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Devon Malcolm

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I collect loads of stuff but I'm particularly proud of my stuff from the greatest film in cinema history.

Grease 2

Adrian Zmed autograph aka Johnny Nogerelli


Glorious autographed photo of Maxwell Caulfield aka what they say if they knew he was Michael


Dody Goodman autograph aka Blanche


Cheeky autographed photo of Lorna Luft aka Paulette


Autographed Lobby card of Connie Steven's aka Miss Mason


Personalised autograph from Eddie Deezen aka Eugene


The book


An original film print of the trailer shown in cinemas back in the day.


I've also got a bunch of the original lobby cards and the original theatrical poster. I will always kick myself for not having the disposable cash to buy two pages of the original storyboards that were up on ebay a few years ago.

EDIT - can't get spoiler tags to work for all the life of me. Sorry for the huge post.

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I collect compilation vinyl records. You know the sort that would appear in newspaper and TV adverts sporting "40 MASSIVE HITS!!!". They often have themes or genres, and the best ones are always the soft-rock records. You've got to be wary of the ones that only have re-recordings of songs though, with the 'TOP OF THE POPS' series being the biggest villains of this bullshittery.

I've got a whole case of them, and back when the world was normal and we could have people round the house, I would place a portable record player on the coffee table along with a huge stack of comp records for people to go nuts and play whatever they want. Because they're cheaply made and/or scratched to fuck, each song has a lovely warmth and crackle to it. You may have heard Foreigner or REO Speedwagon on crystal clear CDs, but wait until you experience it on a 40 year old haggard plastic disk and played through a £60 record player shaped like a suitcase. 

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I was unlucky enough to be dragged to the Edinburgh Gallery of Modern Art a couple of years ago.  One of the rooms, or installations as the patronising bastards referred to it was just full of shopping lists stuck to the wall.  Thousands of them.  The security were following us like hawks as we wandered round, like we were going to pinch the Mona Lisa or something.  The next room was empty apart from a broken brolly in the corner.  Pretentious twats.

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Glasses (drinking, not specs). 

I get one or two from every beer fest I go to, or did before last march, and tried to get one from each brewery or brewery tap I'd visit. I'd also be on the lookout at festivals for fest glasses from 87.

I have no idea why I do this. I suspect it's now more of a compulsion that a hobby.

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18 hours ago, wordsfromlee said:

Other people’s discarded shopping lists that I find in supermarkets. I have over 200 at the minute. Here is a selection:


My favourite though, the essentials:


What's the weirdest thing a shopping list you've found has been on?

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