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Who would you turn for?


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One for the ladies and us blokes comfortable in our sexuality. Who's the best looking dude in the business?

That Adam Page dude off AEW is one handsome motherfucker. There's a fanny hair in it but it's him or Ricochet IMO. Both could walk into any boyband or onto a film set and not look out of place.

Who are you a little bit gay for? Unless you're a lass, then you are you a little bit straight for? Unless you're gender neutral, then who are...

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Drew McIntyre since he transformed into King Leonidas is quite a specimen of a man. Another +1 for Finn Ballor and Kota Ibushi too.

Corey Graves, though with him I think it's more that his look is so carefully crafted to attract the sort of rainbow-haired/pierced/tattooed alternative type girls that I'm partial to myself. So maybe I'd want to look like him, rather than have him pound me mercilessly into the night and then let me be the little spoon when I passed out like with Drew. 


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