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What did you listen to this year?

Lorne Malvo

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Spotify put together my most listened to songs/artists of the year and, for the second year running, Taylor Swift stormed it. 


Brian Fallon wasn't far off as I pretty much listened to his Local Honey album on repeat through Lockdown 1.


What did you listen to to get through this shitheap of a year?

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No surprise as all. I listen to Justice more because I save Daft Punk for really special occasions. 


I also got a little award because I managed to listen to Soulwax's last album before it reached 50,000 listened. 

The only thing I am a little surprised by is the lack of Beck and Metallica, but I think it's because I was on furlough for about half the year and not listening to anywhere near as much music as I normally do. 

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