v Buffalo Beany…Johnny Saint v John Riley.


MACCLESFIELD – 24/4/93. Big Daddy & Scott Valentine v Masked Destroyer & Dave Adams…Giant Haystacks v Johnny Angell…Alan Kilby v Barry Douglas…Ian McGregor v The Skinhead.


TRAFFORD PARK – 25/4/93. Giant Haystacks v Tarzan Boy Darren…Klondyke Kate v Miss North…Legend of Doom/The Sheik/Mongolian Mauler/Heavy Metal Maniac v Super Ninja Warrior/Rob Brookside/Doc Dean/French Quasimodo.


CATFORD – 27/4/93. Giant Haystacks v John Prater…Kendo Nagasaki v Dave Taylor.


GODALMING – 30/4/93. Steve Grey & Brian Maxine v Mal Sanders & Wolf Krammer…Sid Cooper v Flash Barker…Steve Slaymacher v British Grenadier.


SALISBURY – 1/5/93. Giant Haystacks v Kendo Nagasaki…Tony St.Clair v Maori Warrior….Moondog Rex & Mike Roberts v Danny Collins & Boston Blackie…Darren Walsh v British Bushwhacker.


SWANLEY – 1/5/93. Big Daddy & Tony Stewart v The Undertakers…Ian McGregor v Steve Johnson…John Prater v Ring Warrior.


RYDE – 3/5/93. Giant Haystacks v John Prater…Rob Brookside & Doc Dean v The Moondogs…Danny Collins v Heavy Metal Maniac…Darren Walsh v British Bushwhacker…Johnny Wilson v The Barbarian.


CROYDON – 4/5/93. World Lightweight Title :- Steve Grey v Johnny Saint…British Heavyweight Title :- Dave Taylor v Fit Finlay…Johnny Wilson v Buffalo Beaney…Danny Collins/Chic Cullen/Boston Blackie v Heavy Metal Maniac/Moondog Rex/Maori Warrior. Tony St. Clair beat Dave Taylor…Buffalo Beaney beat Johnny Wilson…Steve Grey v Johnny Saint ended in a DKO for the World Lightweight Title…Rob Brookside beat Mike Roberts…Chic Cullen & Darren Walsh beat Moondog Rex & Maori Headshrinker.


CHELMSFORD – 4/5/93.


HALIFAX – 6/5/93.


HEYWOOD – 7/5/93.


WALTHAMSTOW – 7/5/93. John Prater v Mal Sanders…John Elijah v Killer Kramer…Andre Baker v Tim Blackheart…Gunner Johnson v Dizzy George. MC – R.Harding. Ref – N.Walsh. 8 x 5 – John Elijah F2/S6 beat Karl Krammer PW4/S4. 8 x 3 – Andre Baker PW3/PW5/S5/S7 beat Tim Blackheart F2. 6 x 5 – Dave George F3 v Gunner Johnson F4/INJ R6 – No Contest. 8 x 5 – John Prater F5/F7 beat Mal Sanders F4/PW5.


SHOREHAM – 7/5/93. Aztec Warrior v Mad Dog Wilson…The Brighton Express v The Roughnecks…Chic Cullen v Rob Brookside…Doc Dean v Mike Roberts.


HANLEY – 8/5/93. Big Daddy & Scott Valentine v Ian McGregor & Jock Cameron…Scrubber Daly v Mike Weaver…Tony Stewart v Johnny Angell…Alan Kilby v Dave Adams.


GRANGE OVER SANDS – 8/5/93. Rumble…American Express/Rob Brookside/Doc Dean/Moondog Rex/Maori Warrior/Steve Prince/Darren Walsh/British Bushwhacker.


NORWICH – 8/5/93.


CLEETHORPES – 9/5/93. Rumble…Greg Valentine/Dave Adams/Dale Preston/Masked Destoryer/Axel Strong/Canadian Stomper/John Cox/Masked Claw/Terry Frost/Billy Wolfe.


MIDHURST – 9/5/93. Rumble…Johnny Wilson/Mal Sanders/Steve Grey/Adrian Finch/Sid Cooper/Steve Slaymaker/The Warlords.


COLNE – 13/5/93.


OLDHAM – 13/5/93.


BURGESS HILL – 14/5/93. Rob Brookside & Doc Dean v Sid Cooper & Mal Sanders…KO Tournament…Dave George/Karate Kid/Lee Darren/Ricky Cortez.


CHESTER – 14/5/93. Rumble…Dynamite Kid/Boston Blackie/Legend of Doom/Drew McDonald/Steve Casey/Zulu Warrior/Billy Jo Justice/Gary B Ware/Ring Gladiator.


ANDOVER – 15/5/93. Klondyke Kate & Bella Donna v Tina Martin & Melanie Barker…Young Jason v Dave Blair…John Prater v Karl Krammer…Johnny B Good & Kashmir Singh v Vic Powers & Hammerhead Smith.


DOVER – 15/5/93.


MARGATE – 17/5/93.


CATFORD – 18/5/93.


STOCKPORT – 21/5/93. Giant Haystacks v Kendo Nagasaki…American Hawkwind v Chic Cullen…Rob Brookside & Doc Dean v Jimmy Ocean & Ricky Knight.


NORWICH – 22/5/93.


UCKFIELD – 22/5/93. Mal Sanders & Sid Cooper v John Prater & Steve Grey…Samurai Warrior v Steve Sadler…Dale Preston v Dick Harrison.


AYLESBURY – 24/5/93.


LEAMINGTON SPA – 26/5/93. Giant Haystacks v Kendo Nagasaki…British Bushwhacker v Klondyke Kate…KO – Marty Jones/Dave Taylor/Chic Cullen/Danny Collins….Banger Walsh v Mike Roberts.


BOREHAMWOOD – 28/5/93. Rumble – Giant Haystacks/Tony St.Clair/Buffalo Beaney/American Hawkwind/Danny Collins/Dave Taylor/Chic Cullen/Steve Grey/John Prater/The Barbarian/Boston Blackie/Ultimate Chippendale.


KIMBERLEY – 29/5/93.


HANLEY – 29/5/93.


BLACKPOOL – 30/5/93.


CROYDON – 1/6/93.


WOKING – 5/6/93. Rumble…Hillbilly Jake/Steve Grey/Mal Sanders/Johnny Wilson/Sid Cooper/Flash Barker/British Grenadier/Dave Day/Ian Law/Lucky Gordon.


NORWICH – 5/6/93. Marty Jones v Chic Cullen…Drew McDonald v Danny Collins…Shane Stevens v Barry Douglas…Spinner McKenzie v Darren Walsh.


KINGS LYNN – 12/6/93. Rumble…Giant Haystacks/Rob Brookside/Doc Dean/Jimmy Ocean/Ricky Knight/Marty Jones/Chic Cullen/Danny Collins/Colonel Brody/Billy Jo Justice/Barry Douglas/Gary B Ware.


STOCKTON ON TEES – 12/6/93. Big Daddy & Scott Valentine v The Undertakers…Alan Kilby v Ian McGregor…KO Tournament…Adam Kilby/Rex Lane/Tony Stewart/Iron Duke Lynch.


BRISTOL – 17/6/93.


BATH – 23/6/93.


WORTHING 24/6/93. Rumble…Giant Haystacks/Kendo Nagasaki/Tony St.Clair/Danny Collins/Johnny Wilson/Colonel Brody/Chic Cullen/Mal Sanders/Mike Roberts/Steve Grey/Boston Blackie/Darren Walsh.


WORTHING – 1/7/93. Pat Roach v US Avalanche….Tony St.Clair v Hollywood Horror…Mal Sanders v Steve Grey….Darren Walsh v British Bushwhacker.


NORWICH – 3/7/93.


WEYMOUTH – 3/7/93. Rumble…Steve Hawk/Flash Barker/Leroy Brown/Johnny B Good/Blondie Barratt/Johnny Kidd/Steve Johnson/Ian Diamond/Robbie Hagen/Dan Moody.




CROYDON – 6/7/93. Rumble – US Avalanche/Pete Roberts/Skull Murphy/Colonel Brody/John Prater/Hollywood Horror/Doc Dean/Pat Roach….Chic Cullen/Danny Collins/Steve Grey v Mal Sanders/Johnny Kidd/Bobby Barnes.


SOUTHPORT – 7/7/93.




WORTHING – 8/7/93. Kendo Nagasaki v Johnny Wilson…John Prater v Pete Roberts…Karl Krammer v Flash Barker…Bruiser Muir v Lee Bronson.


HARTLEPOOL – 9/7/93.


LITTLEHAMPTON – 11/7/93. KO Tournament…Flash Barker/Blondie Barratt/Steve Hawk/Scott Conway/Steve Slaymacher/Tommy Stewart/Leroy Brown/Gunner Johnson.


BRIDLINGTON – 12/7/93.


BLACKPOOL – 13/7/93. Legend of Doom v Richie Brooks…Tarzan Boy Darren v Mad Dog Wilson…Johnny Saint v Mickey Gold…The Sheik v Tonga Madonna.


SOUTHPORT – 14/7/93.




WORTHING – 15/7/93. KO Tournament….Pat Roach/Colonel Brody/Tony St.Clair/Marty Jones/Danny Collins/Mike Roberts/Frankie Sloan/Darren Walsh.


BOLTON – 16/7/93.


NORWICH – 17/7/93.


ANGMERING – 17/7/93. Royal Rumble…Giant Haystacks/Tony St.Clair/Marty Jones/John Prater/Hollywood Horror/Danny Collins/Wolf Krammer/Ricky Downtown/Colonel Brody.


CLEETHORPES – 18/7/93.


SCARBOROUGH – 19/7/93.


BOURNEMOUTH – 20/7/93. Kendo Nagasaki v Tony St.Clair…Chic Cullen v Richie Brooks…Marty Jones v Danny Collins.


CRAWLEY – 21/7/93. Rumble…Firecat/Sid Cooper/Steve Hawk/Flash Barker/Jackie Pallo Jnr/Johnny Kidd/Blondie Barratt/Tommy Stewart.




WORTHING – 22/7/93. Giant Haystacks v John Prater…Johnny Wilson v Mal Sanders…Steve Grey v Spinner McKenzie.


GREAT YARMOUTH – 23/7/93. Big Daddy & Tony Stewart v The Wrecking Crew…Giant Haystacks v Royal Oak…Yankee Sullivan v Dale Preston…John Elijah v Jim Savage. MC – B.Crabtree. Ref – R.Plunkett. John Elijah F3/S7 beat Jim Savage PW2/F4/PW5. Big Daddy & Tony Stewart PW11/F13/F15.30 beat Bearcat Brody & Dr Death PW5/PW7/F10.30/PW11/PW14. Giant Haystacks PW4.30/PW6 beat John Prater KO’D 7.30. Yankee Sullivan F2 drew with Dale Preston F4.


GOSPORT – 24/7/93. Royal Rumble…Johnny Wilson/Mal Sanders/Flash Barker/Steve Hawk/Steve Slaymacher/Wayne Coates/Ian Diamond/Tommy Stewart/Mel Stuart/Leroy Brown/Scott Conway.


GRAVESEND – 24/7/93. KO Tournament…Mal Sanders/Blondie Barratt/Paul Tyrell/Corporal Punishment/Tom Thumb/Johnny Kidd/Steve Grey/Sid Cooper.


READING – 25/7/93. Tony St.Clair v US Avalanche…Danny Collins v Hollywood Horror….British Bushwhacker v Darren Walsh….Julie Starr v Tina Martin.


BRIDLINGTON – 26/7/93.


SCARBOROUGH – 26/7/93. Giant Haystacks v Marty Jones.




GREAT YARMOUTH – 30/7/93. Giant Haystacks v Kendo Nagasaki…Alan Kilby.


SCARBOROUGH – 2/8/93. Big Daddy & Scott Valentine v The Undertakers.


BRIDLINGTON – 2/8/93. Kendo Nagasaki v Marty Jones…Bruiser Brooks v Andy Strong…Eddie Riley v Rocky Royale…Ring Warrior v Dale Preston.


WEYMOUTH – 5/8/93. Kendo Nagasaki v John Prater…Paul Britton v Rocky Royale…Jimmy Savage v The Farmers Boy…Yankee Sullivan v Karl Kramer.


WORTHING – 5/8/93. Giant Haystacks v US Avalanche…Hollywood Horror v Johnny Wilson…Tony St.Clair v California Surfer.


GREAT YARMOUTH – 6/8/93. Big Daddy.


ACOCKS GREEN – 7/8/93. Big Daddy & Karate Kid v The Undertaker…Giant Haystacks v Johnny Angell….Tony Llewellyn v Kashmir Singh.


HASTINGS – 9/8/93. Colonel Brody v Tony St.Clair…American Surfers v Steve Prince & Vic Powers…Tina Martin v Miss Dynamite…The Terminator v Wilson/Horror.


GREAT YARMOUTH – 13/8/93. Giant Haystacks v Kendo Nagasaki…Ring Warrior v Gunner Johnson…Tony Stewart v Ian McGregor…John Prater v Jim Savage. MC – B.Crabtree. Ref – N.Baish. 6 x 5 – Steve Johnson F2/F5 beat Ring Warrior PW2/S3. 8 x 5 – Tony Stewart F3/F7 beat Ian McGregor PW5/S6. 30M – Kendo Nagasaki & Kamikazi PW4/PW7/S12/PW13 beat Giant Haystacks & Tony Stewart PW6/S10/GH DISQ 14.30. 6 x 5 – John Prater F2/PW3/PW5/F6 beat Jim Savage PW2/PW3/S4.


CLEETHORPES – 15/8/93. Big Daddy & Scott Valentine v The Spoiler & Dave Adams…Alan Kilby v Ian McGregor…Tony Stewart v Nipper Riley…Steve Johnson v S/O.


WESTON SUPER MARE – 19/8/93. Dynamite Kid & Legend of Doom v Steve Casey & Drew McDonald…Tony St.Clair v Marty Jones…KO Tournament…Boston Blackie/Skull Murphy/Billy Jo Justice/Ring Warrior.


SALISBURY – 20/8/93. Scott Conway & Adrian Finch v Steve Hawk & MC Paul Chalmers…Mal Sanders v Peter Collins…Mark Jones v Miami Maniac…Johnny Wilson v Baron von Schultz.


BRIGHTON – 21/8/93. Rumble….Steve Hawk/Blondie Barrat/Johnny Kidd/Flash Barker/Mel Stuart/Ian Diamond/Tommy Stewart/Leroy Brown/Scott Conway/Corporal Punishment/Mal Sanders/Barry Cooper.


MORECAMBE – 26/8/93. Kendo Nagasaki v Marty Jones…Giant Haystacks v Ring Warrior…Axel Strong v Iron Duke Lynch…Dale Preston v S/O.


WEYMOUTH – 26/8/93. Big Daddy & Tony Stewart v Ian McGregor & Kamakazi…Dave Adams v Lewis Blain…Clive Cannell v Steve Slaymacher…British Grenadier v Adrian Finch.


WEYMOUTH – 2/9/93. Giant Haystacks v Mighty Yankee…KO – Bounty Hunter/Lewis Blain/British Grenadier/Gerry Finch.


BRIDLINGTON – 13/9/93. Big Daddy & Scott Valentine v The Undertakers….Plus Iron Duke Lynch/Yankee Sullivan/Tony Stewart/Red Brocko/Steve Lynsey.


ADDLESTONE – 17/9/93. KO Tournament…Brian Maxine/Steve Grey/Mal Sanders/Sid Cooper/Steve Slaymacher/British Grenadier/Steve Wilson/Barry Cooper.


SALISBURY – 21/9/93. Rumble – Dave Diamond/Bounty Hunter/UK Nasty Boy/The Grenadier/Whisky Joe/Jason Cross/Clive Cannell/Scott the Body/Mr Electricity/Andover Express/Lewis Blain/Battlin’ Brittain/The Destroyer/Dangerous Dave/Ricardo the Rebel/Hell Raiser.


PENARTH – 1/10/93.


NORWICH – 2/10/93.


FARNHAM – 2/10/93. Rumble…Steve Grey/Sid Cooper/Mal Sanders/Mel Stuart/Brian Maxine/Masked Assassin/Miguel Santos.


ROTHWELL – 3/10/93.


SHEFFIELD – 4/10/93.




BRISTOL – 7/10/93. Tag KO – Danny Collins & Richie Brooks/The Superflies/Task Force 1/The Playboys…Tony St.Clair v Haystacks/Avalanche Winner…Billy Jo Justice v Stevie Jay.


SOUTHAMPTON – 7/10/93.


ARNLEY – 8/10/93.


READING – 9/10/93. Big Daddy & Partner v The Undertakers…Rumble – Tony Stewart/Royal Oak/British Grenadier/Farmers Boy/Flash Barker/Iron Duke Lynch/Ring Warrior/Masked Superstar/Johnny Angell/Yankee Sullivan.


MIDHURST – 10/10/93.


ABERDEEN – 11/10/93. Filmed for Grampian ITV


ABERDEEN – 12/10/93. Filmed for Grampian ITV


CROYDON – 12/10/93. US Avalanche v American Dream..Southern Area Heavyweight Title :- John Prater v Pete Roberts…Billy Jo Justice v Stevie Jay…The Bengal Tigers v The Playboys.


HERTFORD – 13/10/93. Big Daddy & Tony Stewart v Task Force II…Alan Kilby v Iron Duke Lynch…John Prater v Bearcat Brody…Adam Kilby v Ring Warrior. 8 x 5 – John Prater F2/PW5/F7 beat Bearcat Brody F5/S6D/PW6. 30M – Big Daddy & Tony Stewart PW7.06/F10.17/F11.50 beat The Wrecking Crew PW5.44/F6.29. 6 x 5 – Alan Kilby F1/PW3/F4 beat Johnny Angel PW1/F3/PW3. 6 x 5 – Iron Duke Lynch PW3/S4 beat Adam Kilby F2/RSF R4. 20M 1F – Alan Kilby F0.49 beat Iron Duke Lynch.


BEVERLEY – 14/10/93.


BURGESS HILL – 15/10/93.


NORWICH – 16/10/93.




CHELMSFORD – 19/10/93.




BRISTOL – 21/10/93.


IPSWICH – 22/10/93.


WISBECH – 23/10/93. Big Daddy & Tony Stewart v The Undertakers…KO Tournament…Alan Kilby/Andy Strong/Ray Fury/Dale Preston.


KINGS LYNN – 23/10/93. US Avalanche v Danny Collins…Marty Jones v California Surfer…British Bushwhacker v Frankie Sloane…Vic Powers & Steve Prince v Darren Walsh & Stevie Jay.


WAKEFIELD – 23/10/93. Giant Haystacks v Tarzan Boy Darren…Rumble…Pat Roach/Bull Blitzer/Buffalo Beaney/Danny Collins/UK Earthquake/Ninja Warrior/Harry Monk/Tiger Williams/Barnsley Bill/Richie Brooks/Jimmy Ocean/Ricky Knight/The Burger King/US Hammerman.


CLEETHORPES – 24/10/93. US Avalanche v Marty Jones…Johnny Kidd v Blondie Barratt…Hitman Hobbs v Stevie Jay.


PETWORTH – 24/10/93.


WORTHING – 25/10/93. Tarzan Boy Darren v Bull Blitzer…John Prater v Peter Collins…Steve Grey.


MALTON – 26/10/93.


OLDHAM – 28/10/93.


SALE – 29/10/93.


WOKING – 30/10/93. Rob Brookside & Doc Dean v Mal Sanders & Masked Assassin…Pat Roach v Hitman Hobbs..Steve Grey v Gerry Finch…Adrian Finch v Johnny Lee.


BOGNOR REGIS – 31/10/93. Giant Haystacks v Johnny Wilson…KO – Danny Collins/Hitman Hobbs/British Grenadier/Steve Slaymaker.


BARNSLEY – 1/11/93. Rumble – Danny Collins/US Avalanche/Steve Prince/Ring Warrior.


ELLESMERE PORT – 2/11/93. Giant Haystacks/US Avalanche/Rob Brookside/Doc Dean.


LEAMINGTON SPA – 3/11/93. Marty Jones v Danny Collins.


HASTINGS – 3/11/93. Pat Roach v Karl Krammer.


BRISTOL – 4/11/93. Giant Haystacks & Danny Collins v US Avalanche/Steve Prince/Vic Powers.


SOUTHAMPTON – 4/11/93. Johnny Wilson v Karl Krammer.


ALDERSHOT – 5/11/93. Giant Haystacks v US Avalanche…Hollywood Blond v Skull Murphy…Liverpool Lads v Task Force 1…Miss Dynamite v Hell Cat.


BROMLEY – 6/11/93. Giant Haystacks v John Prater…Lee Bronson v Butcher Bond…Jim & Tim Fitzmaurice v The Golden Apollons.


LEEDS – 6/11/93. International Tournament featuring U.S. Rapmaster PN News plus Jamaica George/Mohammed Afzal/Buffalo Beaney/Richie Brooks/The Ebony Kid/Kashmir Kid/Tarzan Boy Darren/Legend of Doom/US Tax Man/US Burger King/Colonel Brody/Mohammed Alam.


MANSFIELD – 6/11/93. Giant Haystacks v Marty Jones…US Avalanche v Tony St.Clair…Steve Jay v Darren Walsh…California Surfer.


OXFORD – 8/11/93. Giant Haystacks.


CROYDON – 9/11/93. World Heavyweight Title :- Giant Haystacks v US Avalanche..British Welterweight Title :- Doc Dean v Steve Prince…Rob Brookside v Johnny England…Marty Jones v Hollywood Blond…Chic Cullen v California Surfer.


MIDDLETON – 11/11/93. Big Daddy/Giant Haystacks.


BOLTON – 12/11/93. US Avalanche v Danny Collins.


SHOREHAM – 12/11/93. Rob Brookside & Doc Dean v Mal Sanders & Sid Cooper…KO Tournament….JohnPrater/Mel Stuart/Masked Assassin/Miguel Santos.


NORWICH – 13/11/93. Giant Haystacks v US Avalanche….Task Force I v The Golden Boys.


MIDHURST – 14/11/93. Big Daddy & Steve Grey v Count von Zuppi & Sid Cooper…KO Tournament…Johnny Wilson/Adrian Finch/Lee Thomas/Steve Wilson.


CLEETHORPES – 14/11/93. Pat Roach v The Black Baron…Tony Stewart/Dale Preston/Andy Strong v Ian McGregor/Iron Duke Lynch/Johnny Angell.


AYLESBURY – 15/11/93. Menacing Moto v Danny Collins…Giant Haystacks v Tony St.Clair…California Surfer.


MARGATE – 15/11/93. Mark Singleton v Corporal Punishment.


CAMBERLEY – 16/11/93. Mal Sanders v Steve Grey (British Middleweight Title)…Leroy Brown v John Elijah…Wolf Krammer v Johnny Wilson…Blondie Barratt & Scott Conway v English Bulldog & Dave Diamond.


CATFORD – 16/11/93. Pat Roach & Steve Grey v The Undertakers…Chic Cullen v Richie Brooks.


CHELMSFORD – 16/11/93. Giant Haystacks v Skull Murphy…Steve Prince & Vic Powers v Rob Brookside & Doc Dean.


ADDLESTONE – 17/11/93. British Middleweight Title :- Brian Maxine v Sid Cooper…Princess Paula v Hellcat Haggerty…Iron Duke Lynch v Blue Buchanan…Jim Fitzmaurice v John Ritchie.


BRISTOL – 18/11/93. Menacing Moto v Chic Cullen…Marty Jones v California Surfer.


WORTHING – 18/11/93. US Avalanche/Danny Collins.


BURGESS HILL – 20/11/93. Marty Jones v Steve Prince & Vic Powers…Johnny Wilson v Masked Assassin…Wayne Coates v Steve Slaymaker…John Ritchie v Jim Fitzmaurice.


WALTHAMSTOW – 20/11/93. Johnny Kidd v Blondie Barratt…John Elijah v Lee Bronson…Steve Hawk v Wolf Krammer…Mel Stuart v Mal Sanders.


MIDDLESBROUGH – 20/11/93. Big Daddy & Tony Stewart v Black Ring Devils…Rumble – Alan & Adam Kilby/Iron Duke Lynch/Dave Adams/Sizzler Smith/Bad News Diamond/Johnny Angell.


KINGS LYNN – 20/11/93. Giant Haystacks v US Avalanche…Danny Collins v Mad Dog Wilson…California Surfer v Skull Murphy…Hellcat Haggerty v Julie Starr.


HEREFORD – 20/11/93. Rumble – Flash Barker/Johnny B Good/Justin Hansford/Scott Conway/Dunk the Clown/Tommy Stewart/Robbie Hagen/Leroy Brown/Bill Clarke.


MARKET HARBOROUGH – 20/11/93. Rumble – Scrubber Daly/Lucky Gordon.


SHEERNESS – 21/11/93. KO – Flash Barker/Tommy Stewart/Mel Stuart/Leroy Brown/Bad News Diamond.


HEMEL HEMPSTEAD – 24/11/93. Big Daddy in a Texas Tag Team Battle…Rumble – Johnny Kidd/Gunda Singh/Axel Strong/Wrecking Crew/Mike Weaver/Ring Warrior/The Destroyer/Chris Evans/Young Tony. 6 x 5 – Mike Weaver F2/PW3/F5 beat Chris Edwards F3. 6 x 5 – Gunda Singh F2 v Tony Llewellyn F4/RSF R6 – No Contest. 6 x 5 – Yankee Sullivan (Axel Strong) beat Iron Duke Lynch PW2/S3/PW4/KO’D R5. 30M – Big Daddy & Johnny Kidd PW8.29/F11.05/F12.13 beat Wrecking Crew (Masked Dale Preston & Rex Lane) F8.17. Rumble won by Johnny Kidd in 6.01.


BUXTON – 25/11/93. Pat Roach v Karl Krammer…Klondyke Kate v Tracey Kemp…Dave Diamond v Steve Henley…Jimmy Ocean & Ricky Knight v Young Jason & Flash Barker.


GODALMING – 26/11/93. Pat Roach v Bearcat Cody…Miss London v Bella Donna….Steve Grey v Mel Stuart…John Prater v Steve Slaymaker.


NORWICH – 27/11/93. Rumble – Marty Jones/US Avalanche/California Surfer/Danny Collins/Hitman Hobbs/Rob Brookside & Doc Dean.


MIDHURST – 5/12/93.  Pat Roach v Scrubber Daly…Masked Assassin v Steve Slaymaker…Pete LaPaque v Wayne Coates.


CLEETHORPES – 5/12/93. Alan & Adam Kilby v Jimmy Ocean & Ricky Knight…Dave Adams v Red Brocko…Mad Dog Wilson v Stevie Jay…Amazon Sam v Aristokat.


HOVE – 6/12/93. European Lightweight Title…Steve Grey v Steve Wilson…Rob Brookside & Doc Dean v Pete LaPaque & Hitman Hobbs..Pat Roach v Vic Powers…KO Tournament…Mal Sanders/Danny Collins/Masked Assassin/Johnny Wilson. MC – M.Mason. Ref – P.Szakacs. Mal Sanders 1-0 Johnny Wilson. Danny Collins 1-0 Masked Assassin. Mal Sanders beat Danny Collins. Pat Roach 2-1 Vic Powers. European Lightweight Title – Steve Grey 2-1 Steve Wilson. Rob Brookside & Steve Slaymacher 2-1 Pete LaPaque & Hitman Hobbs.


PORTSMOUTH – 6/12/93. Legend of Doom v US Avalanche…Marty Jones v British Bulldog No.1…California Surfer v Drew McDonald…Danny Collins v The Undertaker…Tina Martin v Miss Dynamite.


GOSPORT – 11/12/93. Johnny Wilson/Steve Slaymaker/Wayne Coates/Dave Dymund v Blondie Barratt/Robbie Hagen/Gerry Finch/Scott Conway.


BRISTOL – 23/12/93. Tony St.Clair v The Terminator…Hiro Yamamoto v Billy Jo Justice…Marty Jones v Legend of Doom…Richie Brooks v Drew McDonald.


BLACKPOOL – 27/12/93. World Mid/Heavyweight Title :- Marty Jones v Danny Collins…Tag Team KO Tournament….Steve Prince & Vic Powers/Rob Brookside & Doc Dean/Frankie Sloane’s Hippies/Legend of Doom & Dynamite Kid/Kashmir Kids/Richie Brooks & Tarzan Boy Darren.


HINDLEY – 27/12/93. Big Daddy & Tony Stewart v The Undertakers…Giant Haystacks v Mighty Yankee…Alan Kilby v Ian McGregor…Andy Strong v Dale Preston.


WAKEFIELD – 29/12/93. World Mid/Heavyweight Title – Dynamite Kid v Skull Murphy…Tarzan Boy Darren/Kid McCoy/Legend of Doom/Barnsley Bill/UK Earthquake/Bull Blitzer/Sid Cooper/Danny Collins/Richie Brooks.


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Well that didn't work. Anyway, here's all the Big Daddy results, which is 99% the same thing as "here's the Crabtrees/RWS schedule"


16/1/93 – HANLEY with Scott Valentine v ???

6/2/93 – STRETFORD with Tony Stewart v The Undertakers W


10/2/93 – HUDDERSFIELD with Scott Valentine v The Undertakers W

15/2/93 – HUYTON with Tony Stewart v Count von Zuppi/Undertaker Doom W

19/2/93 - DURHAM

23/2/93 – CROYDON with Karate Kid v The Destroyer/Karl Krammer W

27/2/93 – YORK with Tony Stewart v The Undertakers W


6/3/93 – BAMBER BRIDGE with Karate Kid v The Undertakers

8/3/93 – DEWSBURY

9/3/93 – HERNE BAY

10/3/93 – COATBRIDGE

13/3/93 – CHESTERFIELD with Scott Valentine v The Undertakers

15/3/93 – READING

16/3/93 – NUNEATON

17/3/93 – HERTFORD with Steve Grey v Ian McGregor/Kamakazi W

20/3/93 – SWADLINCOTE with Scott Valentine v The Undertakers

23/3/93 – KETTERING

24/3/93 – GOOLE

25/3/93 – MORPETH

27/3/93 – STAINES with Scott Valentine v Kamakazi/Terrible Ted

29/3/93 – CHELTENHAM

3/4/93 – NEWARK with Scott Valentine v The Undertakers

4/4/93 – BLACKBURN with Karate Kid v Tokyo Joe/Karl Krammer

10/4/93 – ASHTON UNDER LYNE with Kashmir Singh v The Bounty Hunters

11/4/93 – SUTTON IN ASHFIELD with Tony Stewart v The Super Destroyers

12/4/93 – BRIDLINGTON with Scott Valentine v The Undertakers

13/4/93 – PETERLEE

15/4/93 – GRAVESEND

17/4/93 – ALTRINCHAM with Scott Valentine v Karl Krammer & Sid Cooper


22/4/93 – DUNSTABLE with Tony Stewart v The Undertakers


24/4/93 – MACCLESFIELD with Scott Valentine v The Destroyer/Dave Adams

29/4/93 – SLOUGH

30/4/93 – WIDNES

1/5/93 – SWANLEY with Tony Stewart v The Undertakers

6/5/93 – DERBY with Scott Valentine v Scrubber Daly/???

7/5/93 – DURHAM with Tony Stewart v The Mighty Yankees

8/5/93 – HANLEY with Greg Valentine v Count von Zuppi/Dave Adams W

14/5/93 – LIVERPOOL with Scott Valentine v Karl Krammer/Ian McGregor W

22/5/93 – DUNSTABLE with Karate Kid v Karl Krammer/Undertaker Gloom W

29/5/93 – KIMBERLEY with Tony Stewart v Ian McGregor/Ring Destroyer W

1/6/93 – SKEGNESS with Tony Stewart v The Undertakers W

2/6/93 – EBBW VALE with Tony Stewart v Masked Klaw/Karl Krammer W

5/6/93 – SOUTH SHIELDS with Karate Kid v ???

12/6/93 – STOCKTON with Scott Valentine v The Undertakers

18/6/93 – RUSHDEN with Tony Stewart v The Undertakers W

21/6/93 - PAISLEY

29/6/93 – SKEGNESS with Scott Valentine v Count von Zuppi/Dr Death W

5/7/93 – BRIDLINGTON with Tony Stewart v Count von Zuppi/Undertaker Doom W

6/7/93 – SKEGNESS

7/7/93 - SOUTHPORT

9/7/93 – HARTLEPOOL with Scott Valentine v The Undertakers W

10/7/93 –SWINDON with Tony Stewart v The Undertakers

13/7/93 - SKEGNESS

14/7/93 – SOUTHPORT with Scott Valentine v Count von Zuppi/Dr Death W

15/7/93 - WEYMOUTH

19/7/93 – SCARBOROUGH with Tony Stewart v Ring Destroyer/Count von Zuppi W

21/7/93 – SOUTHPORT with Karate Kid v Ian McGregor/Kamakazi

23/7/93 – GREAT YARMOUTH with Tony Stewart v Bearcat Brody/Dr Death W

26/7/93 – BRIDLINGTON with Tony Stewart v Dave Adams/Rex Lane W

29/7/93 – WEYMOUTH with Scott Valentine v ???


2/8/93 – SCARBOROUGH with Scott Valentine v The Undertakers


4/8/93 – SOUTHPORT

5/8/93 – MORECAMBE



7/8/93 – ACOCKS GREEN with Karate Kid v The Undertakers

13/8/93 – WITHERNSEA

15/8/93 – CLEETHORPES with Scott Valentine v Masked Spoiler/Dave Adams

16/8/93 – BRIDLINGTON with ??? v The Undertakers

19/8/93 – MORECAMBE with Scott Valentine v The Bounty Hunters



21/8/93 – COSLEY with Johnny Angel v The Undertakers


26/8/93 – WEYMOUTH with Tony Stewart v Ian McGregor/Kamakazi


2/9/93 – MORECAMBE with Scott Valentine v Count von Zuppi/Rex Lane W



7/9/93 – CROYDON with Scott Valentine v Masked Wrecking Crew W

8/9/93 – SOUTHPORT with Scott Valentine v The Mad Jocks

13/9/93 – BRIDLINGTON with Scott Valentine v Undertaker Doom/Rex Lane W



26/9/93 – WORKINGTON with Scott Valentine v The Undertakers W

9/10/93 – READING v The Undertakers


11/10/93 – ABERDEEN TV with Tony Stewart v The Undertakers W

13/10/93 – HERTFORD with Tony Stewart v The Wrecking Crew W


18/10/93 - KILMARNOCK

20/10/93 – MIDDLESBROUGH with Tony Stewart v The Undertakers W

23/10/93 – WISBECH with Tony Stewart v The Undertakers

28/10/93 – SCUNTHORPE with Scott Valentine v Dave Adams/Ring Rebel

29/10/93 –SALE with Tony Stewart v The Undertakers W

30/10/93 – ALTRINCHAM

11/11/93 – MIDDLETON

14/11/93 – MIDHURST with Steve Grey v Count von Zuppi/Sid Cooper

20/11/93 – MIDDLESBROUGH with Tony Stewart v The Black Devils

22/11/93 - ILKLEY

24/11/93 – HEMEL HEMPSTEAD with Johnny Kidd v Dale Preston/Rex Lane W

25/11/93 – REDDITCH

26/11/93 – PRESCOTT

27/11/93 – BURNLEY with Karate Kid v The Bounty Hunters

3/12/93 – ROCHDALE  with Tony Stewart/Kid Chocolate v Kamakazi/Dr Death/Dave Adams

10/12/93 – MILTON KEYNES

11/12/93 – BURY with Andy Strong/Detroit Destroyer v The Bounty Hunters/Dave Adams

18/12/93 – GLENROTHES with Karate Kid v The Undertakers

27/12/93 – HINDLEY with Tony Stewart v The Undertakers

29/12/93 – MARGATE with Tony Stewart v The Undertakers


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2 hours ago, JNLister said:

ABERDEEN – 11/10/93. Filmed for Grampian ITV

ABERDEEN – 12/10/93. Filmed for Grampian ITV

Nothing to add other than I was shown on camera during these.

Which for a 12 year old being on TV while at the wrestling made me feel like the coolest kid in the world. 

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I remember enjoying (or enjoying hating, they were heels opposite Daddy most times I saw them) the Undertakers act when I was a kid - I would have been 10/11 in 93.

Father/son team better known respectively as Pitman's Hercules (father) & Johnny Angel (son, he of the FWA comeback with the crackling entrance music).

They were done up more like Paul Bearer than Taker really - white faces with dark round the eyes, black suits etc. Instead of an urn they carried a tiny (infant, I assume) coffin, which frequently got used as a foreign object.

I don't recall ever seeing the Johnny South "Hawk" Legend of Doom in person, but I have seen Ricky Knight doing the "Animal" version a few times.

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I have these on my PC. Not certain but think they originally came from Tony Earnshaw's old British Wrestling Archive site.

1st list is from all promotions, though incomplete no doubt. 

The Undertakers weren't necessarily WWF tributes as such, more likely just a generic gimmick. Somebody else had already done it here in the 60s.

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