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"Would it even be a fry up without beans?"

King Coconut

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2 hours ago, King Coconut said:

Would it even be a fry up without beans? 


1 hour ago, King of Hamptons said:

Always with Beans... 


2 hours ago, johnnyboy said:

I hate beans on a fry up and I'm 100% Mockney.  Pukka.


50 minutes ago, PunkStep said:

As per Frankie, it's stylised as ALDI. Right, @Frankie Crisp?

Of course. Beans are rank. Even if they weren't any good, they're not fried, so they don't belong.

Are you all talking about Baked Beans? STOP BORISING BEANS.

Personally I have haricot beans in a smoky sauce. Peak Surrey.

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7 minutes ago, Chest Rockwell said:

Baked beans are haricot beans.

'Haricot beans in smoky bbq sauce' is the same as kfc bbq beans, except you probably pay 4 times the price you mug. That's peak Surrey!

*Stacey Solomon voice* "Have a day off Susan"

How do you know I don't serve KFC beans with mine?*

*In reality, I very rarely cook breakfast as I don't eat breakfast that often 

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I've never warmed to Beans on a fry. I throw a wobbler when some rogue bean juice gets on my toast or a rasher.

I like my fry ups compact, so if I'm hungover and have a fry, it will be fucked onto three slabs of white batch bread rinsed with real butter and consisting of approx 6 rashers, 3 sausages, a half roll of white pudding and four eggs.
Some Clonakilty black pudding as a side dish.
No beans.


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